What is DAO Maker?

DAO Maker is a launchpad based on the initial DEX offering (IDO) mechanism. The platform has the motto “Venture capital recreated for the masses,” which sums up its success in the IDO space. DAO maker has also become an initial game offering (IGO) launchpad in recent times, owing to the number of games launched through the platform. The platform also offers services on incubation, consultation, and operations for new projects.

DAO maker also offers a feature called “Social Mining,” where projects can reward the most-valued community members with their native tokens for various purposes. It also features a portal for staking and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which expands its capabilities. The native token of DAO Maker is $DAO, which can be used for participating in IDO token sales and staking to earn yields.

Become a Powerhouse for Aspiring Businesses with an IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker!

How Does an IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker Work?

  • Users (Investors/Project Owners) signup on the IDO launchpad like DAO Maker. Then, they should connect their crypto wallet to the platform and buy $DAO tokens from external crypto exchanges.
  • Now, project owners should register their business projects to host an IDO event on the platform. They should provide information such as the project’s website, whitepaper, and social media handles.
  • The admin of the IDO launchpad like DAO Maker, will check the project to ensure that it is authentic. Once everything is verified, it will be listed on the platform.
  • Investors can now check on the project and go through all the details given before making a decision. If they like it, they can stake the IDO launchpad’s native tokens.
  • Staking tokens help in buying IDO tokens, and the number of tokens staked determines the users’ category. Once the IDO event starts, project tokens are fairly distributed to the investors.

Features of Creating an IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker

Crypto Wallet

The platform features an advanced built-in crypto wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies. It helps users in holding cryptocurrencies, native tokens, and project tokens with ease.

Token Distribution

In an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker, tokens will be distributed immediately to users after the IDO event begins, as investors will be categorized beforehand.

IDO Event Portal

Users can view the bidding history after the IDO has ended, and all other details of the IDO event will be shown on this portal.

DeFi Lending

In such a platform, there is a feature based on decentralized lending, which is based on the principles of venture capital directed to Web3 startups.

Social Mining

Projects can distribute their native tokens to the most valuable investors from the platform to incentivize participation, raise awareness, increase liquidity, and widen the community.


In an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker, airdrops are a crucial feature that helps swap and burn tokens from circulation by using smart contracts.

Be the Ladder for New Web3 Entrepreneurs with an IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker!

Steps to Build Your IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker

  • To create an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker, you should first draw out detailed plans for the business. Analysis of markets, competitors, and long-term missions is crucial at this juncture.
  • Based on the results, the whitepaper should be crafted, which helps in the long run.
  • Now, you should customize all the features of the IDO launchpad like DAO Maker from the ready-made solution in hand. You can even add extra features depending on your requirements.
  • It is time to modify the back-end of the IDO launchpad like DAO Maker. You also need to develop the back-end frameworks for the additional features you had integrated earlier.
  • You should also create the native tokens as part of building an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker. Such tokens can give you the power to operate your platform and provide utilities.
  • Then, you should test the platform for defects and resolve if any appear. Although the platform is pre-tested, it is essential to test it again as you add and modify features.
  • Now, you should release the native tokens of your IDO launchpad like DAO Maker in popular crypto exchanges. You should also promote your platform across mediums to gather a community.
  • Finally, you can launch the IDO launchpad like DAO Maker for public use. Ensure that you work on user feedback actively by implementing constructive suggestions into your platform during updates.

Why Should I Invest on an IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker?

For someone who wants to start a crypto launchpad, creating an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker will be the perfect solution due to many reasons. One reason is that such a platform will have best-in-class quality due to the overall performance and mechanisms in place. Also, an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker will have a large token allocation so investors can participate without hesitation.

Here, token allocation can be finite or infinite, which can be chosen freely by you as per your business model that determines the inflation nature of the platform. Also, you can even enable other services related to IDOs on the IDO launchpad like DAO Maker. You can also create an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker in such a way that the entry barriers are kept low enough for retail crypto investors to participate.

Why Prefer Blockchain App Factory for Creating Your IDO Launchpad Like DAO Maker?

Blockchain App Factory has been in the blockchain sector for a long time, and our professionals have witnessed the rise of IDOs from the ground up. Within a short time, we have excelled in developing solutions based on an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker. We have assisted our clients worldwide to form successful Web3 businesses with our ready-made solution based on an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker. Our customer-centric approach has ensured that we have won a lot of good hearts through our development services all these years. So, chat with one of us today to start your venture with an IDO launchpad like DAO Maker.

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