NFTs - The Real Game-Changers

The world is moving at a greater pace, where the Efficiencies and productivities are about to be tied in the hands of the Crypto and NFTs. The NFT defines the future of trade, and it works on making the digital space more exclusive and efficient for the people. As the process for such breakthroughs is under process, the technology foresees, and the fore entity for the Metaverses are starting to get their attention towards this play hosted by the Fungibles and Non-fungibles. While NFTs and cryptos are enhancing the business modules and market, on the one hand, they are also working on revolutionizing the Gaming community to a certain extent.

Crypto Dynasty like NFT Gaming platform

The Crypto Dynasty-like gaming platform we offer to the world of the people, who tend to make the difference by launching their instance in the market to put together their very own market. The platform has a perfectly carved and series of decisions to be taken in the crypto era where the efficiency is really high, and there are chances for the platform to show up exemplary.

Optimizing with Requirements

The NFT Gaming platform development involves various other phases, too, where the user will have to go through various stages to redeem, converge and manipulate NFTs. There are ever more requirements left to make a platform a full-fledged working environment. Based on the requirements of the platform needed, we optimize & sculptor with more accuracy and individuality in the market.

Gaming environment

The Gaming environment is to be made exclusively with the best game development professionals who have immense knowledge & experience in handling such platforms. Players prefer games with higher accuracy.


An exclusive NFT marketplace for the players to sell, stake, and mint the assets of the platform into NFTs. This is the primary marketplace that also has the ability to support various types of blockchains.

Essential Builds

We also have integrated various essential builds such as the dashboard to growth hack, Wallet to make the transition easier, filter, and other essential APIs to fit in the technical advancement side of the platform with utmost efficiency.

Workflow of the Greater Game Space

The platform we carved has many different stages where the players of the platform can interact with the platform on many different modes, and this is to categorize the players, who tend to interact with the players based on their interest in the platform,


Idle & Develop

This mode will have a very short interactive game or task that offers players a very good way to pass the time. This model has very few benefits compared to the other modes as the interaction duration will be very, very low.



The competitive mode is about making the platform more convenient and challenging for the players who interact with the game with efficiency. This is a very challenging mode, and here the chances of affluence are really high for the players.


Props trade

Here the users can trade the props they gained during the interaction with the platform, and it can be gained from anywhere, for example, from drops or rewards boxes or by gifting someone.


Market Mine

The user can also use the platform as an opportunity to mine cryptos by performing the tasks and carrying out the mission. After the completion of those rewards, the player will be awarded a very good amount of crypto’s

We have architecture, and the platform is all possible ways to attract more players that give the potential benefits to the one who seeks to own and launch such platforms. NFTs are now more than just fantasies. They tailor the market’s efficiency by making them more & more adaptive to the market needs. We blend these NFTs and Fungible tokens.

Benefits of Our NFT gaming platform like Crypto Dynasty

Multi-platform Support

Though the platform is exclusively designed for the mobile platform, they can be accessed on various other platforms too. We have launched various different builds to support all available platforms.


The platform is completely decentralized and is built to respect the privacy and anonymity of the players. The players can have any alias name changes as they wish, and that makes this platform a very favorite one.

Cross-chain bridge

The platform can export the NFTs to various different platforms built on different blockchains; this is to ensure the efficiency of the platform to a very great extent.

Blockchain integration

The Blockchain integration we perform is completely based on the requirements and the demands of the one who tends to own a platform. We support various different trending blockchain integrations.

Why Us? When it comes to NFT gaming?

The rest of the world was working on making NFTs as a token to mark up exclusiveness. We, the Blockchain App Factory, were one of the earliest firms to realize the potential of the firm and launch various other products more than just minting NFTs. Our NFT based product led us to create a sole ecosystem where the ecosystem started working on contributing at the greatest pace to the NFT market. Our NFT gaming platform, like Crypto dynasty, is yet another product to make the ecosystem stronger, and this platform is more focused on Mobile-based play to earn games. A revolution to be carried out with the best development team in hand.


Crypto Dynasty Like NFT platform is a mobile-based NFT game where the users can get into the game to earn the play. The crypto dynasty will be the next-gen came that brought NFTs handling into smart devices like mobiles.

To create a platform like Crypto Dynasty, either you will have to find the best platform like us who have a very good portfolio in the market or people with more experience in developing products.

This will be the trendsetter of the market as mobile accessibility will increase efficiency to a certain extreme.

This will be the trendsetter of the market as mobile accessibility will increase efficiency to a certain extreme.

This will be the trendsetter of the market as mobile accessibility will increase efficiency to a certain extreme.

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