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Blockchain App Factory has provided innovative solutions to clientele across the furthest ends of business and scale spectrum. Our expertise in blockchain development enables us to provide custom blockchain based solutions for applications in various industries. Decentralize and automate processes and save operational costs with strategically designed ICO, Smart contract, smart wallets, Hyperledger and other blockchain based solutions. Explore a world of possibilities with our services designed to give you the platform you need to succeed.

Blockchain App Factory has the privilege to have successfully completed 30+ end to end ICOs with different combinations of tech stacks (Like using the ERC20 token or own Blockchain and Minable coins) and ICO Marketing. We are expanding our services into creating STOs in our own blockchain and offer a centralized exchange which extends support to both utility and security tokens.

In this journey so far, we have learned a lot of lessons and we are continually evolving ourselves into becoming a force to reckon.

Our Services

Intricate and reliable solutions in blockchain technology from our proficient experts for a wide range of applications.

NFT Development Solutions

Raise the value of your unique assets , collectibles and other signature products by tokenizing it to NFTs.

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DEFI Development

Provide Defi development services to rake in the benefits provided by the Fintech industry. Several advantages are rendered in the form of atomic swapping, lesser risk, over-collateralization, and high-level liquidity.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Legal

Be on the right side of the law by availing of Cryptocurrency Exchange Legal services such as litigation strategies, guidance on anti-money laundering rules, assistance in understanding crypto regulations, and setting up prospective blockchain ventures.

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Decentralized Exchange Development

Gain more freedom in your operations by allocating resources for Decentralized exchange development. Experience benefits such as lack of third party interference, complete anonymity, high security, and better transparency.

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EOS Blockchain Development

Become a part of EOS blockchain development for establishing secure smart contracts, integrated wallets, custom bounty programs, and dApps creation.

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Ethereum Token Development

Involve your enterprise in Ethereum Token development for enabling smooth transfer of tokens, fund management through digital wallets, and hassle-free listing on the leading exchanges in the market.

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TRON DApps Development

We develop feature-rich decentralized apps on the TRON network and customize the applications according to your preferences.

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TRON Token Development

Get high throughput, adequate storage facilities, and compatibility with the Ethereum virtual machine through TRON token development.

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Hybrid Exchange Development

Execute transactions on smart contracts smoothly through our Ethereum and TRON based hybrid exchanges similar to IDEX and Joyso.

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White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

Get a secure and customized exchange with a powerful matching engine, integrated wallets, and supreme security measures at an affordable rate.

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P2P Lending Software

Connect borrowers to lenders directly by buying our P2P lending software. We offer a friendly user interface and the availability of all types of loans.

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Blockchain Payment Remittance Platform

Process remittances at a low cost. Our platform supports the leading currencies, provides live market feeds and revenue optimization algorithms.

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Cryptocurrency MLM Software

Get a decentralized, transparent and highly secure Cryptocurrency MLM software that works seamlessly on TRON, Ethereum, and Bitcoin networks.

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Solidity Development

Establish robust smart contracts, Dapps, digital tokens, and exchange platforms with our state-of-the-art Solidity development services.

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Crypto Payment Development

We ensure secure transaction processing by creating a universal wallet compatible with the leading crypto and fiat currencies.

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Crowdfunding Platform Development

Ensure strong financial backup for your project by developing crowdfunding platforms for real estate, private equity, venture capital, and debt.

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Tezos DApp Development

Make your network secure and stable by obtaining Tezos Dapp development. Smart contract safety, creation of a microservices architecture, better governance mechanisms, token creation, and wallet development will be ensured at an affordable cost.

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Stellar Blockchain Development

Establish fool-proof financial systems by taking part in Stellar blockchain development. Our wide range of services includes consulting, smart contract development, API integration, wallet creation, and smart contract audit.

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Sports Betting DApp Development

Participate in the leading tournaments held around the world with rich prize money using our reliable Sports betting DApp. With features such as real-time betting, referral system, live score facility, and real-time event scheduling, we strive to make it an enjoyable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

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Hedera Hashgraph Development

Transact in a secure and trusted environment by integrating your operations with Hedera hashgraph development. Experience fair access, execution of transactions in seconds, complete decentralization, and a robust infrastructure.

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Blockchain Consulting

Reliable advice from our competent experts to help you achieve the best from our wide range of services.

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DApps Development

Attain highly programmable, scalable, feature-rich decentralized applications created by our dedicated team of developers. We customize the applications according to your preferences.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

White-labeled, highly secured, controlled, centralized and decentralized exchange with the fastest matching engine.

