A Detailed Insight into Security Token Exchange

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Security Token Exchange

Right from the start of 2018, Security Tokens and Security token exchange have gained traction in the cryptocurrency market.

For starters, Security Token Offerings are a type of cryptocurrency tokens that are backed by tangible assets like real estate, shares or revenue generated by a company. STO is similar to ICO, but the difference lies in the fact that security tokens are financial securities, unlike utility tokens. This means that the investors can gain better ROI compared to ICO.

The entry of new technologies has enabled the users to create an asset token exchange that will be compliant under SEC regulations. All these together will help in creating an STO exchange platform that fully supports security tokens. This exchange will be compatible for utility coins as well as a security token.

A security token exchange will have the following features that collectively make up the exchange platform.

  • Order Matching

The exchange will contain an order matching engine that will automatically pair similar orders between buyers and sellers at the best market price. It will also match the different orders like market and limit.

  • Fund Management

A wallet will be integrated to manage all security token transactions which will be automated. Users can also control fiat-cryptocurrency conversion manually through the in-built processing interface with the associated banks.

  • Escrow System

Any transaction between the buyer and seller using a third party or a smart contract is the escrow system. Once the responsible parties agree to the payment details, the escrow releases the asset without any delays.

  • Currency Transactions

You can integrate any currency in the BAF Security Token Exchange Software. Any cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin or any fiat-currency like US Dollars, Chinese RMB can be embedded into the Security token exchange.

  • Payment Gateway Integration

The exchange platform will integrate a payment gateway that allows users to buy and sell using fiat currencies through credit cards, debit cards and other payment systems.

Benefits of Security token exchange

  • Extremely Secure

Every security exchange consists of layers of separated layers of servers, encrypted access to users, two-factors authentications, DDoS protection, X-XSS protection, HTTP public key and Content Security Policy (CSP) protection.

  • 99.9% Uptime

Security exchanges will keep running despite any failure, due to its inbuilt features: DNS failure, Geo IP Routing and Distributed Server Architecture. This will ensure that the asset exchange platform remains online always.

  • Customizable Exchange Platform

A customizable exchange platform allows the users to create their security token exchange and connect it to the primary network. This ensures the liquidity of the exchange is maintained throughout.


2018 is gaining popularity for asset-backed token and its underlying security token exchange. Blockchain App Factory, a pioneer in the field of cryptocurrency development has now initiated its journey through the new technology Security Token Offering and Security Token Exchange. With a reliable team to build the exchange along all the features imbibed to it, the new age exchange will create a revolution in the cryptocurrency market.

Security Token Exchange Platform

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