Fundraising Models- A Detailed Walkthrough

For the past several years, the cryptocurrency field has been on an epic rise in the digital marketing world. The rapid emergence of cryptocurrency has given rise to many innovative decentralized applications and protocols. The development of fundraising mechanisms is one of those innovative introductions. The main reasons for introducing fundraising models are for uplifting the business ventures of small-scale business entities and startups. The popular fundraising models, we develop at Blockchain App Factory are Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Dex Offering (IDO), Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), Initial Farm Offering (IFO), and Initial Insurance Offering (IIO). All these fundraising models have distinct functionalities. The business models select these fundraising platforms depending on their requirements of the token sale.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Initial Coin Offering is the first fundraising platform that was introduced in the crypto sphere. It is extremely beneficial for startups and small-scale businesses. The functionality of this type of fundraising platform is similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). In an ICO, the investors buy a minor part of the offering and receive a crypto token as a reward and that reward can be traded in a decentralized exchange for fiat money or held by the investor till its value increases.

Initial Dex Offering (IDO)

Initial Dex Offering is an innovative fundraising model that launches its crypto project into the decentralized liquidity pool. The digital assets that are represented in the liquidity pool can be cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens. The primary reason for the success of the IDO fundraising models is the efficient listing capabilities and elimination of exchange fee.

Initial Liquid Offering (ILO)

Initial liquidity Offering is the most preferred type of fundraising strategy for small-scale businesses and startups. The business models directly sell their crypto token in decentralized finance (DeFi) based exchanges. Since the crypto tokens are sold in an already existing decentralized exchange, it allows the investors to purchase these tokens at a low cost.

Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

Initial Farm Offering is a new type of fundraising models that is based on DEX platforms. The funds for the crypto projects are raised through Farm offering platforms. This fundraising strategy allows the investors to participate in pre-sales that are hosted via DEX platforms. Initial Farm Offering is beneficial to the users and the investors by encouraging them to participate in the liquidity pool.

Features of Fundraising Models

Project Exposure

Fundraising models allow the users to list their crypto projects effectively, which in turn increases the exposure of the project.

Secure Investment Opportunities

Fundraising models act as an exhibition platform for the inventors, which increases the investment opportunities for the user.

Liquidity Pools

Fundraising models are integrated with automated liquidity pools, which allows the user to invest funds in the liquidity pool and generate high revenues.

Better Marketing Strategies

Fundraising models provide better marketing strategies for the growth of your business model.

What is Initial Insurance Offering (IIO)?

Initial Insurance Offering is a new type of token offering model that initiates token offerings to the distributors via the European options trading system. The IIO tokens are built on the Binance Smart Chain pad by purchasing BSC tokens and exchanges them in the token sale initiated by the IIO platform. The audience reaches for this type of token offering model is boosted by the Binance Smart Chain platform. It is a very essential type of token offering platform for all types of business models, ranging from small-scale to large-scale.

Similar to all the token offering platforms, the Initial Insurance Offering platform is also built on blockchain technology, the data regarding the token exchange is pre-programmed into the blockchain, forming smart contracts. These smart contracts store the terms and conditions of the transaction. Once the terms are met, it executes the operation in the token sales platform. Due to its safe and fast functionalities, every business entities are focusing on acquiring this new type of token offering strategy. In order to acquire this model, business models should hire IIO solutions providing company like Blockchain App Factory.

Salient Features of our Initial Insurance offering platform

Elimination of interference

In Initial Insurance Offering, the involvement of middleman or central authorities is eliminated due to the influence of blockchain technology.

Integration of wallet

We integrate this token offering model with a secure digital wallet, to record all transactions data and store crypto tokens securely.

Customization of blockchain

Our IIO model is built on blockchain technology, that is customized based on the requirements and specifications of our customer.

High-level execution

We program the terms and conditions of the transaction according to the customer’s requirements into the smart contract and enable them in the blockchain.

Trading option

We execute our Initial Insurance Offering via the European Options Trading system instead of the commonly used American Options Trading system.

Why Hire Blockchain App Factory As Your IIO Solutions Provider?

Blockchain App Factory is a premium fundraising development company in the crypto space. Our exceptional services in the crypto space include.

  • We have worldwide experience in developing fundraising platforms like Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), Initial Dex Offering (IDO), Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO), and Initial Farm Offering (IFO).
  • We also develop an Initial Insurance Offering (IIO) platform.
  • We are one of the best in providing IIO solutions to business models who are interested in increasing their profits.
  • Our IIO services include high sophisticated customization of the fundraising platform, military-grade security features, powerful blockchain technology, 24x7 round the clock customer service and exceptional post-marketing services.
  • Our fundraising model solutions are provided to all ranges of businesses, that is, from startups and small-scale models to large-scale business model.
  • The primary reason for our success in the crypto field is because we produce high-quality crypto projects at a rapid speed and at an affordable price.
  • We aim to promote your fundraising models in the digital market, in order to attract more investors.
  • Our post-marketing services are e-mail marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and social media marketing.

Our premier priority is to enable your business to stay ahead of the crypto competition.


Initial insurance offering works based on the European exchange where it depends on the stability of a real-time exchange.
There are various features we offer in IIO platforms,
  • Wallet integration
  • Security protocol
  • Customization
  • Vast Trading Option
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