Top 5 Strategies To Promote NFT Games!

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NFT Game Marketing

Ever since video gaming reached a huge proportion of the global population, the industry has been booming. According to statistical reports, the global video gaming industry could reap nearly US$197 billion in 2022, which is a mind-blowing figure for a lot of business domains. The increase can be attributed to the increased adaptation of non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies among these platforms, in spite of skeptics’ accusations. But how do such NFT-based games reach the wider population (since they are still emerging)? It’s all possible thanks to meticulously designed NFT game marketing strategies, a few of which we will discuss here to promote NFT games successfully.

Reach Out to the Community!

For a Web3 NFT game to thrive in the current world, it is important to have a compact and loyal community for the platform. Building a community in today’s tech era has become easier, thanks to Discord and Telegram – the hotspots of Web3 presence. These platforms can be used for hosting official social community handles of NFT games where gamers can be exposed to exclusive content. Also, conducting a variety of events through these platforms elevates the hype surrounding the game, enabling even more influx to the community. In short, community platforms occupy a paramount role in NFT game marketing.

Utilize Social Media for Good!

In today’s age, social media has become an unignorable element in people’s lives. The same stays true for NFT game marketing campaigns that intend to reach far and wide. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Clubhouse, and LinkedIn can be ideal for such promotions in various ways. While official social handles can outright promote the game, passive promotions can be done through fan communities and engagement. Also, paid campaigns such as sponsored ads and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be efficient in reaching new audiences. Combining social media with communities and influencers would result in a formidable NFT game advertising campaign.

Influence the Community Through Niche Influencers!

Social media platforms have given rise to influencer marketing, which is prevalently used as a strategy in NFT game marketing. The niche nature of the domain means that influencers could serve as vital in elevating an NFT game’s sales. Game studios can collaborate with NFT influencers to conduct giveaways, bounties, and contests, where in-game tokens and NFT assets can be presented as rewards. Combining the power of the above two strategies with influencer marketing, an NFT game can surely build a big community and reach wider. It is important to choose influencers per the blockchain and the gaming niche to reach relevant audiences.

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Press Releases for the Win!

Any NFT game studio today releases exclusive informative content for its games through press releases online. There are a multitude of Web3 news publishers that have substantial followings where such content can be published. These content forms tend to reach the general public more than anything else when the campaign expands to real-world news media houses. Though press releases inform the reader about the NFT game in a not-so-promotional way, some degree of passive promotion can be seen. NFT game marketing through press releases through online and offline media only strengthens an NFT game’s position in the market.

Emails Do Well!

Email marketing in Web3 has been an expansion of its Web2 counterpart, as it depends on promotional emails and newsletters. The difference in NFT game marketing is that users’ email addresses are used hereafter explicit consent from them. One can send emails with engaging content and newsletters with enough details to subscribers. Also, to increase the subscriber count, giveaway contests can be conducted. Email marketing for NFT games can also congratulate gamers on their recent achievements and remind them to play the game when they have not used it for some time. Even gaming event invitations can be sent through emails.

Content is the King Here Too!

The saying “Content is the king” has been a marketer’s mantra and holds well into the Web3 age. An NFT game marketing campaign needs to utilize various forms of content – text, image, audio, and video – to effectively convey the message to the target audience. Content marketing added with extensive search engine optimization can significantly impact the game’s community influx. Various kinds of blogs, videos, and podcasts can be used to make the target audience aware of the NFT game and pull them toward it. It should be noted that content stays relevant irrespective of the NFT game marketing tactic used.

What Should I Do Now?

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