How to Launch IEO on Binance Launchpad?

Intial Exchange Offering Binance


Initial Exchange Offering is becoming the new widely spoken jargon in the Crypto world. We know that Initial Exchange offering is the new method of raising funds by directly listing your tokens in the Crypto-Exchanges rather going by the traditional ICO model. Many Exchanges have launched their own Initial Exchange offering services.

Binance is one of the largest Crypto-Exchange and has started its Initial Exchange Offering using Binance Launchpad.

Steps in Initial Exchange Offering Listing:


To start your Initial Exchange Offering project with Binance, you need to fill details like the background of the founders, project related questions, the purpose of the tokens, and other technical deliverables. It’s a tedious process as it requires a lot of time to finish. Blockchain App Factory helps you in completing the initialization process within a short span of time.

Project Review by Binance Launchpad Team

Once the Initialization process is done, the Binance Project Review Team will review the project. Some of the factors Binance looks for in a project include:

  • Relatively mature-stage project development
  • Readiness for large-scale adoption
  • A strong and committed team
  • Potential to benefit from the growth and development of the wider crypto ecosystem

There is a possibility that some of the projects get rejected due to lack of detail and we ensure that every detail is filled for you to raise funds without a hassle.

Relatively mature-stage project development

The company that needs to raise funds through Binance launchpad must be in the final stages of project development. Blockchain App Factory helps projects to develop MVP/POC/prototypes get ready before your marketing campaigns.

Readiness for large-scale adoption

Blockchain App Factory helps companies to scale quickly by providing scalable, secure and user-friendly blockchain solutions.

A strong and committed team

We help you in developing a strong team with people of diverse backgrounds which includes blockchain evangelists and fintech experts who can join you in creating value.

Potential to benefit from the growth and development of the wider crypto ecosystem

Blockchain App Factory will help companies in reviewing your business model at every level in such a way that it supports the growth of Crypto ecosystem.
Signing the agreement

We work with Binance closely and ensure they clear the project for listing. The company needs to sign an agreement with the exchange for IEO.


We negotiate with the Exchanges and provide you with the best price for listing your tokens for IEO. Before making payments, our experts will be helping the companies with required documents such as Whitepaper, Pitch Deck and any other requirements from the exchange.

Token Development

Our team of seasoned blockchain and cryptocurrency developers create and help in listing the tokens with the exchanges. Listing a token on an exchange requires constant communication between the trading platform’s technical team and our DevOps team. We appoint a Project Manager for IEO and listing process for effective management.
Our content and research team will work on creating the Whitepaper, Light Paper, and Pitch Deck to attract investors to fund your project through IEO.

Marketing Services

After listing the tokens in Exchange, we market the project by providing insights about the target investors through Strategic Consulting and Market research. Our Social Media Management team will enhance the community’s trust in the project through exhaustive Reputation management, Community Engagement, and Content Marketing.

We also ensure that the soft cap of the project is reached through our effective marketing campaigns.

Feedback to the project party

After the initial token sale session, the Exchange provides feedback about the success of the project. We act as a bridge in helping the companies to figure out the challenges and market the project in the way it reaches soft cap before the IEO closes.

Target Sales Volume

We make sure that the project achieves the desired target sales volume and avoids refund to investors by our continuous marketing activities, community engagement and connecting with private investors.

Secondary market listing

Once the project reaches the target sales volume, the Exchanges move tokens to the Secondary Market Exchange. Blockchain App Factory helps companies increase the value of the tokens by marketing activities like FOMO, Social Media Management, and Reputation Management.

At Blockchain App Factory, we have conducted over 35 ICO projects and have listed more than 15 clients into the top 100 exchanges identified by CoinMarketCap. We understand the market and have all it takes to Make your IEO Successful. In addition to Binance, we have a partnership with exchanges like LA Token, EXMO, Mercatox for providing exclusive Initial Exchange Offering related services to our clients.

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