Reasons Why Discord Server Management is Paramount for Web3 Promotions!

Discord Server Management

The growth of Web3 technology has accelerated the thinking fronts of people, as most millennials and even older generations believe that Web3 will become another essential element for life. Applications based on blockchains, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, the internet of things, and big data are being integrated into the existing venture systems to increase their efficiency. With the whole business space to compete, any venture will find it hard to find a loyal community that necessitates the requirement for a professional Discord server management team that could help one sail out safely in the Web3 business clash.

Discord: The Ultimate Web3 Promoter’s Tool

Although initially a gamers’ haven, Discord has expanded its scope to literally everyone some time back, and there has been no looking back since for its developers. Its user interface and futuristic features, along with the scope for anonymity, have been the main reasons for Discord’s reputation among Web3 enthusiasts. Also, the platform’s fast servers and presence of easily-deployable chatbots have intrigued upcoming Web3 projects to run and maintain mega-sized business groups with up to one million participants. Discord’s advantage of utilizing the app’s text, voice, and video communication channels to convey promotions seamlessly makes it a favorite among advertisers.

The Need for Executive-level Discord Server Management

While using Discord to market Web3 businesses is a must-do strategy to ensure success, it might look like utilizing an agency for the process is a waste of resources. Well, that might not be true in all cases. Companies such as Blockchain App Factory offer executive-level Discord server marketing services for clients to establish a powerful presence for ventures on Web3. Such a service provider’s experience in handling conflicts in Discord servers and effectively managing huge virtual groups of people proves to be handy for Web3 projects with small teams or those without dedicated community-building teams.

How Does Our Discord Marketing Team Maximize What’s Available?

  • Our Discord server management professionals ensure to build clutter-free servers to market client projects. Separate categories and channels are created to let members discuss different topics seamlessly.
  • We utilize the power of Discord chatbots that can aid as conversation starters and FAQ resolvers, releasing some pressure on human admins while increasing engagement in the project server.
  • Our promotional campaigns begin with offering exclusive discounts for the first specified number of members and people who constantly engage in the project’s server.
  • Contests are a great way to increase engagement and reach. Airdrops, passive affiliation, and bug bounties can be held to elevate the Web3 project server’s stature in the space.
  • We also ensure that no instances of hate speech are tolerated through our astute server moderators, who ensure all in-server conversations happen peacefully, and no malicious actors use the Web3 project’s server for ill intentions.
  • Live statistics from the Discord marketing campaign provided by us assist Web3 projects in ramping up their promotional plans and acting accordingly to stay in the trends to make the most of the available opportunities.

What About Utilizing External Options?

  • Promoting your project and its server on similar niche-based servers by following general online guidelines to garner more members while building a good reputation is a viable external promotion strategy for Web3 businesses.
  • While promoting on such Web3 niche-based Discord servers, we tend to approach potential customers after careful research through direct messages while following the basic internet conversation etiquette.
  • Gaining marketing help from Discord’s own developers is possible by crafting the Web3 project’s server worthy enough to qualify for the highly-competitive Discord’s Partner Program.
  • In case your project has gained a considerable amount of fandom among the Web3 community, the existence of fan servers is highly possible. Such servers can be ideal places to promote the project by encouraging fans using various means.
  • Discord server listing sites can be utilized to let your project’s server be recognized by the community to gain members via invite links.
  • Other mediums such as social media, blogging sites, product launch listing sites, and press releases can be used to make the project’s Discord server known by placing invite links.
  • Even during influencer marketing campaigns, the project’s server link can be shared with exclusive offers to lure audiences.

Discord Server: Offering More than Text Messages

A fan-favorite feature of a Discord server is that it provides scope for multi-channel communication. The presence of voice and video streaming facilities allows promotion campaigns to include community talks and Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions that will boost the Web3 project as members will get to know the project in detail. Discord even has bots that can share humorous memes, music, and riddles that can be programmed to match the project’s preferences. Web3 projects can even create exclusive bots for special functions such as art generation for engagement purposes. Such multilateral modes of communication make Discord servers havens for Web3 projects.

Web3 Project Niches That Can Benefit from Discord Promotions

Any Web3 project can benefit from running a Discord server. But, some niche-based ventures seem to reap more advantages than others due to their inherent nature. Web3 projects based on NFT profile picture (PFP) communities, P2E games, NFT marketplaces, and metaverse worlds have traditionally benefited from their Discord communities. These niches tend to reach the normal masses of the Web3 community that knows the basics of the new-age internet, making them engage more in these user-focused projects than in ventures based on decentralized finance, for example.

Some Closing Thoughts

Therefore, we have seen how using Discord servers effectively can lead to success for aspiring Web3 projects despite all outside competition. Suppose you have a project ready to launch but want to gain community support. In that case, it is high time you approach Blockchain App Factory, a trusted Discord server management agency with experienced professionals. Our seasoned community managers can assist your project in building a loyal member base through various means while staying true to the project’s plans and potential. Schedule a meeting with us to craft your project’s Discord promotion campaign from the ground up.

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