blockchain-based remittance solution platform

Reap benefits by using a blockchain based remittance solution platform

Make use of impactful blockchain technology for cross border payments by breaking barriers and disrupting the remittance industry. Enable better management of assets for merchants and clients through blockchain money transfer.

Harness the power of Blockchain technology for remittance

Transfer of money becomes easy through blockchain money transfer app that works seamlessly across the globe. We are revolutionizing the payment processing industry as we allow crypto to fiat transfer. Money transfers using blockchain is ensured efficiently as digital currencies can be used to send fiat money. The recipient has flexibility on his side as he has various payout options such as Direct to Bank, Local cash pick-up and Mobile top-up. We give priority to decentralization as it boosts our operational efficiency.

Reasons why our blockchain payment platform is making waves

blockchain payment platform

The globe-trotting remittances and payments industry suffers some structural deficiencies as participants experience high fees and delays in settlement of transactions. Our blockchain payment platform aims to change that scenario as it serves the underbanked and unbanked people contributing to better financial inclusion.

Despite advancement in technology and availability of infrastructure, not even a single remittance service provider till date has built a working interoperable platform where cryptocurrencies can be used to transfer fiat money.

Our blockchain network uses Ethereum to provide different options such as SWIFT, local cash payout, and mobile top-up. Our interoperable platform has easy access to smart contracts established through strategic partnerships.

Know how blockchain-based remittance service works wonders

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, our platform allows you to send and receive money and store it in secure digital wallets to earn interest.

Add money option

Leading cryptocurrencies such as EUC, USDC, DAI can be added to wallet through a local bank or a P2P transfer.

Send currency

Transfer of digital assets is ensured in a few minutes across the globe through our platform.

Receive currency

Get payments credited to your wallet directly using the P2P mechanism.

Withdraw money

Cash out currency at any time. We support the leading currencies such as Euro, Pound and THB.

How we are transforming cryptocurrency for remittance ?

blockchain remittance payment platform

We ensure speedy and safe transfer of money stored on Ethereum blockchain. Cross-border payment system supports the leading cryptocurrencies such as USDC and Dai.

Our facilities include
  • Transfer of money using a peer to peer system.
  • Seamless allowance of deposits and withdrawals via a reliable blockchain Payment Platform.
  • Instant settlements permitted through domestic payments.
  • Our flexible decentralized financing protocols enable our clients to maximize their income by earning interest.
  • Our Blockchain Payment Platform facilitates the quick conversion of fiat to cryptocurrency.

Users can handle their private key with ease without the need for advanced knowledge. We allow the use of a simple PIN code instead. Our range of asset exposure allows $1000 in the market price for the basic level and $20000 digital assets backed up by high-level security.

How we are driving innovation through the role of Blockchain in cross border payments ?

We are creating a promising future for the efficient management of digital assets through our digital cross-border payment systems and payment solutions. A plethora of benefits are available to our customers. They are


The cumbersome process of verifying banks or cards is not required.


We enable withdrawal facility through ATMs.


Senders and receivers experience the benefits of settlement in just a few seconds.


Compared to other payment methods in the industry, our fees are the lowest.

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