Our Partnership with the Renowned Crypto Exchange Firm XT.COM is Live!

Blockchain App Factory & XT.COM

The Web3 world has been evolving for more than a decade, with advancements knocking on the world’s doors once in a while. While cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are forming the foundation of life in Web3, applications based on that serve as fundamental elements for its survival. Cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT marketplaces are some examples that enable the smooth operation of the Web3 space.

For such businesses to thrive, they need to have a strong foundation provided by a Web3 development company. Blockchain App Factory, a pioneer in Web3 development, has partnered with XT.COM, a popular crypto exchange, to move themselves forward through each other’s help. Also, these ventures need to establish partnerships with these development firms to sustain their long business journey.

XT.COM: An Introduction

XT.COM is a cryptocurrency exchange with a global presence launched in 2018. It is one of the leading players in the Web3 world with its diverse functionalities. The exchange supports more than 500 cryptocurrencies and 800 trading pairs on which users can exchange. The platform also allows users to trade spots, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies.

It also allows people to earn staking rewards through its liquidity pools and project owners to list their project tokens for crowdfunding. As NFTs have become popular, XT.COM has additionally included an NFT marketplace feature, which even allows INO (Initial NFT Offering). The platform’s native token is $XT, which is needed for carrying out trades inside XT.COM’s space.

Blockchain App Factory & XT.COM: The Beginning

Blockchain App Factory has recently joined hands with XT.COM for business purposes, with both firms set to assist each other in their future projects. Both firms have said that exciting advancements are on the way, which will be revealed soon. As far as the Web3 world is concerned, the partnership could provide a path for new businesses trying to reach the community as they can avail of high-class support for development and listing. XT.COM’s versatile nature, along with Blockchain App Factory’s widespread enterprise capabilities, justifies the previous point without a doubt. More details on the partnership are to be updated on our website as we progress together.

What Does It Mean for Me as a Business Owner?

As a business owner looking to create or upgrade your Web3 venture based on current trends, this partnership can be the ideal beginning point. The expertise of Blockchain App Factory can help you give life to your Web3 business dreams by assisting to garner a wider community without hiccups. By working with us, your new Web3 business will be a sure hit among the audience as you can garner the highest possible reach in a short time. As a business owner, one can expect these out of this partnership:

  • Technical assistance relating to platform development
  • Listing and outreach assistance for Web3 ventures
  • Help for businesses to scale up to the next levels
  • Help for reaching out to a wider target audience easily
  • Offer full-cycle support for Web3 businesses

Contact one of our experts now to learn more about how the partnership can be crucial to making your Web3 venture idea better and more successful.

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