Storm your business model like Elon Musk on selling the Music in NFT platform

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Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla, has tweeted a video today selling his first official music video as NFT. It seems like Elon Musk has joined the NFT craze after the influencers like Mark Cuban and Gary V. The internet is trending with his big move towards the Non-Fungible Tokens getting popular in no less time. He has already stepped forward in making more than $1.5 billion of investment in Bitcoin. Dogecoin is also a part of Elon’s tweet, driving the price value high for weeks now. The Dogecoin is rising so high in the trade market as expected. 

The Bidding has already begun selling the music in press time Coin Payments bids 176284.99 DOGE for the NFT. The Beeple based NFT, on seeing Elon Musk tweet, has replied for buying it for $69M. But Elon had responded to Beeple, saying selling it for $420M Doge. As per the tweet, it’s confirmed that Beeple has displayed it as ”SOLD” in ways they would have bought it. 


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