Upgrading your NFTs with the FLOW

Blockchain technology grows with its sequential innovation and service trends. The modern financial services offered by blockchain is the key point for the adoption of blockchain across various sectors. Its irreplaceable financial service and investment opportunity brings techies to the network for subsequent innovations. Ethereum’s marvel in blockchain manipulates the crypto network with its innovation of token and smart contracts. These tokens and its smart contracts are now serving as the foundation for business development and other financial services in the crypto space.

As digital finance serves tremendous services with blockchain, its investment opportunities and methods are phenomenal. The new trends and its innovations in crypto investments spiked after the launch of exceptional NFTs. The tokens are the digital representation of unique assets that shines with great asset value and demand in the crypto market. The unique token features and its characteristics makes the token gain its value and demand from the global audience. These rife in NFTs paved the way for the introduction of new standards and its adoption from different blockchain networks. Especially, the flow blockchain becomes the captivated blockchain for NFTs with its specialized features.

What is Flow blockchain?

Flow is a powerful and reliable, developer-friendly blockchain technology specially designed and developed for digital assets and games. Its unique multi-role architecture is meticulously designed for improved scaling without sharding which works under the proof of staking mechanism. The combination limits the performance of an application. Flow empowers developers to build crypto- and crypto-enabled businesses at ease. Applications on Flow allows consumers to take control of their own data and also facilitates increation of new kinds of digital assets tradable on open markets globally; and build open economies owned by the users that help make them valuable.

Four Pillars of Flow


Multi-role architecture

Flow’s unique architecture allows the network to scale to serve billions of users without sharding

Resource-oriented programming

Smart contracts on Flow are coded in Cadence, an easier and safer programming language for crypto assets and apps.

Developer ergonomics

The system offers upgradeable smart contracts with built-in logging support.

Consumer onboarding

Flow was designed for mainstream consumers for frictionless payment from fiat to crypto.

Developer friendly Environment

Cadence- A unique smart contract

Cadence is the first ergonomic, resource-oriented smart contract programming language. As the first high-level resource-oriented programming language, Cadence has an ergonomic syntax making developers understand easily. It uses a strong, static type system to minimize runtime errors and allows all methods, interfaces, and transactions to include pre-and post-conditions to deploy expected behaviour.

Resource-oriented programming

It is a new paradigm designed for security. This supports the developers to create digital artifacts like NFTs where ownership is tracked by the language itself.

Multi-node architecture

Flow prefers sequential execution to blockchains by separating the jobs of a validator node into four different roles: Consensus, Execution, Verification, and Collection.


Consensus Nodes decide the presence and order of transactions


Verification Nodes are responsible for managing the Execution Nodes


Execution Nodes are responsible for the computation associated with each transaction


Collection Nodes upgrades network connectivity and data availability for dapps

Consumer Friendly Environment

Flow blockchain environment offers an interactive user interface to make NFT creation user friendly.

Mainstream-Ready Experience

Flow will launch a reliable ecosystem optimized for consumer applications.

Human-Readable Security

Protects mainstream users against malicious apps and build trust in the system

Smart User Accounts

Flow accounts offer simple steps for dapps or wallets to pay transaction fees and recover lost keys.

Greeted by incentives

FLOW tokens will be reserved and allocated for early users and for developers growth.

Better user experience

Flow blockchain offers a better user experience for hassle-free exploration.

Blockchain App Factory’s significance

We are thrilled to explore new innovations to bring subtle change to blockchain technology. Our experience in blockchain and its business development proffers us to offer a friendly NFT development solution using flow blockchain for your crypto hustle.

We equip your platform with

Reliable ecosystem

With the power of Flow we craft your platform with utmost care for creation of NFTs

Tailor-made platform

Your platform will be completely customised for your business requirements.

Proficient deployment

Our proficient team has the ability to build your platform in any blockchain to experience its feasibility.

Hassle-free execution

The platform will be developed and tested to sustain breaches without flaws during the execution.

Strategic Marketing

Our result -driven marketing strategies build better market visibility in the crypto market.

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