Masternode Development

Masternode based cryptocurrencies are highly useful in a lot of aspects. Due to the increased privacy of transactions and rigid security features, they are very much in demand in the cryptocurrency industry at the moment.

By creating a crypto coin with the masternode network, you can create a product that can be of benefit to everyone. This can lead to a great many potential customers for your venture and bring you closer to success.

A Masternode cryptocoin is a preferred method of passive income for many of today’s entrepreneurs. At Blockchain App Factory, we provide our clients with all the tools necessary to create a robust Masternode network that is highly secure, scalable, and profitable.

Types Of Nodes

When it comes to the Blockchain terminology, there are three distinct types of nodes that are used widely.

Ordinary Node

Ordinary nodes are just nodes that are the foundation of a cryptocurrency. Their purpose is to get rid of double-spending and securing the blockchain network. In simple terms, anode, in the world of digital currency, is a computer that connects to a cryptocurrency network. They are the basic building blocks of the network and enable us to carry out transactions.

Full Nodes

In a blockchain network, data is stored in the form of immutable blocks that are linked or ‘chained’ together. One block cannot be altered individually without disrupting the chain of blocks.

A full node is an entity that legitimizes transactions and blocks in full. Nearly all full nodes often support the network by approving transactions and blocks from other full nodes, authenticating such transactions and blocks, and then transmitting them to other full nodes.


A Masternode is a crypto full node (computer wallet) that supports the network by hosting an entire copy of the coin’s ledger in real-time. In return, the Masternode will receive crypto coins as a reward. It is a great alternative to mining. Master nodes are essentially full nodes that incentivize node operators to perform the core consensus functions of running a blockchain.

They perform the function of validating in the blockchain network. They facilitate and guarantee the transactions between the wallets, and coin holders.

Masternodes help carries out the following functions:
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Hyperledger
  • Customized Blockchain for your application

Running a Masternode

Running a master node involves locking a predetermined amount of coins on a standard node. When done so, the specified node runs as a Masternode and in turn earns rewards from the transactions executed in the respective blockchain.

What is Shared Masternode?

The running of a full Masternode required full collateral of the necessary coins which is often not feasible for individual investors. A Shared Masternode is a viable alternative that utilizes the coins from a collective to run the required Masternode.

Utilizing a Shared Masternode, a group of token holders/crypto traders can come together, pool their digital coins, and meet the necessary amount of collateral needed. With the revenue earned from the Masternode, the investors will be able to see profitable returns.

Stages Of Our Masternode Software

Collateral Collection

A group of coin holders/crypto traders invest in the Masternode by jointly pooling in their coins or tokes to meet the collateral requirements.

Setting up Masternode

Once the minimum amount has been reached, the blockchain network will be able to facilitate the Masternode setting.


The Masternode can then be registered on a certified immutable blockchain ledger network.


The Masternode is up and running and everyone that is part of the Masternode receives a cut of the profit.

Benefits of Investing in a Shared Masternode

Investing in a Shared Masternode can not only be a profitable venture for the owner but everyone involved in the Masternode as well.

  • A shared Masternode can mitigate risks involved with meeting the full collateral needed to run a Masternode.
  • Investors in a Masternode still own all the rights to their investment in the form of coins or tokens and can retrieve them at any time.
  • The fee given to the shareholder can be utilized in powering the network, delegated to a personal wallet, and traded for any type of cryptocurrency or fiat currency.
The scope of Real Estate Investment Tokens

Why choose Blockchain App Factory For Masternode Software Development

By investing in a Shared Masternode Sofware, you can cater to potential investors from all over the world. With the increased popularity of cryptocurrency worldwide, there is a viable opportunity for those looking to get into this highly profitable industry.

As a leading Masternode developer in the industry, Blockchain App Factory is the expert developer you’ve been looking for in your search for success. With years of experience in software development, we have streamlined our processes to make them highly effective and efficient.

With an in-house team of developers, marketing strategists, content creators, business analysts, SEO specialists, and more, we excel in all the different disciplines of software development. We have worked with clients from around the world, and companies of all sizes including small start-ups and giant conglomerates. Make your first step the right one by partnering with Blockchain App Factory.

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