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crypto trading bot

Why Bots?

While cryptocurrencies are emerging as an investment option, it even triggers the development of the Defi platform. Such an increase in modern investments and crypto-assets accelerates investors’ traffic towards trade and finance in the crypto market.

Trading is a phenomenal activity in the financial market. Investors play a prominent role in trading and investing their funds in stocks and crypto-assets for its economic trend. While the investors concentrated on investing their funds, managing tracking the investments became complex.

Consistent trade is the foremost requirement for good returns. Crypto-Trading bots are computer programs that are consistent in choosing the right chance to trade your cryptocurrency for a profitable deal.

Working procedure of crypto-trading bot:

Signal Generator:

This part is a prediction zone where the crypto-trading bots predict the trading possibilities. The possible suggestion to buy or sell is indicated in the signal generator zone that triggers further steps. These prediction signals can be made from the existing databases, use cases, and recent economic news.

Risk Allocation:

Based on the generated signals, this segment suggests the portion to make the trade whether it is buying or selling. These suggestions direct us to allocate funds to trade.


The final part decides your trade value and executes bots’ prediction with your allocated funds to take action on your trade. These three procedures work under distinct algorithms and optimisation procedures

crypto trading bot

Algorithms followed by Crypto-Trading Bot:


If the prices go high and we predict the prices may keep rising and opt to buy. The possibility of profit is low, and if the prediction succeeds, the returns will be relatively high—the chance of winning rates around 55% and losing rates around 70%.


If the prices go low and we predict the prices may keep rising and opt to Sell. The possibility of profit is high, and the gain-to-loss ratio is small—the chance of winning rates around 70% and losing rates around 50%.

Human versus Bot:

The benefits of crypto-trading bots are enormous, and the skills are exceptional compared to humans. Bots are consistent and monotonous in nature results in profitability which is counterintuitive to human nature.

  1. Speed: Bots operate magnitudes faster than humans thinking time and reaction time.
  2. Emotionless: Bots are emotionless, which always predicts statistically to win.
  3. Capacity: Bots can process gigabytes of data per second where human lags.
  4. Longevity: Bots can operate 24/7 where humans need to rest

Steps involved in developing a Crypto-trading bot:

  • Choose a programming language
  • Hold your API
  • Create accounts with all the exchanges
  • Pick a Bot trading Model
  • Architecture
  • Creation
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Key considerations followed By Blockchain App factory :

  • Create a reliable development approach
  • Prepare a project plan
  • Hire proficient developers
  • Form an effective team

Benefits of our Crypto trading bot:

Benefits of our Crypto trading bot:

Order limitation:

Once you choose the percentage of profit you want to acquire, The transaction will be executed automatically while reaching the limitation.


Our system facilitates the ease of liquidity. The tokens will be taken out only at the time of execution.

No gas Fee:

The system does not possess any gas cost for creating, editing, and cancellation of orders on your trade.

Automated Trade cycle:

Set a profit range, then the system automates your trade process by buying and selling respective to the token you allocate.

Trade History:

All your transactions are saved in a history, which enables you to check your transaction details and ensure complete security and ownership of your transaction history.

Our significance in trading.

Our Financial advisors in Blockchain App Factory support our developers to develop a revolutionary product in the Defi platform. The trade experience and their strategies for fortune hustles support our developer team to generate an algorithm for machine learning. The collaboration of market-leading financial advisors and proficient developers enables Blockchain App Factory to craft a robust, reliable crypto-trading bot to ease the trade process of investors.

Merge with the team of significant market players from the Blockchain App Factory to assist your investors with a better trading option by developing a crypto-trading bot.

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