Diving into the Prospects of Running an NFT Gaming Platform on Solana!

Key Takeaways:

  • Check out the current state of the play-to-earn (P2E) NFT gaming market through statistical analysis and future predictions.
  • Delve into the feasibility of building an NFT gaming platform on Solana by exploring the niche market comprehensively.
  • Frame the process behind Solana NFT game development to create a platform that offers rewarding and thrilling experiences.

The Web3 space has never been short of innovative experiences since the world saw the potential of smart contract programs. Gaming based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has been one of those endless experiences that has redefined the whole gaming industry, serving as a disruptive innovation aiming to move games away from centralized infrastructure. However, several problems inherent to decentralized technology have hampered NFT gaming from pressing forward, including slow transaction speeds, higher processing costs, and high latency. Now, here’s what experts think—running an NFT gaming platform on Solana could be the perfect solution for this, which we will discuss in this blog.

Global NFT Gaming Landscape: The Current Status

The current global NFT gaming landscape is not as fledgling as it used to be a long time ago. While the wider NFT market’s dull phase is attributed to such conditions, other reasons, such as challenging accessibility, high expenditure, and slow experiences, have their role. The condition seems to have improved in recent times, as several gaming-focused blockchain ecosystems have found their way to build valuable partnerships with gaming studios with great projects.

  • According to ChainPlay’s dedicated dashboard, blockchain gaming tokens have a market capitalization exceeding $9.45 billion, with daily trading volumes averaging a little over a billion dollars. The portal also lists Gala Games ($GALA), Axie Infinity ($AXS), The Sandbox ($SAND), Decentraland ($MANA), and ApeCoin ($APE) as the top gaming tokens.
  • Coming across DappRadar’s NFT game rankings tells us that diverse games have been appealing to the gaming community in the last month or so. This opinion is evident as games like Matr1x, motoDEX, Pixels, Sweat Economy, and BoomLand occupy the top spots in terms of unique active wallets (UAW) interacted in the duration.
  • Analyzing the market cap, averaged trading volume, and unique active wallets show that NFT gaming is back on track for a great comeback—in fact, the greatest Web3 will ever see. As the crypto market climbs to the next level, the NFT space and its subdomains will catch up pretty quickly, opening the gates for the new-age gaming industry to unleash its potential.

Is an NFT Gaming Platform on Solana a Booster for the Industry?

Thinking of the prospect of an NFT gaming platform on Solana makes one go in awe, as the blockchain involved is deemed to be one of the most efficient in the world. The network has proven its mettle in the little time it existed in the public domain by demonstrating higher TPS numbers and near-zero transaction costs. The below points discuss some of the pivotal factors that make creating NFT games on Solana advantageous:

  • Solana has a fledgling gaming ecosystem and the support of seasoned developers who find the network easy to work with. Such strength at the foundational level truly makes NFT gaming dApps on this blockchain incredible from all fronts. 
  • Game developers can enjoy creating new gaming software through seamless integration with Solana’s framework, creating user-driven and real-time content, and framing complex economic models. Alongside these, Solana’s possibility of making games interact with one another opens opportunities for the interaction of assets between various games.
  • With real-time analytics, gaming projects can have the latest performance data onboard to come up with improvements and provide better playing experiences. This, along with Solana’s inherent scalability and seamlessness, makes it a great idea for aspiring Web3 entrepreneurs to build a game on the blockchain.

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How Can Players Benefit from Solana-native NFT Games?

Games on the Solana blockchain come with numerous technological benefits that players can feel straightaway, especially when they have experience playing games on other blockchains. While most of Web3’s fundamental properties stay intact in an NFT gaming platform on Solana, there are some additional points that make it genuinely astonishing for an avid gamer.

  • The concept of in-game asset ownership is included in the asset’s (native token or NFT) code, making it possible for players to truly own their virtual assets with backing from blockchain records. These assets also come with tangible value in the real world, making them sellable when and if a gamer pleases.
  • The involvement of blockchain ledgers also makes these assets inseparable from gamers even in case the application is shut down for some reason, unlike traditional games that give gamers an illusive ownership. Such a prospect is owed to the immutability of crypto assets formed on the Solana network, which cannot be modified by any means once entered.
  • Similar to other blockchains, NFTs and crypto tokens on Solana can be seamlessly traded in the open market, making it easy for gamers. Such possibilities also open a thriving ecosystem for trading in-game digital assets that can boost the gaming experience even further.

The Steps Behind Solana NFT Game Development

If you’re inspired by Solana’s technological prowess and the busy gaming ecosystem, it might be the moment you start working on your new gaming platform. Here is the generalized stepwise process involved in any Solana NFT game development campaign that can result in a high-quality solution loved by gamers worldwide:

  1. Frame a unique gaming idea suitable for the intended audience in any niche.
  2. Assemble the necessary tools for various aspects of development, including version control, code operation, and dependency management.
  3. Have a Solana-based wallet account with enough $SOL that will be useful for interacting with the network and testing the gaming platform.
  4. Explore the Metaplex framework to find the appropriate tools that you can use to build the gaming app.
  5. Choose the token standard(s) you need for your assets from the Solana Program Library (SPL).
  6. Check out Candy Machine, a tool from Metaplex that eases the NFT development process by notches.
  7. Select the storage solution for your Solana-based gaming tokens, with Arweave, Filecoin, and Pinata being popular options. 
  8. Choose the game engine to design and develop the NFT gaming platform on Solana, with Unity and Unreal Engine being preferred options.
  9. Integrate an adopter framework for players to connect their Solana wallets with and interact with the game.
  10. Develop smart contracts governing various functionalities of the NFT game, including ownership, in-game mechanisms, and economic systems.
  11. Test the Solana-based NFT game thoroughly using various testing methodologies to find and resolve any deficiencies.
  12. Deploy the game in stages, starting with a limited release on a development network to test with real-world players before releasing it on the Solana mainnet for public use.


Therefore, we have explored the comprehensive benefits an NFT gaming platform on Solana can offer projects and players alike. With the network evolving at steadfast speeds, building a P2E NFT game could be a great business option in the current market conditions. If you are passionate about operating an NFT gaming venture on the Solana blockchain, now is the time to begin, and getting expert assistance is easier than you think. As an experienced Solana NFT game development company, we at Blockchain App Factory provide the best solutions for projects aspiring to become a revolutionary force in the global gaming industry. Contact one of our professionals now to plan your new NFT game’s schematics!

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