The Knack for ICO Marketing Strategies

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Are you one amongst the many who are grief-stricken due to the banning of ICO advertising on social media? Well, you might want to read between the lines. While every other company is launching a coin, it is best to think through the situation before initiating the process.

Probing into the effectiveness of successful marketing, the first and foremost is:

1. A Smashing white paper

A Whitepaper is considered the stepping stone to success. Imagine it to act like a manual. A manual to attract investors and guide them through the process. Incredible technical knowledge and a well-established team are mandatory. A massive chunk of advice would be: Know what you’re doing.

2. Making heads turn

How distinct you are should be showcased through the whitepaper. State the problems and instill belief in the investors. Suffice them with solutions with your ICO. This is one way of standing out from the crowd. If you think it ends right here, you’re wrong. The stack extends to:

  • Providing solid proof on how your company is reputable.
  • How will the tokens be used?
  • The team behind the mission
  • Goals of the company in the future
  • Proof of legalities

3. It’s all about marketing!

Our world is constantly driven by marketing. It’s no less when it comes to an ICO. You need to have a bird’s eye view. Yes, the marketing strategies should be on point for a successful ICO. While there are numerous companies claiming to offer the Best ICO marketing services, very few live up to expectations.

These tips might be helpful:

  • Create an account on every other social media platform
  • Post relevant and fascinating content
  • Attract investors through telegram and influencer marketing

You could also:

  • Do paid advertising
  • Publish announcements on popular ICO sites
  • Take up Email marketing

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