How Does Solana NFT Development Empower Businesses to Tap into the NFT Market in 2024?

Solana NFT Development

Key Takeaways

  • Discover how Solana provides businesses with a rapid and economical entry into the crypto market, benefiting creators and collectors alike. 
  • Explore the profitable landscape of Solana NFT development, fostering a vibrant ecosystem and thriving marketplaces. 
  • Investigate the emerging growth of Solana-based NFTs and popular collections shaping the current market.

Solana and Ethereum serve as blockchains with smart contract capabilities catering to diverse applications like DeFi and NFTs. While Ethereum follows a modular approach, utilizing external data availability and Layer-2 scaling solutions to balance decentralization, security, and scalability, Solana adopts a monolithic approach, managing execution, data, and security within a single global state. 

Solana’s design prioritizes speed, albeit with tradeoffs, and the architecture supports thousands of transactions per second (TPS) without incurring high gas prices. These characteristics have nurtured a vibrant NFT ecosystem on the network. This blog discusses the potential utilization of the Solana blockchain for creating NFTs. We delve into the top Solana NFT collections and cover various aspects of Solana NFT development with a quicker look at rising demand and growth for marketplaces.

Defining Solana NFTs

Solana NFTs represent the forefront of digital assets, utilizing the prowess and efficiency of the Solana blockchain. Due to Solana’s foundational structure, minting NFTs on this platform proves to be both time-efficient and cost-effective. Artists and innovators, particularly those previously deterred by exorbitant gas fees on alternative blockchains, now find Solana a more accessible environment. 

Why Create NFTs on Solana?

  • Solana is a popular blockchain known for its speed and low transaction fees, which are distinct from Ethereum’s EVM compatibility. It uses its own development tools and wallets and does not support MetaMask.
  • Solana uses SPL token standards for NFTs, differing from ERC-721 and ERC-1155 on Ethereum. This setup, combined with tools like Metaplex, makes Solana a preferred choice for NFT projects due to its efficiency and specialized infrastructure.
  • With its unique features, Solana also leads in NFT sales volume, minting over 32 million tokens over the past month, which is higher than Ethereum. This showcases Solana’s transaction handling capabilities and scalability advantages.
  • Despite Ethereum’s higher transaction volumes and established reputation, Solana’s active participant base suggests it’s driving growth and innovation in the NFT space.

Dynamic Benefits of Solana NFTs Across Stakeholders

With art and creation experiencing a renaissance with NFTs, Solana provides a platform where artists can bring their visions to life, investors with a vibrant marketplace for discovering, owning, and trading these digital treasures, and empower businesses to innovate and engage with profitable opportunities. We have discussed some notable advantages in the following subsections.

What Do They Provide for Creators and Artists?

  • Revenue Generation: Generally, artists struggle with piracy and the frustration of not getting recognized or paid for their creative work. Solana NFTs try to rectify this by offering a direct avenue for monetizing artworks, ensuring artists receive deserved recognition and compensation.
  • Royalty Payments: Many artists dream of continuous earnings. Solana’s smart contracts guarantee royalties with each secondary sale, creating a sustainable income stream.
  • Artistic Freedom: Free from intermediaries, artists can explore the limits of their creativity, producing authentic and groundbreaking works.

What It Brings to Collectors and Investors?

  • Diverse Portfolio: Among the unpredictable traditional markets, Solana NFTs offer an alternative for investors to diversify their portfolios and mitigate volatility.
  • Exclusive Ownership: Solana NFTs offer collectors a feeling of possessing something unique and exclusive while ensuring verifiable ownership of digital assets.
  • Trade and Liquidity Opportunities: Solana-based NFT marketplaces are active hubs for trading, offering liquidity and numerous opportunities for investors.

How Does It Transform Businesses?

  • Customer Engagement: By developing Solana NFTs, businesses can deepen customer relationships through exclusive digital assets and seamless experiences.
  • Brand Innovation: Brands stand out by integrating NFT campaigns or exclusive digital collectibles, showcasing forward-thinking.
  • New Revenue Streams: Ventures can tokenize digital assets on Solana, from virtual products to certificates, to unlock fresh monetization avenues with low-cost infrastructure.
  • Product Authenticity: Solana allows you to combat counterfeits by tokenizing products as NFTs, building trust, and preserving your brand’s integrity.
  • Loyalty Programs: Solana helps businesses transform traditional rewards with tradeable or redeemable NFTs to boost user engagement.
  • Data Analytics: Brands can leverage NFT trading data for deep insights into customer behavior, refining products and strategies accordingly.


