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The next generation of Fintech is decided by the pieces of code and parts of exclusiveness. Adding to the legacy, NFT gaming platforms are taking a great pace in making a better advancement; the gaming industry is normally a virtually dependent commodity where the active users are almost more than billions in the count. The gaming industry is the predecessor to the “Meta” spaces we refer to now, and most of the time, they become one of the reasons for serious technological advancement. And even the idea of NFTs is already sprouted from a token-based game that made a huge hit in the crypto era. Sensing the transitions, we proceed to make the difference in the NFT space by bringing in the most idealistic CryptoKitties like the NFT gaming platform.

NFT gaming platforms like CryptoKitties

Matching the pace the world moves with technology seriously needs an effective pickup. An NFT based asset hitting the real hard and making huge fortunes is the general theme of the platform. CryptoKitties like NFT gaming platform will be a great beginning to the people who tend to make their own market in the crypto era. The platform is an environment where the user can play games with an animal-based on the theme. The admin will have the ability to choose the theme of the platform.


The users or players of the platform can breed the animal chosen, and these breeds will evolve more powerfully to battle the game and win rewards, assets, and more other exciting offers.

Play to earn

Users of the platform will have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency and various other forms of revenue just by playing the games. By breeding or by playing, there are plenty of ways to earn money.

Asset stores

A dedicated asset store where the users of the gaming platform can buy add-on assets for their NFTs, which increases their exclusiveness and the ability to stay as a center of attraction in the market.


Developing the time ahead platform of the crypto era

The legacies are built when the developments are carried out with the innovations to suffice the demands. The NFT gaming platform like CryptoKitties will be a great aid and add power to them via establishing an environment or an ecosystem. The development of this platform needs various components to be combined. The CryptoKitties like the NFT gaming platform are developing an ecosystem and adding all the necessary attributes to run a platform that is more similar to one of the foreseers of the NFT games, the CryptoKitties.

The components utilized are,

High textured character drafting

Based on the theme desired, the artist team will work on creating perfect attributes like wearables, dresses, and all the accessories for the desired theme-based characters. The design team will render the best graphical output for such characters. Our best artist and design teams are well known for delivering the best high textured graphical output.

Platform building

An NFT marketplace needs to integrate with the platform where the assets or characters can be listed for sale. As the characters are created as NFTs, they hold the uniqueness the market has, and more importantly, the NFT marketplace will also act as a store where the user buys the most powerful breed or character to win the battle. So we put off the best professionals to carve a perfect finest piece.

External API’s

The Cryptokitties, like NFT gaming platform we offer, will have all the needed basic APIs, such as the Search filter options, Category listing, and history of cart feature to increase the trading experience. Along with this, Asset combination preview, smooth animations to feel the functionalities will have a greater effect in the market.

Features of Our NFT gaming Platform


Web 3.0 Wallet API connects with all the leading crypto wallets in the market. This is to increase the reliability of the platform. This makes the platform easier to interact with.


The platform will support the migration of the native NFTs across different blockchain platforms to increase the globalized access for the market.


The asset stored in the platform is more secure, and they have the ability to stay tamper-proof. The decentralized storage system will make sure the information is never lost.

Wide exclusive types

The platform will have various types of characters tiered on different levels based on their ability, power, attributes they wear. This increases the fascination of the platform.

High textured design

The characters are devised with attractive designs and graphics to attract users to the platform.

We, the Blockchain App Factory, In the mission of building Play-to-earn verse

Innovations are done when the desire to suffice the demand is processed. We at Blockchain App Factory consequently focus on bringing innovation to the crypto-verse and are now focused on building a play-to-earn ecosystem where the gamers or crypto enthusiasts can benefit just by playing the game effectively. Our NFT gaming platform like CryptoKitties will be one of the fortune-raising platforms for the people who tend to make a difference in the crypto market. A specially architectured team with more potential in the blockchain industry is deployed in sculpting this masterpiece.


Cryptokitties NFT game allows the users to play with the kitties in the platform ,where they can breed and be enhanced and sold in the marketplace. This game is the forerunner of the NFTs potential.
There are various ways to make money, service charges or royalties or by making trading. Platform widely opens different types of revenue model for all type of people approaching the Cryptokitties,
The cost is completely based on the development, and the features you seek as requirements. The cost may vary depending on the complexity of the development and blockchain development.
Yes definitely , Blockchain App Factory also offers certain builds with maximum efficiency.
The CryptoKitties already set their standard in the market as a tradable NFT , the design and the structure is well familiar to the people, so developing a game like CryptoKitties will attract a huge variety of people who are already familiar with the workflow.
TO develop a game like CryptoKitties you will have to find the best frontend development team and the backend development team.
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