Legal Considerations with NFT Token Development in 2023!

NFT Token Legal

With the NFT market cap crossing US$600 billion recently (Source:, these tokens have become entrepreneurial favorites yet again. Despite the industry’s nascent nature and changing regulatory landscape, business enthusiasts keep on utilizing these tokens for their good. The number of NFT business models available has also been rising on the sidelines, offering scope for enterprises to tap into this new-gen ecosystem. Here, we provide extensive information on NFT token legal and development factors that one needs to consider before sketching their business plan.

Why is Abiding by Legal Elements Important for NFT Businesses?

As far as NFT businesses are concerned, abiding by existing and evolving rules has been crucial to exist in the Web3 space. With different legal bodies and nations taking different approaches when it comes to NFT token legal rights, businesses often find themselves stuck in undesirable situations.

Even though NFT ventures work based on decentralization, it is necessary to abide by legal frameworks to operate in different countries. Apart from legal compliance, protecting intellectual property (IP), preventing fraud, and maintaining trust among users are some major reasons any NFT enterprise tends to follow regulations.

Major Regulatory Elements NFT Entrepreneurs Should Note

Contract Drafting and Review

NFT token legal professionals can help entrepreneurs with framing drafts for various contracts involved in such businesses compliant with all operating regions. This can include smart contracts, licensing agreements, and documentation related to terms of services.

Intellectual Property Protection

Since NFTs often involve digital content forms that fall under copyrighted items, creators/enterprises wanting to monetize such content should consider working with experts to ensure necessary compliance. Legal advice can also be used to decide how IP rights are transmitted post-NFT sales to buyers.

Tax Planning

Various nations have brought out different laws relating to taxes for crypto and NFT products and businesses. While some countries levy taxes on NFTs and relevant enterprises, some crypto-friendly nations let companies operate without restrictions. It is essential to find the ideal regions to operate in to avoid getting stuck with higher taxation regimes.

Dispute Resolution

As another starring NFT token legal requirement, dispute resolution mediated by experts can help businesses come out of problems based on infringement, ownership, and transaction fraud.

Regulatory Compliance

It is essential for an NFT business to stay compliant with the ever-evolving regulatory changes so as to function without hassle from legal bodies. Having a professional legal team can help entrepreneurs stay relevant to the changes.

Securities Laws Compliance

For NFT ventures in some countries like the USA, NFT assets come under “Securities Laws,” and staying compliant with them is essential. Such businesses should work on registering their business under organizations like the SEC in the USA and cooperatewith them.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Compliance

NFT enterprises in most nations need to comply with laws corresponding to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) that arose as a result of the initial misuse of NFTs by malicious actors. Ventures can ensure compliance through comprehensive Know Your Customer (KYC) protocols and due diligence.

Privacy and Data Protection

If an NFT business collects any personal information, it is subject to regulations related to privacy and data protection. Working with legal practitioners can help them to comply with laws relevant to their operational jurisdictions.

Insurance Coverage

Although a newer consideration, insuring an NFT business can help the owner immensely in case unsavory incidents occur. Ventures can even consider providing insurance coverage to users when they mint or purchase NFTs as a futuristic feature.

Estate Planning

NFT businesses can enable estate planning for NFTs based on their platforms using smart contracts so that transfers of deeds to heirs will become easier in the digital world. This could be another futuristic use case, but a compelling one if utilized properly.

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Business Models Following Legal Regulations based on NFT Development

NFT Collection

A business based on NFT collections can focus on operating communities that tap into other community-centric platforms like games and metaverses. Even creators can tap into such collections to build close-knit fan communities that stand for a long time.

NFT Marketplace

An NFT marketplace venture can either be based on horizontal or vertical commerce, appealing to general and niche audiences, respectively. Running such a platform can aid ventures to yield profits actively through a plethora of strategies that include innovative features, marketing, and partnerships.

NFT Launchpad

As an application catering to other businesses, NFT launchpads can gain value by providing necessary provisions for brands to debut in the Web3 space. Such a platform can be a great business option as it promotes exclusivity for brands in the crowded NFT market.

NFT Game

Gaming applications based on the Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Move-to-Earn (M2E) mechanisms can be utilized by entrepreneurs to yield continuous income. The scope of this model is high as more Web2 gaming firms get on board and awareness levels increase among gamers.

NFT Aggregator

One of the newest entrants to the ecosystem, NFT aggregators serve as portals to compare prices of NFTs across marketplaces and make purchases in bulk. These applications have already captured the attention of professional NFT traders by providing new-gen features.

Metaverse Platform

These platforms are based on mixed reality (AR/VR) technology and have attracted many Web3 users due to their possibly prominent position in tomorrow’s internet. Businesses utilizing this model can reap benefits in a plethora of ways that mainly include the trade of metaverse real estate and much more.

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