The Rise Of Non-Fungible Tokens

At the present time, the non-fungible tokens, also known as NFTs, have taken over the crypto space by storm. Almost every investor is interested in trading NFTs, buying, selling collectibles and the reach has been enormous. The primary cause for this humongous attraction is due to the flexibility of the platform. Almost every collectible can be transformed into NFTs, such as music, photographs, artworks, trading cards, utilities, games, and much more.

NFTs are not like the other crypto tokens. They are unique and hence require a special platform to initiate trading. This special platform is called NFT Marketplace, which is built on a blockchain network. There are several NFT Marketplaces in the crypto space, for both exclusive trading and common trading. Currently, the evolution of NFT marketplaces is on a high rise. Gaming platforms have started to go decentralized by integrating themselves with NFTs. Such NFT based games are decentraland, Polkacity, Gods Unchained, etc. Due to the evolution of NFTs, investors have begun to shift towards gaining profit from NFT based games as they have tremendously huge popularity among the users. We at Blockchain App Factory have been assisting clients in the creation of online games based on NFT Marketplaces like Gods Unchained for the past several years.

What is God's Unchained?- A Complete Guide

Gods Unchained is a virtual card trading series game that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It was first created by a gaming startup called Immutable. In this gaming platform, the trading cards are represented as Non-Fungible Tokens. The main function of this gaming platform is to mint, sell and buy trading cards. Unlike the other online games, it does not require any registration or membership fee, the gaming platform is completely free for the players and additional in-games assets are available for purchase.

After the launch in the digital space, the reception among the users has been huge. It has grossed more than $7 million worth of profit. This platform allows users to gather unique cards, establish a clean desk and permit trading with other players. It provides the transfer of digital assets and the right to ownership to the users. These trading cards can even be traded in common NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. This Gods Unchained NFT Marketplace utilizes ERC-721 Tokens and the cards are preserved in wallets like MetaMask.

Gameplay Of Gods Unchained

In God's Unchained NFT Marketplace, the users gather 30 cards each and they have to select a specific God to start playing. The key objective of the game is to deplete the opponent’s health to zero. The purchasing of cards in the game is very simple. The user should get registered on the platform using the required ID. The game is played for free and any four sets of virtual cards are gathered. These four cards are divided into four segments such as Shiny Legendary, Legendary, Epic and Rare. The user can purchase his/her favourite trading card via debit or credit card and it can be kept safely in a digital wallet like MetaMask which is linked to God's Unchained gaming account.

In order to start the gameplay, the user should choose the deck for his/her cards by selecting the solo panel in the arena tab of the game launcher, then finalize the loadout by adding two trinkets and one board. At first, start off with a solo vs. computer game, improve the skills, then the user can enter the ranked multiplayer mode to compete with the best. After competing with other players, the user can open new card packs in the Temple section to increase the total power. Enhance the overall collection of cards for a period of time and edit the deck and save it which will show a new representation of a collection of cards on Gods Unchained that can be used in both solo and multiplayer modes.

Future of NFT Gods Unchained Marketplace with Blockchain App Factory

Our NFT Marketplace like Gods Unchained is a digital card trading series gaming platform. The decentralized nature of our platform will ensure transparency as all the transactions are recorded on a public blockchain. The cards that are being traded in our platform carries a certain Ethereum value, and it can be converted into fiat money at ease. It would be an excellent platform for game developers, players, blockchain developers and traders. Our NFT gaming platform carries stellar features, functionalities and personalization based on their client’s requirements.

Top-Notch Features Of NFT Marketplace like Gods Unchained Platform

Ethereum Based Network

As the platform is based on the Ethereum network, the cards owned by the users can be tokenized as virtual assets.


The involvement of intermediaries and central authorities are eliminated on this platform. Players will gain real ownership over the cards they purchase on the platform.

Eradication Of Fraud

Our development team will have a close watch over the movement of every player on the platform. Thus, it eradicates fraudulent activities.

Hosting Of Competitive Tournaments

We host world-class championship tournaments and it would be one of the most challenging tournaments with a huge reward pool for the winner. Such competitive tournaments make the players engage more in the game.

Trading Specialities

Every card in the platform is an NFT. Thus it can be traded in any open markets and it can also be traded in common NFT Marketplaces like OpenSea.

No Subscription Plans

Our platform is entirely free for the players to play and No subscription fees are collected.


Our platform is highly transparent, as all the transactions are done on a public distributed ledger.

Blockchain App Factory’s services for your NFT Marketplace Platform

As the rise of cryptocurrencies have been great and all business entities are shifting towards the digital space. In the crypto space, NFT has been the current trendsetter, attracting the interest of all investors in the market. The concept of NFT has given so many opportunities to the people, NFT gaming has become a monumental platform for investors and gamers to invest in and rise to the occasion in the digital space. So, now is the right time to build your own NFT Marketplace like Gods Unchained. Our gaming platform will make you a record-breaker in the NFT gaming domain. We are one of the leading experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain development sectors. Our NFT services are world-class as we are filled with professionally experienced developers who will be at your service 24x7. Handing over us the project of developing your NFT Marketplace would save you time and money by a large margin. Our experienced professionals will deploy your finished product into the digital space at ease. Contact us soon to avail of our NFT Marketplace services!

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