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The crypto projects grown into a very bigger industry with the help of the crowdfunding models. Most importantly, the fundraising models such as the ICO, STO have already dominated the crypto space to a sufficient extent. But there is always room for a fundraising model which actually fits into all the situations and mitigates the threats faced by the fundraisers and investors. The Initial DeX Offering is coming into the market to play the expected role. The IDO is specifically designed to have a greater flow, and it did manage to be one of the most trusted fundraising models with its stable characteristics.

IDO Launchpad

The IDO is one of the most stable crowdfunding, and the launchpad for IDO is to host or launch the crypto project immediately without any lag or delay in deploying. The IDO launchpad will be recognized as one of the best ways for initiating the dream of the crypto project launchers. IDO is like a dream solver that tries to aid the people with the mission to make a change in the crypto space with new ideas. The Initial DEX Offering will have many criteria for raising funds. For example, IDO has a maximum investment rate.

The Initial DeX offering is completely based on the Decentralized exchanges, so the liquidity will be at its peak. The decentralized nature alone will attract many investors to invest in the crypto projects.

IDO Launchpad Development on Polkadot

IDO Launchpad on Polkadot

Polkadot blockchain is one of the most reliable blockchain networks in the crypto space. This network brings in the forkless upgradable features to make the services and product more independent.`Initial DeX offering in Polkadot will be a perfect match for the people of all the standards as it tends to provide all the features that a user needs.

IDO launchpads on the Polkadot will be a greater choice, more for its affordability and sustainability in the market. The IDO launchpad is a space where the user can directly pitch with the pre-requisite to launch their IDO in the market to raise funds.

IDO Launchpad on Polkadot Development

IDO Launchpad Development on Polkadot

Development is the phase where we can play around to the extent that it is our home ground. With the best development team in hand, our IDO launchpad development on Polkadot sprouted the idea of bringing in a very elegant and more feasible launchpad for projects in the market. IDO launchpad development involves various stages, and a handful of experts should be deployed in order to furnish a perfect one.

Phases of IDO Launchpad in Polkadot Development


The development team works on analyzing their requirements for a perfect IDO and summarizes the road map for the development. The requirements check includes the process like listing procedure and crypto.


Gathering or developing the components and elements like wallet, security protocol, and other required program bundles for the efficient flow of the IDO launchpad is done.


Integration part where all the gathered/developed components are put together for the perfect IDO launchpad on Polkadot. The integration will also include exclusive concern over the security of the IDO launchpad.


Series testing takes place to spot and mitigate any kinds of bugs in the IDO launchpad. BETA testing and in-house testing are carried out to provide a perfect, responsive IDO launchpad for the users on Polkadot.

Workflow of IDO Launchpad on Polkadot

The workflow of the IDO launchpad on Polkadot is exclusively designed for the users to easily adopt. The easier the design is, the more people concentrate on investing. The user will need to follow the following to participate in the IDO launchpad on Polkadot.

  • Making your own wallet

    The IDO launchpad will have a wallet based on web 3.0 in default for the sake of the user’s convenience. The wallet used will mostly support all the platforms and can fit into all types of devices in different environments. The user will have to create their own wallet account

  • Pick the IDO

    Our IDO launchpad on Polkadot will also have the best recommendation for investing on IDO, or the user can do their own research for investing. Our recommendations are based on their usability and market performance. By analyzing, the user can pick the IDO to invest in

  • Pre-sale Ping

    Our IDO launchpad on Polkadot will alert the users for all the pre-sale events. Since the IDO is well known for the pre-sale events, where the Investors can get hold of the shares at a very nominal rate than on the launch day. The pre-sale will also have various features, and our platforms will notify them in advance,

  • Alert point

    Here, the alert point in the IDO launchpad on the Polkadot will analyze and notify the users automatically of the IDO launch dates. It allows them to set a wishlist for their desired IDO and helps them with the timely reminder.

IDO Launchpad on Polkadot Workflow

Benefits for the IDO Launchpad on Polkadot

There are various benefits in using a launchpad for IDO on Polkadot, and they are packed with many features and developed in concern with providing a better platform for the users of crypto space. We are well aware that the product’s efficiency and the fortune for the IDO launchpad or any other services can be made only if they can be a solution to a challenge that exists in the market. And, our IDO launchpad on Polkadot solves many problems and has several advantages too. Here are the major,

Immediate liquidity

Our launchpad can have immediate liquidity, which makes it more preferable to any other offering model.

Fixed swaps

To set a limit to the flow of investment to make sure the stability of the offering.

On-chain Fundraising

This will help the user in raising funds with transparency on the same chain without any difficulties.

Feasible listing

The IDO launchpad on Polkadot will be a very feasible solution to list an IDO. The efficiency is never compromised for feasibility.

Blockchain App Factory - Reason to Join Us

Blockchain App Factory is the major contributor in making the crypto space more accessible. Our products have already set the flag for our pioneership, and we tend to develop the products and provide services that could actually make changes in the lives of people. Our development team believes that the IDO launchpad development on Polkadot will be the next instance to bring change to the lives of crypto enthusiasts. Being the top-tiered development firm that has given many pioneering products to the crypto world, our developments are focused on stability and reliability.

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