On-chain Asset Creation: Where Web3’s Elements Intertwine to Intrigue!

Onchain asset creation

Non-fungible tokens have been bludgeoning the Web3 world primarily occupied by crypto traders. The result? A crypto boom that saw the tremendous growth of NFTs’ stature and exposed them to the broader world. While such an imminent surge of NFTs has done a lot of good for creators and entrepreneurs, there were some hidden steps running overhead that were not exposed correctly to the wider community. Although “on-chain asset creation” might sound like a redundant topic in the Web3 space, it actually isn’t one. The reasons for this will be as we progress through this blog presented by our experts.

The Hidden Overheads: What’s All the Fuss About?

In the normal blockchain realm, storing data on-chain generally costs a ton, and most NFT projects keep most part of their data off-chain. The data that projects actually store on the network will be the hash that links to the NFTs, which will make no sense if any data is altered.

To ensure that data is stored in a decentralized manner, off-chain solutions such as IPFS (Interplanetary File System) and Arweave are used, which act as hidden overheads unexposed to the user community. These work well by taking heavy brunt related to storing data, including image files and NFT metadata.

On-chain Asset Creation: The Significance

While most NFT projects utilized external overheads to take heavy-duty tasks, some have started to go entirely on-chain. This has been mainly possible due to on-chain asset creation that works based on blockchain programming languages such as Solidity (for Ethereum).

The novel process requires the usage of two components: Base64 encoding and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image format. Base64 is necessary to encode our NFT metadata is stored as JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). The SVG format allows images to be stored as text than the memory-heavy conventional formats such as PNG and JPEG.

The Way to Go for Achieving Asset Creation On-chain

The process to create NFT assets on-chain, at least by theory, is very simple. First, we must utilize Base64 to encode the NFT products’ metadata typically stored in JSON format. Then, we should add instructions for images to be rendered in the SVG format.

In the case of the user end, deriving on-chain NFT assets will be pretty simple, as browsers will render the images instead of getting caches of them (in the case of NFTs using IPFS storage). Encoding here does not result in data compression, ensuring image quality does not degrade while browsers decode and render them per the creator’s intentions.

What Differences will This Cause for Generative Images?

We all know how famous generative image-based NFT collections such as CryptoPunks. These collections commonly utilize smart contracts to create unique pixelated images based on numerous attributes provided by developers. Using on-chain asset creation for such images will be a game-changer as it allows user input on smart contracts while ensuring that the image is secured on-chain, hence preserving the value of Web3.

Also, using user-provided data at the time of minting allows images to be truly unique, with these data making a difference. Such uniqueness then brings the cost factor into play through elevated prices during marketplace auctions.

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