A Highly Effective Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

This top of the line cryptocurrency trading bot by Blockchain App Factory is the most effective trading tool for today’s digital economy. Built to the highest standards and with the latest tech in the field of development, this bot will help you maximize your crypto algo trading practices.

  • tradersMimic traders

  • account management Multiple account management

  • Effective market arbitrage Effective market arbitrage

  • Conceptualize strategy Backtest trading points

Enjoy an automated, algorithmic trading capability that allows you to quickly and safely trade and optimize your portfolio. Supports over 100+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

How do cryptocurrency trading bots work?

  • 1. Create an account and integrate it with the exchanges of your choice.
  • 2. Set up your cryptocurrency trading bot according to your individual requirements.
  • Long and short strategies

    Take full advantage of the climate of the markets with appropriate long and short bots.

    Set profit targets

    Ensure profit with a set profit target, and the bot will close the deal at the specified time.

    Technical Indicators

    Modify your bot to deploy according to the time and parameters of your choice.

    Large Volume Trading

    Carry out large volume trades effortlessly without price spikes or drops

    Bot templates

    Get started with highly helpful bot templates or build your own bot from scratch.

    Real-time Tracking

    Get extensive information about your bot at any time with the use of real-time analytics.

  • 3. Download our Trading Bot App to oversee and manage your bot from anywhere in the world.

Features of our Crypto Exchange Algo Trading Bot


Easy strategy drafting

Create your customized trading bot strategy in a quick and simple way.


Simulate and invest

Test your trade practices before you take them to the market.


Tried and Proven strategies

Choose from a list of data-backed strategies that have proven to be successful.


Informative Reports

Get detailed reports that let you assess the performance of the bot and your strategies and help you make your process more efficient.



Our platform is built on a cloud-based online service. No downloads needed.


Robust Security

Multiple levels of security and strict regulatory compliance ensure that your funds stay secure at all times.

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