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Solana NFTs: Step-by-step Development Process

Understanding NFTs on the Solana blockchain is essential to make informed decisions in your development process. The step-by-step process includes the following points:

  1. Consider your audience and the asset’s unique value to decide the type of digital asset you want to tokenize. 
  2. Set up the tools, including obtaining a Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare to store SOL tokens.
  3. Create an environment to facilitate Solana blockchain interactions and efficient code management.
  4. Select a user-friendly platform like Metaplex and connect your Solana wallet to the platform.
  5. Upload your digital asset and set details, including name and description.
  6. Mint your NFT following platform instructions, which may involve SOL fees.
  7. Once minted, you can list your NFT for sale on a Solana NFT marketplace.
  8. Create a community to promote your NFT project and spread awareness through social media and marketing channels.

What are the Popular Solana NFT Collections?

In the NFT ecosystem, several NFT collections based on the Solana network succeeded and became popular, setting a footprint for the upcoming projects to take them as an inspiration in 2024. Some of them include the following:

Mad Lads

  • Mad Lads is a series of 10,000 NFTs on the Solana blockchain, showcasing comic-book-style illustrations of human characters.
  • Each NFT has unique attributes like gender, clothing, facial expression, type, and more. The collection includes rare traits such as celestial, robotic, and undead features.

Okay Bears

  • Okay Bears is a popular NFT series with 10,000 pieces, which gained $18 million in sales on its first day. 
  • The collection’s theme, “Everything will be okay,” resonates widely in the crypto community.
  • It offers utility through exclusive merchandise and access to live events, appealing for social media avatars and resale.


  • Claynosaurz is an NFT collection of unique clay dinosaurs animated by a team with experience at Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, and Netflix. 
  • These artworks, launched on the Solana network, feature vibrant colors and whimsical details, which are popular especially among children. 
  • The collection is themed on a prehistoric world and encourages users to explore and discover lost artifacts.


  • DeGods holds a collection of 10,000 NFTs blending modern streetwear with ancient deity-inspired art. 
  • It forms a digital art ecosystem and global community, with each godly character uniquely generated using an algorithm. 
  • It serves as a digital art ecosystem and worldwide community encompassing creators, developers, entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators.


  • Tensorians, created by the leading trading platform Tensor, is the most valuable collection on the Solana blockchain. 
  • It introduced the innovative “compression” format for digital collectibles, with tokens also serving as vouchers for exclusive access to the Tensor community and special rewards. 
  • Holding and staking Tensorians significantly boosts users’ accumulation of Tensor points, which directly influence rewards such as NFT airdrops and $TNSR, the platform’s native token.

Exploring the Rise of NFT Marketplaces in 2024 with Popular Platforms

Magic Eden is one of the top Solana-native marketplaces, commanding over 90% of Solana’s NFT games’ secondary trading volume, and has processed more than 7.5 million SOL in transactions over the past six months.

Apart from Magic Eden, some other NFT marketplaces have shown promising growth in the field of Solana-based NFT marketplace development for businesses, including:

  • SolSea: SolSea features pioneered NFTs with embedded licenses on Solana. It offers standard trading features, wallet funding, and Rarity ranking for NFT collections.
  • Solanart: Solanart is Solana’s first marketplace for NFTs, featuring regular trading options and customized launchpad services. It stands out with zero fees for NFT listings.
  • Exchange.Art: This marketplace enables buying, selling, and trading of NFTs on Solana, with multichain compatibility for global accessibility. It is known for its creator-friendly environment and loyalty programs.
  • Tensor: Tensor has emerged as one of the top marketplaces with exceeding $18 million trading volume over the past month. It supports multiple wallets for standard marketplace operations.

The rise of these marketplaces showcases the true potential of Solana-based NFT marketplaces amidst growing interest in the blockchain due to lower transaction fees than Ethereum.

Wrapping Up

With the dominance of NFTs built through the Solana blockchain and the rising significance of NFT marketplaces in 2024, it offers businesses a promising option for developing NFT projects or a robust Solana-based NFT Marketplace and generating profitable revenues from it. By approaching our experts at Blockchain App Factory, a leading Solana NFT development company, you can minimize your limitations in the development process with our innovative strategies and comprehensive services. Launch your NFT marketplace on Solana with our seasoned professionals now!


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