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P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange

Carry out a reliable, secure p2p exchange now, globally with our highly robust, scalable platform that is feature-rich and integrated with advanced blockchain and security integrations.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Marketing

Our experts offer unique marketing strategies, both online and offline, gaining huge traction from global customers and make your business go viral in the market.

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Cryptocurrency Development

Reliable advice from our competent experts to help you achieve the best from our wide range of services.

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Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Secure cryptocurrency transactions and store it with Universal Wallet. Highly immune to both hard and soft fork.

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ICO Development

Superlative services in complete and reliable ICO solutions for a successful cryptocurrency venture.

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IEO Development

List your token on a reliable exchange and raise funds quickly and efficiently!

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ICO Marketing

Strategic ICO marketing campaigns with a powerful combination of online & offline promotion to attract investors.

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Security Token Offering

Tokenize your securities such as debt, bonds thereby liquidating the long-term assets for short-term financing.

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Security Token Exchange

Create your own Security Token Exchange or Broker-Dealer Platform for the trade of security, equity and asset tokens.

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STO Marketing

Brand your Token within the legal boundaries for solicitation of investment opportunities for accredited and unaccredited investors.

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Real Estate Tokenization

Tokenize your real estate and fractionalize ownership for greater profit, with integrated cutting-edge blockchain technology and high-end security from our market experts.

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Asset Tokenization

Assets such as Art, Real Estate, Gold bars are highly illiquid and legally compliant tokenization of real-world assets can help you raise funds.

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Art Tokenization

Tokenize expensive paintings, sculptures, and more, to improve their liquidity and protect intellectual property rights.

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Local Bitcoin Clone

We help you build a platform that removes middlemen and promotes peer-to-peer fiat-to-crypto exchange!

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Stablecoin Development

Create a cryptocurrency that is backed by tangible assets and immune to price volatility.

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Equity Token Offering

Dilute your equity into legally compliant tokens such that each share is represented by a digitized asset and raise funds.

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Non-fungible Tokens

Non- Fungible tokens are circulating as an expensive digital asset in the cryosphere. Its phenomenal feature of representing the digital versions of unique assets creates hype in the collector’s community where these NFTs are purchased for millions. NFTs’ unique abilities in the blockchain network create demand and scarcity with its intrinsic nature and attract audiences across the globe.

NFT Marketplace

NFTs offer surplus business opportunities by offering a unique business opportunity for these unique collectibles with a multifunctional platform called marketplace where you can create, buy & sell your NFT seamlessly. This platform can be equipped with futuristic technologies like second layer solutions and in multi chains with cross-chain compatibility for seamless trade and exchange of NFTs across multiple blockchain networks.

Sectors that evolve with the trend of NFT Marketplaces

  • NFT for sports

  • NFT for music

  • NFT for fashion

  • NFT for real estate

  • NFT for videos

  • NFT for infrastructure development

  • NFT for memes

  • NFT for domains

  • NFT for content subscriptions

We have worked with

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Industry Applications For Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is predicted to disrupt at least few of the following industries.

Blockchain for Healthcare Blockchain Technology

The clinical data across hospitals and allied medical institutions enable patients to control their data and increase the quality of care to patients.

Blockchain for Banks & Financial Technology

Banking and financial institutions will have enhanced customer satisfaction due to the security and trustless features of blockchain technology.

Blockchain for Government Technology

The blockchain ensures that the data of citizens are secure, protected, and accurate to maintain trust in the government.

Blockchain for Insurance Technology

The insurance industry will be revolutionized due to the incorruptible nature of the data, which ensures transparency in the system.

Blockchain for Logistics Technology

Blockchain allows innovative mobility services, adding traceability and secure financial transactions. The automation process will reduce the human errors.

Blockchain for Agriculture Technology

In the agricultural segment, Blockchain will provide transparent tracking of agricultural products from growth to consumption.

Blockchain for Retail Technology

The retail segment is heavily reliant on inventory control, operations management, and consumer satisfaction.

Blockchain for Entertainment Technology

An ecosystem of assurance is built around digital content with blockchain’s immutable, secure and trustless network.

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Blockchain App Factory is a technological giant in the making and is continuously evolving by learning from our previous experiences. We propel ahead with our learnings and transform into a technological giant.

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    Our team of blockchain enthusiasts have worked with 30+ projects in cryptocurrency and blockchain development projects.

  • Proven Marketing Team

    Our marketing team has experience in leading variety of ICO projects from healthcare to human resources to deliver a successful crowdfunding campaign.

  • Leadership Team

    Our leadership team is a cross-functional team with 30+ combined experience in the nascent technology business.

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