NFT - Exclusive to Eternity

Non Fungibility was always considered to be exclusive, the market for them was very constrained, and the number of people who preferred it was low until the term NFT came into existence. NFT emerged as an extensive trend maker of the crypto space. The value of NFT is now worth many billions of dollars. And still, the speed of the NFT’s growth has not slowed down. And NFTs like cryptopunk played a huge role in the growth of the NFT market. People are more attracted to NFTs like crypto punks like, and they are keener to invest in them. The variety of CryptoPunk like NFTs showed, and the themes they had in the very simple pixelation grasped the attention of many to buy them.

NFT Like CryptoPunks

NFT like CryptoPunks

NFT, like crypto punks, is a pixel block representation of art, they are unique, and they have a huge recognition among the people. They are an 8-bit style of digital art that is tokenized with the ERC-721 tokens. These types of pixel block NFTs will be representing the mastering and efficiency of an artist for creating conventional art within the 8-bit pixel block image.

CryptoPunks are such NFTs which have 10,000 collectibles where every punk is unique, and they are different from others. There are various rarities, and they have made a very capable fortune market. This is one of the reasons why people tend to develop their own CryptoPunk like NFT.

Developing Own CryptoPunk like NFT

CryptoPunk like NFT development with us is very simple. Our development includes various component integrations, and Our CryptoPunk development is one of the efficient and fastest processes compared to the existing NFT developments. Our CryptoPunk-like NFT development is clearly explained.

Creating Avatars or NFT like CryptoPunks


Building a Trait layer is a library with 200 different 24X24 exclusively photo-generated layers. This library will act as an initial base layer for creating the NFT like CryptoPunks. They initially start with the zero-valued male or female archetypes.


Trait layer library validation. Here the validation layer will examine the base archetypes for the similarity among the other NFTs like CryptoPunks to make them a unique asset. That doesn’t have any similarities to others of the same kind.


Transit Generate engine development is to produce unique NFTs like CryptoPunks. The Validation on the trait layer will take care of verifying the base archetypes and these engines generate an excellent NFT like CryptoPunks.


Bulk Expansion Generation stage will generate a specified quantity of NFT like CryptoPunks indefinitely. The Bulk expansion productions will be new diverse archetypes. CryptoPunks like NFTs with the needed amount will be generated now.


Duplication trimming, the Bulk expansion generation may have produced duplications of NFT like CryptoPunks, or they may have similarities in some cases. These are called to be “Fillers,” and this filler will make a trimmer in this stage.

Blockchain Integration

NFT, like CryptoPunk development, includes the integration of the best blockchain technology to avail various characteristics that an NFT possesses. Blockchain has a great influence in the market, and we integrate the Industry’s best blockchain technology to CryptoPunks like NFTs.

NFT like CryptoPunks Marketplace Development

NFT like CryptoPunks developments will need a marketplace, where the people who prefer to buy such NFT can come and interact with the various types of CryptoPunks like NFTs. The marketplace development for crypto punks , will need various components to be put into a single piece. So that an excellent marketplace will be built for the NFT like CryptoPunks. The major essentials in an NFT like CryptoPunk like NFTs are,

NFT Like CryptoPunks Marketplace Development
  • Wallet Integration
  • Security protocol integration
  • User interface development
  • API Integration
  • Filter components

Major key Factors Generative NFT like CryptoPunks

Major Key Factors Generative NFT Like CryptoPunks


There should be different levels of rarity in the CryptoPunks like NFT trading, And the limitation can be a scale for measuring the rarity. This will be very helpful in market growth.

Value estimation

The value estimation will be an essential part of the NFT like CryptoPunk, where the traffic and attractiveness of those NFT like CryptoPunks are taken into consideration for value estimation.

Supply and demand

The supply and demand chain will be a factor where the total number of supplies and demand for the Generative NFT like cryptopunks will be considered to market the growth of the NFT like cryptopunk.

Features in Our CryptoPunks like NFT Marketplace

Proof of Ownership

The NFT like CryptoPunks that are available in the NFT like CryptoPunk will have an ownership authenticity as they are bound with the blockchain. The NFT, like CryptoPunks, will never have to worry about their ownership.

Smart Contracts

The NFT, like CryptoPunks, are tamper proof ,and they can’t be duplicated as the NFT, like CryptoPunks, are equipped with smart contracts. This smart contract will only approve the request of the ID that owns e CryptoPunk.


The NFT, like CryptoPunks, is decentralized, so the storage whereabouts of the NFTs can’t be traced by anyone. Smart contracts can only know how to retrieve the assets from these decentralized distributed servers.

Avatar creation

Our NFT like CryptoPunk marketplace will let the user create their avatars on their own, they do have the ability to generate a single avatar, or they can generate them in bulk if needed. The Created NFT like CryptoPunks will be unique at any cost.


The NFT, like CryptoPunks, are decentralized, and this offers immutability, which lets the user retrieve the data, or their NFT even if they are lost. The Distributed servers will have a copy of the data on various decentralized servers to make this possible.


The Generative NFT like CryptoPunks can be built on multiple blockchains, but at the same time, our NFT like CryptoPunks marketplace will support assets that are built on various other different platforms to offer our clients a wider market.

CryptoPunks like NFT - Market and Need

CryptoPunks like pixelated NFTs will have the ability to make an exclusive breakthrough in the NFT space, as their types are more familiar and attract the people of the crypto space. CryptoPunks like NFTs are gone for more than several million dollars in the NFT space, and they have a very good role to play in the surge of the NFT market. This will be a perfect model to launch in the NFT space to enjoy the traffic of the NFT space.

CryptoPunks Like NFT

Why Blockchain App Factory, In the NFT like CryptoPunk development?

NFT are not easy to handle, to keep track of them and to handle their peak markets. The need of an excellent development firm who have excellent expertise and experience in the crypto market is needed. We, the Blockchain App Factory, are one such development firm that has a strong influence in the crypto space. Our NFT like CryptoPunk development and NFT like CryptoPunks marketplace developments are an excellent fit for the one who tends to make a name for themselves in the crypto space.


The CryptoPunks has been one of the most popular NFT and they have different sets of NFTs like covid alien,Human avatars and many other exclusives that are gone for millions of dollars. This sale created a huge impact and expectation for the similar NFTs.
Definitely yes , the expectation and people’s interest over the NFTs similar to CryptoPunks are high and this will give a grand welcome to the CryptoPunks like NFT. The development of those assets will result in making a huge fortune in a short time.
There are several advantages for developing an NFT like CryptoPunk Marketplace development, as they have huge expectations putting them altogether in the NFT marketplace will yield great success. And this will increase the contribution of all revenue models to a high.
To make NFTs like the CryptoPunks, the process begins with developing a trait layer library of characters. And with the bulk expansion engine, the characters in the trait layer will be generated into a large number of the generative NFTs. This is the best way to make NFTs like cryptopunks.
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