Why minting NFT is a better investment option?

NFTs are the digital tokens in the crypto market that possess huge value. These tokens are the digital representation of unique assets. The assets can be unique art, sculpture, music, etc. The hype in NFTs and its audience interest tends to crazy innovations of NFT like tweets, prototype, patents, accessories, footprints. NFTs influence among a wide audience across the globe supports business as a marketing medium to introduce their new ideas and concepts to the NFTs.

The Introduction of NFT standards by Ethereum attracted many blockchain networks for the adoption and invention of new NFT standards. The minting process is increased with the evolution of NFTs. Many companies have started to take part in NFT trends to gain huge market visibility to their business. Minting your NFT brings financial benefits by getting sold for a huge sum in auctions and the marketplace. These minted NFTs can be used as collateral for fiat currency in exchange for immediate liquidity.

NFT Standards


Ethereum token standard ERC -721 offers non-fungible tokens that facilitate the digital representation of your unique assets. NFTs possess unique features and characteristics which add intrinsic value to your unique assets.


Enjin’s 1155 offers a semi fungibility feature for your NFTs that allows the user to trade and transfer NFTs for exchange. This token standard offers flexibility and scalability for your unique assets.


This token standard comprises multiple ERC-721 or ERC20 in a composition. This standard allows composing multiple tokens in the same hierarchy that enables the users to own multiple NFTs or other tokens in a single purchase.


TRC-721 token standard is released by TRON, a significant blockchain network. This token standard is the inheritance of ERC 721 standards from ethereum that features transparency, scalability and security.

NFT Minting Process

Choose your NFT

Choose your digital asset and description with accuracy. Once you're ready, start minting.

Sign your NFT

Make the transaction through your wallet. Once the digital asset is signed for creating NFT, the NFT will be linked to your Ethereum address and wallet. You will also receive the royalty for your NFT on each sale.

Approve gas fee

Approve the gas fee from your wallet to complete the minting. Gas fees transaction fees to connect with the Ethereum blockchain.

Mint your NFT

The NFT minting process begins once the gas fee is approved. The digital representation of unique assets will be deployed through smart contracts. You can view the status of your minting process.

Avoid double-minting

It is preferred to avoid double minting while the transaction is in process. Multiple clicks on the transaction event may lead to double transactions.

Minted NFTs

You will now be able to see your minted NFT in your dashboard after the approval of your transaction.

Trending Mintable NFTs in the Crypto Market

Game assets

Game assets are the unique NFTs that are minted to serve in games. These assets can be in weapons, characters or vehicles that offer a realistic gaming experience through NFTs.


Unique collectables like Art, Music, Tweets can be minted as NFTs that have huge demand in the market. These NFTs can be sold for millions.

Sports Accessories

Accessories and its prototypes can be minted as NFTs, which have a huge attraction in the crypto crowd. Minting such NFTs supports brands to launch their new products in the market.

Digital Arts

Digital arts the unique collectibles widely attracted by huge audiences. Minting digital arts as NFTs builds a huge revenue stream to your business platform.

Virtual land and Infrastructure

Investment in digital assets have grown with the craze of NFTs after cryptocurrencies for its intrinsic value. Virtual lands are the assets in a decentralized environment that offer lands, hotels, restaurants, gas stations in the form of NFTs.

Business benefits of NFT minting platform

  • Gains Better Market visibility

    Developing an NFT minting platform offers better market visibility in the crypto crowd for its unique investment opportunity.

  • Stable revenue stream

    Minting unique NFTs generates a stable revenue stream through service fee and its gas fee.

  • Investors traction

    Business owners use these NFTs as a marketing tool for launching their new products and prototypes. This attracts a huge business crowd to mint their unique NFT in your minting platform.

  • Sustainability

    Developing a futuristic NFT platform supports your business to sustain in the turbulence of the crypto market.

  • Audience traction

    NFT minting platform gains better audience traffic to your business due to NFTs intrinsic value, uniqueness and scarcity.

Blockchain App Factory’s proficient developers offer pioneering business development services in the crypto ecosystem. We meticulously craft your minting platform with multiple blockchain technologies for competitive advantage.

Minting platform development features include

Robust platform

We develop your NFT minting platform to sustain technical breach and catastrophic failures

Innovative NFTs

Our tech nerds plan your NFT minting platform to set the trend in the crypto market.

Cross-chain ecosystem

Your minting platform can be developed in the Polkadot ecosystem for cross-chain capabilities.

Military-grade security

Security is the essence of your development process. We manage your NFT details and its ownership in a secured ecosystem.

Reliable ecosystem

Our reliable ecosystem supports hassle-free minting that allows sovereign investors to rely on your platform

Equipped with Multiple blockchain technologies

Our expertise in blockchain technology enables us to develop your platform with different blockchain technologies to avail of its feasibility.

Marketing strategy

Our marketing services begin from the development of your minting platform to outsource your project in the crypto market. Our results-driven marketing strategy builds a remarkable business model that gains huge traffic from a versatile audience.

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