A Quick Overview of BSCPad

BSCPad is the first-ever IDO launchpad developed on the BNB Chain (Formerly Binance Smart Chain). The platform strives to help Web3 startups raise capital by distributing project tokens through decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs) full of liquidity pools. It also has low barriers for anyone to enter the Web3 world as an investor or a project owner. BSCPad also works based on distributing rewards to everyone who stakes in the process. It also has a two-round token distribution system, with the rounds being called “Allocation Round” and “FCFS (First Come, First Serve) Round.” A point to note here is that the developers of BSCPad are striving to make the platform even better, and hints are stating that even a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) might be a possibility in the future.

How Does an IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad Work?

  • First comes the allocation round, where investors are divided into groups (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Blue Diamond) based on the quantity of tokens they have staked.
  • In this round, investors can buy project tokens whose quantity is based on their allocation tier. Before this, investors should stake the tokens for at least 3 hours.
  • The allocation round lasts for at least 20 hours so that investors can buy project tokens. In most IDO launchpads, unsold IDO tokens will be burnt from circulation.
  • But, an IDO launchpad like BSCPad is unique, as it puts those tokens for sale in the FCFS round. This is based on the “First Come First Serve” mechanism.
  • Here, investors can buy as many tokens as they want after initially getting allocated tokens based on their tiers. The IDO sale ends after all the tokens are sold.

Assist future startups on the BNB Chain with an IDO launchpad like BSCPad!

Features of Developing an IDO Launchpad like BSCPad



An IDO launchpad like BSCPad not only works on the BNB Chain but also works on all major blockchain networks since the blockchain uses virtual machine software.


Staking Tiers

An IDO launchpad like BSCPad contains many staking levels that enable anyone to invest in IDO projects due to the presence of a low barrier for entry.


Automated Vetting

An IDO launchpad like BSCPad retains decentralization as it contains only automated security checks before project owners can create a fixed swap token pool for the fundraising campaign.


Built-in Wallet

An IDO launchpad like BSCPad contains a built-in crypto wallet that can work efficiently to enable staking, token purchases, liquidity mining, and other transactions on the platform.


Liquidity Pools

An IDO launchpad like BSCPad can have multiple liquidity pools for various IDO project tokens, which can be effectively managed by the platform’s admins without any difficulty.



An IDO launchpad like BSCPad also has stringent protocols in place to verify a project’s authenticity before listing for IDO token sale to safeguard the platform’s users.

Steps to Create an IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad

  • To build an IDO launchpad like BSCPad, you must first gather your ideas together to assess the platform’s feasibility in the Web3 market and frame the project’s roadmap.
  • Now, approach our experts who have a solution to create an IDO launchpad like BSCPad. The platform should be customizable to any extent, advanced, and upgradable.
  • Our experts customize the platform’s features suiting your requirements. You can also add extra features on the IDO launchpad solution to make your platform more unique, among others.
  • Our developers add the back-end features for the additional features integrated on the platform. Good programming practices are used here to ensure the platform’s security and performance.
  • While developing your new IDO launchpad platform, we also build your platform’s native tokens that can be useful in various aspects. We can even program a DAO.
  • Now, our professionals test your launchpad platform like BSCPad using various manual and automated testing methods. Release Alpha and Beta versions to get initial user feedback to resolve user-end flaws.
  • Before the final launch, we can promote your new IDO launchpad to the world. Also, provide sufficient liquidity for your native tokens for investors to buy them easily.
  • Finally, we release your IDO launchpad like BSCPad for public use. Make sure you have a wide community, and you work based on user feedback to release timely updates.

Create an IDO launchpad like BSCPad to elevate startup ideas into ventures!

Why Should You Develop an IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad?

Quick Buying

In an IDO launchpad like BSCPad, investors can buy the project tokens immediately after they get listed. Interruptions from bots or malicious actors are impossible as the platform is secure.

Economic Costs

In an IDO launchpad like BSCPad, the cost for listing tokens for projects is economical, which makes the platform accessible to anyone and encourages new Web3 IDO projects to venture.

Instant Liquidity

In an IDO launchpad like BSCPad, investors can start trading the project tokens immediately after buying. There is no cool-off period since liquidity is taken care of by decentralized exchanges.

Accessible Fundraising

In an IDO launchpad like BSCPad, any investor can invest in any project they like without any restrictions. However, staking tiers determine the rewards and benefits an investor can earn.

Why Blockchain App Factory for Developing an IDO Launchpad Like BSCPad?

Blockchain App Factory has been witnessing the growth of the Web3 world for a long time. Our experts had developed a solution for an IDO launchpad like BSCPad as soon as the original platform went live. Within a few years, our solution for an IDO launchpad like BSCPad has been utilized by a lot of our clients across the globe. We also thrive on integrating all the business requirements of the clients for their platform. Our motto of staying quick and economical also helps our customers as we can develop an IDO launchpad like BSCPad within a few days at affordable costs. Talk to us today to begin your new journey as an IDO launchpad owner!

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