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Whitelabel ICO

ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) have proved to be a huge blessing for startups to fulfill their fundraising goals. The tokens will be sold by the firm to investors in exchange for fiat or the leading cryptocurrencies. White label ICO software is ideal as they help in cutting the cost and time for developing the software. It will be customized according to the firm’s specifications.

Why WhiteLabel ICO Software Solutions Will Make a Positive Difference for Your Firm?

  • Since it is a ready-made product with all the necessary features and functionalities, it is highly cost-effective and can be instantly deployed in any market.
  • It can be completely customized according to the requirements of the client. One can add their own logo, brand name, design, color theme, and implement them in the white label ICO dashboard platform.

The Typical Features That Will Ensure Good Performance in a Whitelabel Platform

  • Acceptance of multiple types of payment methods – The platform is widely open to investments made in the different types of crypto and fiat currencies.
  • Presence of robust smart contracts – The ERC20 standard is followed for the creation of the tokens. It will help in easy integration with the party services, exchanges, and wallets.
  • Availability of an investor dashboard – Investors can see the progress made in the project on a real-time basis by viewing the balance in their wallets, multi-level referrals, and accessing the live ICO news feed.
  • Better management of investors – Investors can be blocked in case of any violations and a refund of money can be initiated to them in exceptional cases or for legal reasons.
  • Adherence to compliance – Strict KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) guidelines will be followed with due diligence during the process of selecting qualified token investors.
  • Integration with the leading crypto exchanges – Interactive API’s will be provided for integrating with the major exchanges in the market that are selling cryptocurrencies received in the form of the token sale to obtain fiat currencies.
  • Provision of real-time analytics – We render real-time data analysis in the form of interactive transaction charts that depict the total and average of important statistics related to your platform.
  • Buy token button facility – The demand for your tokens will be increased by setting customized Buy token HTML codes for using it anywhere on your website or multiple websites.
  • Ticketing system – The queries raised by investors will be responded to swiftly with the presence of an advanced ticketing system.
  • Availability of investment management tools – These tools help in controlling the ticket size of investors through email billing facility and integration with all the related third-party platforms.
  • High-level security measures – Top-notch security measures are ensured through two-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, and anti-DDoS protection.
  • An integrated referral program – We provide attractive referral bonus programs for all our investors along with promo code generation facilities.

Advantages Rendered by a White Label Solution

Quick deployment – It is better than developing software from scratch by allocating a lot of technical and human resources. This will reduce the time to market for the platform as ideation, design, and deployment can be done fastly.

Highly reliable – Reliability is ensured as the software is developed by a top-notch solution provider. It will suit the client’s business needs perfectly.

No requirement of technical expertise – Operating the ICO platform is quite simple and easy as clients who lack knowledge about the intricacies involved in domain creation and development will find it highly profitable to use.

No chance of risk – The product can be launched in the market confidently without any commercial risk as it is a proven solution that has been extensively tested by expert developers. This will lift the profits of the firm.

Helps in quick scalability of the firm’s revenue – You have the full freedom to fix the price for reselling the vendor’s product offering under your name and maximizing your revenue can be easily done through white label solutions.

The Common Services Rendered by a White-Label ICO Platform

  • ICO airdrop – This refers to the offering of tokens for free to the interested investors to enhance its flow to the global audience and traders.
  • ICO bounty program – It involves distribution of exciting rewards for the execution of specific tasks to drive the desired results for the firm. It helps in creating a strong user base beneficial for the organization. It should consist of a referral bonus program along with promo code generation facility.
  • Token development – It will be offered to the investors whoever is interested in buying your product in exchange for the leading cryptocurrencies. The supply of tokens and the distribution strategy has to be fixed in advance before launching the token in the market after extensive testing and development. Buy token HTML codes will also be provided that can be placed anywhere on your website.
  • Whitepaper preparation – Investors must be attracted to put their money into your project with an intuitive and professional whitepaper.
  • Smart contract development – Automation of your daily operations will be ensured through robust smart contract development loaded with supreme security mechanisms. ERC20 standard will be strictly enforced for easy integration with the leading third-party wallets, exchanges, and services.
  • Website creation – Websites will be made visually appealing and filled with engaging content for bringing in a plethora of investors for your project. It must have a simple user interface and be easy to navigate along with being SEO-friendly to lift the visibility of the project.
  • Wallet integration – Sending and receiving of digital assets can be done safely and effortlessly with the fast processing of transactions through secure ICO wallets.
  • Listing assistance – Valuable insights will be given for listing your tokens on the leading crypto exchanges in the market to fetch a healthy amount of profits.
  • Fundraising dashboard development – A high-end dashboard would be required to monitor all the activities of investors and the progress made in the firm’s project. It can be used to access a variety of payment options, balances available in the wallets, multi-level referral programs, a fund calculator, and a real-time ICO news feed.
  • Integration of payment gateway – It is necessary to process the transaction receipts in the major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies from the investors who purchase your tokens.
  • Provision of real-time analytics – It should be in the form of interactive graphs and charts depicting the transaction volume, other statistics related to funds in the form of total and average.
  • A dedicated console for the owner of the platform – It will be used for verifying the KYC details of each investor, checking if there is any pending settlement, and accessing the transaction information. The owner can monitor the exchange rate of the token and track all payments made on the platform. It will be made secure with two-factor authentication and a strong Captcha facility.
  • An Admin console for the ICO platform owner – Admin will be in charge of updating all the details of the merchants. They can check the total sales volume and transaction volume and make settlements to the contract owner in case any settlement is pending in the crypto or fiat balance section. If the contract owner requests a volume expansion option, the ICO platform owner can decide whether to approve or deny it.
  • Investor management services – It is rendered to block a fraudulent investor from the platform or issue a refund in case of exceptional reasons or due to any legal implications.

The Cost Involved in Purchasing a ICO White Label Solution

While there is no fixed amount determined, the cost will depend on the business requirements of the firm. It will also shoot up if the duration to develop it is long and it requires a high level of skillsets from the team members involved in the project.

Hire an excellent blockchain development company for obtaining your Whitelabel ICO platform in its best form. Choose a provider with solid technical expertise and ensure that the product is delivered on time suiting your budget.

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