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Tokenized Art Platform

An end-to-end paintings-backed token architecture for art Industry. We help the industry in technology, legal and auditing process to raise capital for obtaining art. Our tokens are compliant with numerous jurisdictions with the regulations embedded in a smart contract.

At Blockchain App Factory, we provide services which include due diligence, auditing and legal services for valuation of your art and then assign a value for your token. Based on the blockchain technology we develop art tokens allowing your investors to earn dividends or interest.

Also, we offer Crowdfunding Art Tokenization Platform to tokenizing galleries, thereby, achieving liquidation and raising funds for future expansion and purchases.

Scope of Art Investment Tokens

Commercial Gallery Tokenization

Ownership set of paintings by an audited fractionalization logic in compliance with regulations and standards.

Single Art Tokenization

Tokenize your single Art and achieve crowdfunding for further procurement of art or capital for your project.

Trophy Art Tokenization

Liquidate your trophy art and raise funds for further procure art your projects in a compliant, secured and immutable ledger.

Art Tokenization Strategy

Token-backed with art revolutionizes the way art enthusiasts invest and collect paintings worldwide. The potential strategizing by blockchain developers, legal and financial advisors. At Blockchain App Factory, we simplify the legal and practical issues with a team of Legal, Financial and Blockchain Consultants along with Art enthusiasts who ensure the tokens are legally compliant.

Our developers consistently consult with our subject matter experts on crowdfunding/ securities, tax/accounting and art enthusiasts during the tokenization of the assets. SMEs guide our team in the development allowing you to raise funds within the regulatory framework.

Strategic Checklist

Token Structure
Smart Contracts
Type of Interest
Legal Entity
Securities Regulations
Corporate Code
Art Type
Location of the Art
Art to Tokens Ratio
Investor Traceability
Automated KYC/AML
Accredited Investor Verification
International Fundraising
Legal & Regulatory Frameworks
Numerous Jurisdictions

Why Blockchain App Factory?

Our art tokens have a legally compliant architecture which can be built on numerous blockchain. Our team of 400+ members are highly driven to help you tokenize your art within the legal framework.

  • Ethereum, Hyperledger or Stellar Token Structure
  • Blockchain & Smart Contract Development Experts
  • Understand the requirements of the Market
  • End to End Securitized Art Token Solution
  • Experienced Team of Technology, Legal & Financial Advisors
Why Blockchain App Factory?

Art Tokenization Platform

A customized all-inclusive painting backed token issuance platform for the gallery industry. Through the platform, Issuers can tokenize their commercial galleries or single trophy painting. As an issuance company, become a “Tokenization as a Service” provider and the tokens can be either be on Ethereum, Hyperledger or Stellar.

  • Automated Compliance
  • Globalized KYC/AML
  • Multi-Ledger Art Token Development
  • Automated Legal and Regulations
  • Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Automated Reporting to Authorities
Tokenize your art
Artwork tokenization is the concept of converting the arts of any form into a token that has the ownership information and id of the art. This token represents the art and every sale and stake made with the art token will be recorded with the distributed ledger.
Art tokenization may look simple but an independent art tokenization will need the blockchain integration, wallet to make the stake and various other Dapps for various purposes. The Art tokenization companies are the best option to tokenize your art.
There are several purposes are there to tokenize an art,
  • To get wider reach posting it in the Tokenization marketplaces
  • To hold the ownership of the particular art and make it tamper-proof.
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