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The progress in technology never ceases to amaze us. Especially the ones that are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). An emerging AI and IoT based technology that has captivated the best interests of the fleet and commercial vehicle owners worldwide are the telematics devices - solutions that let the vehicle owners keep a tab on various parameters of their vehicles and their seamless functioning. By 2020, it is estimated that a quarter of a billion vehicles will be connected to the Internet, providing live vehicle data, and extending new possibilities for in-vehicle services and automated driving. Telematics devices, powered by the most advanced AI and IoT technologies, can be readily installed on your vehicles to monitor and provide you with real-time vehicle data in any environment. These data include speed, location, driving behaviour, hard braking, vehicle faults, and a lot more. Once the telematics device is installed on your vehicle, it starts recording information and sends it to smart devices connected to it. At Blockchain App Factory, we strive to develop IoT backed telematics devices along with software solutions to help you take care of your fleets effectively. Why wait? Buy telematics device for fleet management right away to get started on this technology-driven journey at an unbeatable price!

What are the Telematics systems?

Telematics is the combination of telecommunications and information technology. Telematics devices are solutions that can be quickly plugged into any vehicle to track its various functionalities. The data recorded from the vehicle is communicated to the smartphone devices of the vehicle owners via the cellular network. Based on the data received, the vehicle owners can better monitor their vehicles, their fuel efficiency, driving behaviour, and maintain them in the right condition for their smooth operation.

How does telematics work?

The telematics devices connected to the vehicles collect data, decode them, and store the information in the cloud. It is then shared with the fleet management system that can be accessed from a computer system or a mobile device. From here, vehicle owners can track various parameters of the vehicle, such as live location, speed, idling, hard braking, fuel efficiency, vehicle faults, and other relevant information. They can also download this information as reports and use them for their maintenance and reference purposes.

Our Solution: Connected E-Bikes

The e-bikes installed with our devices can record all vital information and share it with your smartphone.

Features Of Our Connected E-Bikes

AI-backed travel estimations

Monitors driving behaviour, battery capacity, and other vital parameters.

Smart start mode

Authorize access directly from your smartphone.

Anti-theft system

Track and immobilize vehicles right from your mobile devices.

Emergency alerts

Automatic alerts in case of emergency services or accidents.


Score-based leaderboards with comparable details helps in better driving.

Our Solution: Asset Tracker

The asset tracking system can be coupled with the keys of your e-bikes to exhibit various functionalities.

Features Of Our Asset Tracker

SOS Button

Triggers emergency alerts.

Bluetooth supported

Tracking of bike keys with proximity sensors.

Smart start mode

Authorize access directly from the bike keys.

Our Solution: Data Collection And Fleet Management System

AI and IoT based telematics devices explicitly designed for data collection and fleet management are installed on your vehicles to gain useful insights for efficient management of your fleet. The Crafted Device supported by a robust Platform, extensively designed for vehicle position tracking and accurate fuel monitoring. Enabled with Artificial Intelligence techniques to analyze the driving behaviour and provide various useful insights for the better efficiency of mobility and transportation. Our telematics solution is a plug and play system, which can be connected to the OBD port of the vehicle.

Cutting-edge Features And Data Recorded

Fuel level monitoring

Estimation of current fuel level, last refueled location, refueled amount, overall fueling cost for a specified period.

Live tracking

Tracking of multiple vehicles on a map interface, ETA, fuel level.

Event tracking

Rough acceleration, hard braking, long idling, over speeding.

Route mapping

Month-long route playback with pointers of events on the map.

Geofence alerts

Instant notifications on route breaches.

Crash detection/ alerts

Prompt alerts of the real-time vehicle location and accident details are sent to the emergency contacts.

Vehicle-Driver analytics & scoring

Drivers behaviour and scoring of each trip.

Service & maintenance

Last service date, next service date, service costs.

Crucial Benefits Of Our Telematics Devices


Exclude inefficiencies and pilferages in your vehicle operations with our smart telematics GPS devices. Supported by AI and IoT technologies. Offered at an affordable price!

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