The healthcare industry is a vast field where technological innovation plays a crucial role in developing a robust medical infrastructure around us. Whenever a patient visits a hospital with any kind of illness, the doctor conducts a few check-ups and sometimes depending upon the health condition, the patient will be recommended to take up further tests which will enable the physicians to make more informed decisions and provide the best treatment to the patients.

From the moment a patient visits the doctor, various information like age, identity, current health conditions, history of ailments, and medications has been collected. In a country like the USA, these data are electronically stored in the form of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Electronic Health Records (EHR). Though the volume of data collected is enormous, the existing centralized medical record management system is still inefficient, clumsy, and they miserably fail when it comes to data analysis, security, and interoperability. Most importantly, giving patients complete access to their information.

If you are looking for a clear, high-security, efficient data management system, data analysis, interoperability, clutter-free medical software development solution, Blockchain App Factory is the right solution for you.

EMR and EHR Medical Software

What are EHR and EMR?

The term Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records software (EMR) are almost used interchangeably. Both are digital records of patients’ information. EMR is restricted to being a digital version of a patient’s chart, medical and treatment history from the single physician or a hospital. Most often, it’s not shared with another hospital. EHR is a complete record of patient’s information from multiple doctors which includes, all test results, medical history, history of illness, and medication.

Difference Between EMR and EHR Medical Software

Electronic Medical Record Electronic Health Record
Digital version of patients chart from single hospital source. Complete Health Record of Patients Information
Records are not shared with another hospital Records are shared and accessed between multiple healthcare service providers
Not Certifiable Certifiable

The EMR /EHR helps doctors track data over time and easily identify which patients are due for primary checkups or other medical screening tests. It also allows physicians to analyse the well-being of the patients based on their parameters, such vaccinations and blood-pressure and other scan results. Doctors can implement new changes without paperwork procedures and repetition of data. These digital medical data improves treatment efficiency, doctor-patient relationship, lower cost healthcare facility, remote monitoring options and better treatment options for patients.

Advantages of EHR and EMR Solution

Digitization of Medical Records:

Each incoming patient generates a lot of information, and every such information is important to understand the present condition of the patients. This information ranges from filling a patient's treatment histories to analyzing reports. Considering the importance of such data, the proper maintenance of data is essential for the smooth functioning of the healthcare industries.

Thus, the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR) has brought many beneficial changes in eliminating paperwork. Most importantly, healthcare professionals have more real-time data managed and monitored through a centralized digital system.

Not much that, digitization has paved the way for scheduling appointments, submitting medical claims, etc.

EHR and EMR Solution

Improved Dataflow and Efficiency

Hassle-free and organized data maintenance is made possible through a digital data structure. Pulling the relevant data as and when necessary, is less time consuming and leads to increased efficiency. It leads to very little to zero paperwork to do, so the risk of human-error is curbed altogether.

Better Treatment at Low Cost

The increased dependency on digital infrastructure in the medical industry has led to better access to treatment at a low cost. It is expected that the complete adoption of digital infrastructure can reduce the cost by 3% of the overall medical cost.

Digital mode of Communication

Still, it is a challenge to get in touch with the doctors time-to-time under busy schedules. But, digital communication facilities have reduced the requirement of meeting doctors in person. Instead, we can stay connected with the doctor through video calls and other social media apps.

Remote Monitoring

Remote guidance and monitoring have taken the doctor-patient relationship to the next level. They save a lot of time and costs due to frequent visits to regular check-ups.

Our Medical Software Development Solution

At Blockchain App Factory, we develop EMR/EHR applications that can be further customized based on your requirement and the built application can be scaled up for your future requirement.

EHR & EMR - Medical Software Development

Our EHR, EMR software development solution complies with HIPPA guidelines. It is built with a highly secured data management system, easy accessibility to patients records and real-time data monitoring mechanisms.

EHR & EMR - Medical Mobile Application Development

We build an easy to navigate, user-friendly mobile application with built-in features like the ability to track patient data, medical histories, socioeconomic information, vitals, lab test results, radiology pictures, doctor prescriptions, etc.

EHR & EMR Data Record Execution Services

Along with our development service we provide complete administration execution mechanism enveloping data migration, pilot testing, ceaseless quality enhancements of constantly associated devices.

Certified System of EHR

Our medical EHR software development solution is developed keeping in mind the end goal to get Quality Payment Program benefits. Our software guarantees clear and transparent information handling utilizing affirmed SSL and TLS system encryptions for role-based verification.

PHR Software Development

Our Personal Health Records development empowers patients to effortlessly keep up records of individual medical histories and other medical reports. Our PHR system is enabled with a doctor patient interaction-enabled module, health monitoring gadgets, self organizing information with EMR and EHR.

Why Blockchain For the EHR & EMR system?

Blockchain has been an exciting field of research and development for a long time; its benefits have been used across various industries. Similarly, the health sector across the globe is set to benefit from blockchain technology due to data security, privacy, user experience, decentralization, and distributed immutable ledger.

The critical issue that the blockchain technology set to solve is data duplication, loads of medical record papers, misdiagnosis cases, counterfeit drugs, delayed medical care, and inefficient healthcare information exchange.

In the current EHR system, its functionalities are electronic storage of medical records, lab test information, patients’ appointments with the doctor, accounts, and billing. So, blockchain technology should focus on providing secure, tamper-proof, interoperability of medical documents stored inside the decentralized chain of blocks across different platforms, security, and cost-effectiveness.

EHR & EMR system

Benefits of Blockchain Technology on EHR and EMR

Users Anonymity

The anonymity of the user and the difficulty in identifying the account holders

Decentralization of Data

The medical data or information stored on the blockchain is distributed across the network.

Data Transparency

The information stored is timestamped in the immutable distributed ledger so that it can be accessed by all the necessary people inside the system.

Security and Privacy

The information inside the blockchain is stored and secured using cryptographic algorithms.

Real-time Data Accessibility

All the concerned parties who are given access to the information inside the blockchain can read, locate, add, and audit the information as and when it is stored.

Lower Health Care Costs

With easy accessibility to reliable and updated medical records with all the necessary information, there is no need to take up all the tests from the beginning.

Key Features of Our EMR and EHR Solution

Why Blockchain App Factory?

Blockchain App Factory is a team of blockchain enthusiasts and developers who can provide insightful guidance and solutions to strengthen your EMR and EHR systems with all necessary features that enable hospitals/ doctors to improve clinical productivity, analyze patient’s information and stay connected with patients via the portal for excellent healthcare service.

  • 24/7 Client Support System

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • 100% Confidentiality Assured

Blockchain App Factory

Frequently Asked Questions

Digitization of medical records has proven to provide a lot of benefits for both healthcare providers and patients. The EMR and EHR software development will help us to store all the required information in a centralised system and access it as necessary.
There are a lot of EHR and EMR software development companies but choosing the experts like Blockchain App Factory will benefit your business. They are experienced medical health records software providers with all required customization you would need for your business. Contact them to discuss in detail.
Here the list of uses of digitized patient record software: Remote Monitoring, Users anonymity, Data decentralization, Data transparency, Security and Privacy, Real-time data accessibility and Lower healthcare costs.
Blockchain App Factory can help you build a medical record system software at an affordable cost. The overall cost of EHR and EMR software based on your required customization features that you want in it.
Blockchain App Factory is a team of experienced software builders in India developers who can help you develop and launch EHR and EMR software solutions with all required customization as per your business requirement.
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