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Over more than 2 Billion active users are playing games in the digital age actively, though there are many different types of games that are influencing the space. Every type has its own pioneers. But when it comes to the future of gaming, more advanced graphics and the interactive game alone won’t suffice the scarcity; the future of gaming lies on the NFTs. We, the pioneers of the NFT space, are into establishing such a universe where the NFT based game has its own ecosystem of excellence. Hop into our vision of the future & our concern towards bringing the Board games into the NFT ecosystem will bring the best ever outcome the NFT space has seen.

LUDONFT like the NFT Gaming platform

As the ecosystem evolves, advancement should be taken forward. Our LUDONFT like NFT gaming platform will be one such potential platform that initiates the Board based NFT games into the ecosystem. The LUDO game has millions of daily active users on the internet, and Our platform will be equipped with the very same excitement with many more exclusive benefits & perks. In the workflow of our platform, we have built a heavily influential NFT space where the efficiency will be very, very high.

Our Demo Video - Ludo Battle

Game Play

To increase the exclusiveness, the platform is equipped with various Theme based components and elements. This will create a reason & backstory for the users to interact with the game. Considering the player’s interactive stats & to bring in players of different age groups, our platform is equipped with both modern myth and historical legacies. The players can relate and pursue their game based on their choice. The platform we built has two major functional prime objectives, where one is to provide a very reliable & indestructible platform for the one who seeks to own the LUDONFT like NFT gaming platform.

Dice Type

The Dice is equipped with the theme of four mandatory elements of human survival the Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. Our game planner & strategic team has put down immense effort into making the game more interesting and interactive than the original.

We prefer Choices

Though we have put down all our effort to carve the platform, that doesn’t mean that our creativity is at the end phase. We prefer and urge the requests & requirements of the one who needs to launch the platform. In this way, we never give up on innovations & we still influence the space with innovative ideas.


Based on the requirement, we develop the tokens and NFTs for the platform to encourage and engage the players of the platform. From token supply count to technology to be used in building, the tokens are completely based on the requirements given.

Development of LUDONFT like NFT gaming platform

Development of the LUDONFT like NFT Gaming platform involves various processes, and it requires different sets of teams to carve the platform to possess the potential we tend to produce in the market. Considering the fact, Every team required to Sculptor the platforms were equipped with professionals who can deliver the best of the best.

Front end development

Including the LUDO game page, the platform has various pages and many different components to be integrated. To sync the component’s UI and the native platform’s UI, our team has brought in various lightweight technologies to maintain responsiveness and e performance.

Back end Development

With the most trending techs, we chance the stacks based on the market’s efficiency and the internet medium’s compatibility. Our backend development will also work on managing the integrity of the platform and functionality of the platform.

Graphics & Animation

Every game includes LUDONFT like the NFT gaming platform needs an excellent graphics & animation team. Being well informed in that information, We put our best animators and designers who carved many crypto pioneering projects to make the LUDO NFT like platform more glorifying & interactive.

Apart from these Major development phases, we deliver the best IT operations to interact with one who seeks to own the platform to ensure the maximum efficiency of the platform.

Benefits of Owning Our LUDONFT Like NFT Gaming platform

Our development benefits are immense, and we have listed the essential features like

Multi Chain

Our LUDONFT platform can be built on various different blockchain platforms based on the requirements of the users. This is to increase the maximum feasibility of the platform

Cross Chain

The platform’s assets can also be exported to platforms of different blockchains, and it also supports the assets of different blockchains. A wider spectrum of commercial trade is possible with this.


The platform will also have a wallet integration API to support various wallets to begin playing. Wallets of different chains can also be made possible.

Primary Trade space

The players can trade their NFT assets gained while playing in the platform in the default primary trade space without any more external charges.

Play to earn

The players of the platform will have a huge opportunity to earn NFTs, Cryptocurrencies just by playing the LUDONFT like NFT game.

Why is Blockchain App Factory best for Crypto & NFT development?

When the world is moving towards widening the business and reaping the business benefits, we choose the path to provide an innovative ecosystem to the crypto era. Our next instance from the Gaming ecosystem is the LUDONFT like NFT gaming platform, adding feather to our ecosystem with a board-based online game. Join Us onboard for making Crypto a healthier & effective ecosystem.

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