IoT Energy Meter And Dashboard For An Efficient Energy Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming several sectors, making end-users possess control over everything possible. Many businesses have started to embrace IoT devices for a well-connected environment. The advantages of deploying IoT based smart energy meters in everyday life is boundless. It keeps you informed about almost all devices installed in your home, office, or industries, assisting you to manage their power consumption efficiently and effortlessly.

Presenting world-class Energy Meters backed by the Internet of Things (IoT), which can be integrated into electric devices installed in your home, office, or industry. Our solutions analyze, collect, and share data on the energy consumption of each of your devices in real-time, which is presented in detail in the Energy Meter Dashboard. The dashboard can be accessed right from your smartphone, keeping a tab on the energy consumption of devices remotely and optimizing them to utilize electricity efficiently.

In a nutshell, our solution enables you to monitor and manage power consumption from anywhere, anytime. Contact us right away to buy IoT Energy Meters that come with the Energy Meter Dashboard at an unbelievable price!

How IoT contributes to Energy Management?

The rising demand for efficient energy management, reducing carbon emissions, and a more connected environment has driven several businesses to adopt IoT based energy meters for power consumption management. With the global energy management systems market forecasted to expand with a CAGR of 13.78% over the period of 2019 to 2024, IoT adoption adds to its rapid growth. Upon integrating IoT smart energy meters into your various devices, the data on energy consumption is estimated in real-time, and the collected data is shared with the dedicated web dashboard. From these data, you can gain valuable insights to manage the devices efficiently, thereby you can manage the energy consumption, enhance its productivity, and save money significantly. Adding to this, they play a pivotal role in environmental protection.

Make Smarter Decisions About Your Energy Usage With Our IoT Energy Meters!

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Our exclusive range of IoT Energy Meters

Single Channel IoT Energy Meter

Its features:

  • Supports Single/ Three-phase with 12 data points
  • Retrofit, Plug & Play, Multi-level authorization
  • Analytics forecasted by Machine Learning (ML)

Multi-Channel IoT Energy Meter

Its features:

  • Handles up to 12 parallel connections
  • Supports Single/ Three-phase with 12 data points
  • Retrofit, Plug & Play, Multi-level authorization
  • Analytics forecasted by Machine Learning (ML)

IoT Energy Meter with Multi-Sensor System

Its features:

  • Supports Single/ Three-phase with 3 data points
  • IoT Sensor stack - A/D, SPI, I2C
  • Analyzes temperature, humidity, water flow, diesel level, CO2
  • Presents comparative analytics

IoT Energy Meter with Switching Controls

Its features:

  • Single-channel Energy Meter with switching controls
  • Facilitates up to 30 A Current switching controls
  • Supports Single/ Three-phase with 12 data points
  • Retrofit, Plug & Play, Multi-level authorization
  • Analytics forecasted by Machine Learning (ML)

Energy Meter Dashboard

The data on power consumption and other parameters collected by the IoT Energy Meters are sent to the web dashboard, where the data are presented in detail for your quick overview.

It is to be noted that the dashboard lets you analyze the power consumption of each device individually and compare them with the past month’s data. You can also view the energy utilized over a certain period of time and compare the electricity bill of the current month with the previous one.

Vital features of our IoT Energy Meter Dashboard

Web dashboard

The user-friendly web dashboard consists of the data of all devices received from the IoT energy meters. The energy consumption of each device, cost comparison, etc., are displayed for your reference.

Data comparison

The data on the energy consumption of each device is presented here. Also, the current month’s data can be compared with the previous month’s.

Cloud connectivity

The data collected are securely stored in a cloud platform and can be transferred to the dashboard whenever needed.

Data-driven reports

Gain valuable insights from the reports generated periodically by analyzing the data received from all devices. It can help you in managing energy consumption efficiently.

Critical alerts and timeboxed reports

You will be alerted promptly in case any device faces an issue or consumes more energy than it usually would.

Downloadable reports

The detailed reports generated from time to time are downloadable. They are available in various file formats - CSV, PDF, and Raw JSON. You can download and access them offline without any hassle.

IoT Energy Meters: Monitor the energy consumption of your devices effortlessly and achieve maximum energy productivity!

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Perks of employing our IoT Energy Meters

Control over energy consumption

Our IoT energy meters come with a user-friendly web dashboard that helps you get detailed data on the energy consumed by each device. You can analyze when the energy is utilized the most and the least.

Accurate and transparent data

Our solutions ensure the data presented in the web dashboard are accurate and reliable. Also, complete transparency is maintained throughout the data sharing process.

Efficient utilization of energy

As you get to know the energy consumption rate of your devices, you can lookout for ways to optimize them and plan their usage as needed. You can also consider switching over to energy-saving appliances/devices.

Maximized energy productivity

As you monitor your energy consumption and utilize them efficiently, it positively influences energy productivity, ensuring you make maximum use of each unit of energy.

Identification of faulty devices

In case you notice a sudden spike in the energy consumption of a device, you can look into it immediately and ensure that the device is running properly. If not, you can fix it fleetly, eliminating any unforeseen circumstances.

Boosts good energy habits

Integrating an IoT energy meter system in your home, office, or industry helps you in practicing good energy habits. You will be informed of the ways in which the energy is wasted, driving you to save them and utilize them wisely.

Environmental protection

As power is spent efficiently, various factors contributing to environmental degradation are greatly reduced, leading to a more sustainable environment.


Definitely. Considering the rising need for power conservation, integrating IoT enabled energy meters with your devices will help you monitor and manage the energy consumption of your devices to a greater extent - be it at the home, office, or industry. By doing so, you can achieve maximum efficiency and increased productivity, along with getting access to the real-time data with 100% transparency.
Yes, absolutely. Our smart IoT energy meters are designed in a way that it can be readily integrated into any device or machinery in your factory. Communicate your needs, and we will provide you with the best solution that helps you keep a tab on the energy consumption of your machinery effortlessly.
We offer a wide range of IoT energy meter solutions at different price points. Connect with our team right away to know the costs as we can give you an exact cost estimate only after analyzing your requirements.
Don’t worry. We are here to help you! Contact our support team, tell them your needs, and they will provide you with the necessary assistance to choose the best IoT energy meter for your home.
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