Top 10 NFT Promotion Ideas 2023-2024!

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NFT Promotion Ideas

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has witnessed phenomenal growth in 2019 that peaked in 2021. There was a 704% increase in NFT sales between Q2 2021 and Q3 2021. These virtual tokens have been applauded by the community for the endless potential they hold. Their popularity has been the result of famous figures buying and flaunting them online. While such occurrences have increased the craze for NFTs among people, they cannot boost sales. That’s why NFT promotion ideas can offer help to firms that aspire to gain recognition. You can see the popular NFT marketing tactics used currently as we progress further.

NFT Game Marketing

Gaming has been a hot prospect in the NFT world due to its extraordinary features. As of July 2022, Alien Worlds is the top-ranked NFT game on Promoting Web3 games is essential as they vary massively from conventional Web2 games. There are many games with a strong community built through extensive marketing and fulfilling promises. NFT game marketing has always been driven around building communities that will stay for a long. Advertising for NFT games should focus on providing educational content on NFTs and their attributes. Therefore, an NFT gaming startup needs to prepare itself with these strategies to ensure success:

  • Starting well before launch
  • Providing exclusive NFT drops for the community
  • Utilizing other NFT gaming communities
  • Using social media effectively
  • Using influencers to popularize the NFT game
  • Giveaway contests and discount codes
  • Releasing intriguing sneak peeks
  • Advertising inside the game
  • Using emails for marketing and newsletters
  • Communicating to the world through press releases

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NFT Marketplace Promotions

NFT marketplaces have traditionally been the entry points for newbie NFT enthusiasts. Because of their boundless business potential and nature, marketing each venture needs individual attention. According to, nearly US$ 41 billion was spent on NFT marketplaces during 2021’s boom. Such huge amounts signify the enormity of the marketplace model in the NFT world. For a business to be successful in such competitive spaces, NFT marketplace promotions are a must. Advertising strategies for promoting NFT marketplaces include both conventional and Web3-specific digital marketing tactics. The points below shed light on the most-wanted marketing strategies that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Adding NFT drops to the NFT calendar
  • Utilizing social media accounts
  • Releasing teasers portraying iconic NFTs to be listed
  • Starting threads on online discussion forums
  • Using emails and newsletters
  • Creating communities on Discord and Telegram
  • Marketing through influencers and social media pages
  • Releasing press releases about the marketplace
  • Organizing giveaways of native tokens or exclusive NFTs
  • Promoting on other Web3 communities

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NFT Art Marketing

Digital art was at the forefront of the NFT revolution that caused the 2021 boom. Between October and November 2021, more than 1.5 million NFT art sales occurred globally. This stat is enough for one to learn about the reach that NFT art has currently. Marketing NFT art has become a necessity for artists since the space has become competitive. NFT artists today use various proven marketing techniques to reach prospective buyers across blockchains. It is important to get to work early as the space is getting increasingly crowded. You can find all the tactics that people who market NFT art use below.

  • Segmenting audiences according to your art niche
  • Marketing through well-written blogs on your website that is SEO-optimized
  • Posting video content on YouTube and TikTok about your NFT artwork
  • Promoting your artwork through various social networking sites
  • Saying it loud on community platforms such as Discord, Telegram, and Reddit
  • Collaborating with influencers to create insightful marketing content
  • Partnering with NFT marketplaces to advertise on their platforms
  • Utilizing mainstream media resources by giving interviews
  • Releasing a theme-based first-look of the NFT artwork
  • Collaborating with fellow artists to appeal to a wider community.

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NFT Brand Marketing

In 2022, more brands have delved into the NFT realm than ever before. Well-known names such as Adidas, the Times Group, Lamborghini, and Mcdonald’s have taken up NFTs recently. These corporations typically see NFTs as means of reaching the new-gen audience. They also try NFTs to see how they could position themselves in the future’s decentralized society. Taco Bell’s costliest NFTs in its 25-piece collection sold for US$3,500. The NFT boom of 2021 has been a fuelling factor behind brands jumping into the Web3 bandwagon. The below points give an idea of how NFT brand marketing garners success.

  • Utilizing the latest news to promote your collection
  • Releasing NFTs that give access to exclusive events and content
  • Maximizing the presence of NFT-related content on the brand’s social media handles
  • Releasing commercials across press and media channels
  • Working with influencers and celebrities to popularize the NFT launch
  • Advertising through other products made by the brand
  • Organizing giveaway contests
  • Sending newsletters for account holders in the brand’s online platform
  • Using metaverses to establish the brand’s NFT outlets
  • Sponsoring to NFT or metaverse events

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NFT Collectibles Marketing

Collectible NFTs have been generating buzz recently, with applications like NBA Top Shot becoming popular. These platforms enable people to collect digital or physical assets backed by NFTs. Promoting these items should be done diligently using NFT collectibles marketing tactics. In November 2021 alone, the total sale of NFT collectibles exceeded US$ 150 million. It is to be noted that the time was when NFT trades were booming more than ever. Individual creators and small businesses have seen this as an opportunity to build their Web3 presence. The below points give some light on tactics that can be employed for NFT collectibles marketing.

  • Working with NFT marketplaces to get featured
  • Utilizing top Web3 news platforms to reveal your collectibles
  • Setting communities on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit.
  • Posting insightful and informative content relevant to your NFTs on other social media platforms
  • Onboarding influencers to garner prospective buyers
  • Building hype through teaser videos
  • Promoting them yourself on online Web3 discussion forums
  • Holding giveaway contests
  • Providing access to exclusive events and talks with the NFT collectibles
  • Whitelisting for airdrops

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