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Smart contracts are quintessential for the functioning of Blockchains. With blockchain platforms like Ethereum, developers and engineers can execute any arbitrary code which then, in turn, can execute whatever function was coded. With Smart contracts, a streak of functions can be implemented. There are absolutely no limits! This aspect of these contracts has now attracted a lot of attention from businesses ranging from the entertainment sector to the government.

This factor coupled with the Ethereum Blockchain is a force to be reckoned with. You can now transform your business with Smart Contracts built on Ethereum by availing of our development solutions. Having spent quite a lot of time in the field of cryptocurrency technology, we at Blockchain App Factory have amassed knowledge and experience so when it comes to coding and launching smart contracts, we’re the best. Our Smart Contracts are utilized all over the crypto world - DEs, Digital Wallets, and Dapps. So get on board with us to unleash customized smart contracts and take your business to the next level.

Ethereum - A Robust Platform For Building Smart Contracts

Out of all the Blockchain Networks, the Ethereum Blockchain has the honor of being known as the biggest and most mature platform. It is capable of hosting a myriad of services and allows developers to create and execute smart contracts for various purposes. It has clearly defined rules for developers to adhere to. It is also recognized as the network that holds the key to execute arbitrary code implicating that any program can run on this network. Take a look at some of the projects employing smart contracts that operate on the Ethereum Network -

Ethereum Smart Contract Development
  • Developing and launching cryptocurrencies
  • Fundraising
  • Build Decentralized Applications (dApps)
  • Creating virtual organizations

There are three components within the Ethereum Blockchain that are vital to the execution of Smart Contracts. The first one would be -

  • Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) - It is an interpreter of assembly language that is used to execute arbitrary code. EVM requires a programming language, which is supported by
  • Solidity - it’s the smart contract language developed on the Ethereum network. It allows the developer to perform computations.
  • Gas fees - To process and execute smart contracts, a miner is required to perform actions, leading to the creation of a block on the network. As a reward for performing this operation, gas fees are paid to them. This fee varies depending on the complexity of the smart contract.

Smart Contracts - What’s The Big Deal About Them?

Smart contracts provide a level of immutability and transparency never before seen in the financial sector. They are digital protocols that are written in code - the Solidity code. They validate the conditions of a legal contract between two or more parties. The contract executes itself once these predetermined conditions are met. As simple as it sounds, Smart Contracts are employed in a wide range of settings. Some of these include


Media and entertainment



Identity management

Supply chain management

Commodity trading


Banking and security

Accounting for remittances

Cryptocurrency exchange

Retail industry

Benefits And Advantages Of Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts have characteristics that make them prominent in the cryptocurrency realm. These aspects are sure to aid the progress of your business or organization in a colossal manner. These include


They are self-verifying so third party integration is not necessary


The immutable nature of smart contracts frees them from meddlers

High security

No one can infiltrate smart contracts, they’re completely protected employing data encryption.

Multi-signature support

When more than a single party is involved with a contract, once the agreement is made, the funds are distributed promptly.


The terms and conditions of the contract are available to view for all relevant parties on the network. Disputing the agreements made is impractical.


To prevent transaction errors, the information coded on the contracts will need to be accurate.


Transactions take place with speed and agility, saving time and money

Storage and backup

in the event of data loss, all information regarding transactions and critical details about the individual user is stored safely and can be accessed whenever needed.


Since smart contracts are transparent and autonomous, they are trustworthy and remove bias and manipulation.

No intermediaries

Other third parties and middlemen have been made obsolete, saving a ton load of money.

Other notable functions that are facilitated by Smart Contracts

Yield Farming

Also known as liquidity mining, yield farming is a function crypto traders can perform to earn extra cryptocurrencies. It involves locking up your assets in different protocols to earn more rewards. A liquidity pool in this context is basically a smart contract that contains funds in which users deposit their crypto assets. They’re also called liquidity providers. LP’s get rewards in the form of fees that have been generated from a particular DeFi platform or from other sources.

Borrowing and Lending

Since traditional financial systems have stringent regulatory requirements and collateral for lending money, Smart contracts have taken the spotlight as a solution to this complication. Now borrowers can receive funds from investors directly with a smart contract monitoring and defining the loan.

Digital marketplaces

DeFi has made possible the linking of buyers and sellers on an online forum. These markets have complete reliance on smart contracts to enable direct exchanges without having to shell out to intermediaries. Community-based localized markets employ smart contracts for this purpose and entail their customers to tokens which they can use in these markets.

This Is How Smart Contracts Streamline Transactions!

Employing smart contracts into your business or organization will streamline financial transactions and several other operations within. To better understand the workflow of Smart Contracts on Ethereum, consider the following example between a client and a company or a tasker.

Ethereum Smart Contract Platform
  • The client and the company from which they are getting a service connect on a platform
  • The protocol or platform they are on will code and create a Smart Contract with the public wallet address of both the parties
  • The conditions of the smart contract are what is coded. Smart contracts usually work on an if - and - then basis
  • The client transfers the money to the company to carry out a service or task
  • The tasker gets notified and completes whatever function and then reports back to the platform, which is the Ethereum network
  • At this point, the client will have to confirm on the blockchain that the given task was carried out and executed properly
  • This sets off the smart contract which then initiates the payment towards the tasker or company that executed the task

The workflow that smart contracts on Ethereum equip the user with is quicker and autonomous than any other traditional financial system.

Our Proficient Smart Contract Development Process

At Blockchain App Factory, we follow a sleek design and development process to ensure your requirements and necessities are fulfilled. Have a look at the route we take while building your smart contract on Ethereum

  • Requirement analysis - We understand that your vision and ideas for the Smart Contracts are central to the development, so we work to gain a full understanding of it. We evaluate problems that might arise along the way and formulate a roadmap and delivery milestones so that the entire process is smooth.
  • Wireframe building and designing - A blueprint of the Smart Contract is conceived and the screen wireframing is done by our expert architects and developers. The design of the smart contract also takes shape at this stage.
  • Cardinal development - Here, the smart contract is coded according to your conditions and agreements. The complete design of the smart contract is achieved at this stage after several rounds of architectural design.
  • Quality assurance - The smart contracts are audited and tested before deployment to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Deployment - The smart contracts are then deployed on the mainnet after which they are up for use and execution by your company and its clients.
Smart Contract On Ethereum

Blockchain App Factory is the capital choice for Ethereum smart contracts

Having developed and launched a multitude of protocols and applications in the cryptocurrency realm, we have what it takes to bring more efficiency and competency into an organization. That’s why we believe our Ethereum Smart Contract Development Services are the perfect fit for your needs. The potential of smart contracts is endless and they have completely revolutionized sectors like healthcare, real estate, banking, and e-commerce.

So get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you design and deploy smart contracts on the prolific Ethereum network which is sure to boost your business to riveting heights. Our Ethereum Smart Contract Development solutions are 100% customizable and scalable to back your business as it progresses. Our white label services and 24X7 customer support will ensure you get the best return on your investment!

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