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Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are also called digital assets or digital certification of assets. They are unique and distinct. Thus, they cannot be replicated or destroyed. Most importantly, it traces back to the authenticated ownership of the digital assets since all NFTs possess unique value.

NFTs are purchased and sold on multiple exchanges, but NFT Marketplace is the most popular exchange which is used to execute the transactions of NFTs. NFT Marketplaces are built on a blockchain network. The transactions in NFTs varies depending on the type of blockchain network. There are several types of NFT Marketplaces in the digital ecosystem, some are exclusive, and some are built for creating and selling arts.

These are the most popular NFT Marketplaces in the digital space.



Atomic Market

NBA Top Shot



The medium of NFT Marketplaces varies, as there are several different NFT Marketplaces where the entire workflow is different but the output is the same. For example, Gods Unchained is a digital card trading game where the user can buy and sell cards for Ethereum and Decentraland is a type of NFT platform where the users complete tasks and purchase virtual lands, then sell them. Polkacity is also a prime example of this category of NFT Marketplaces.

What is Polkacity?

Polkacity is a type of virtual real-estate based NFT marketplace platform which is based on the power of blockchain and Polkadot protocol. It enables investors to purchase virtual assets in a virtual city. Polkacity allows the users to experience interesting virtual Investment. This platform allows the users to earn profit by owning virtual taxis, energy stations and other vital services. These virtual assets in the platform are in the form of NFTs and they carry an actual value, which initiates income paid in their native token called POLC.

NFT Development like Polkacity

The transactions in this platform are only processed through POLC tokens, it does not support other cryptocurrencies. Thus, the user has to purchase a standard cryptocurrency from an exchange and swap them for POLC tokens in a decentralized swap platform.

In Polkacity, all the digital assets are created under a smart contract. So, when a user purchases an asset, the user will be linked with the smart contract, and the flow of income will be initiated automatically, thus, the user can enjoy the profit in future without the need of investing more in that particular digital asset further.

Fundraising With NFT Marketplace like Polkacity

We at Blockchain App Factory will provide services for the clients in building an NFT Marketplace like Polkacity, we also specialize in integrating the NFT Marketplace with the fundraising models such as ICO, IDO and IEO. These fundraising models would bring money to the platform by allowing a large number of investors to invest in small partitions that results in a big capital investment. We will implement the fundraising model to your platform depending on the requirements of your NFT Marketplace.

NFT Platform Development Like Polkacity

Native Polkacity Token - POLC

Polkacity functions based on their native tokens called POLC. This token is built on the Ethereum standard known as ERC-721.


ERC-721 is an open standard that provides the function of how to build non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, whereas most of the tokens are fungible and this standard allows smart contracts to operate as a non-fungible token.

Workflow of Polkacity

The user needs to complete registration as a member of the Polkacity community. Then the user has to choose a digital asset. In Polkacity, there are several digital assets to choose from, such as shopping centres, power stations, Polka Taxi, etc. After the selection of the desired asset, investment is processed through a contract address that would be shared with the user at the initial stage. At the final stage, the required payment is completed, and it begins to flow into the wallet of the user.


Popular Digital Asset Purchases

The purchase of digital assets is the main key for this type of investment based virtual real-estate NFT marketplace. The digital assets presented in this marketplace is the direct picturization of the real-life assets and their respective functions.


Shopping Centre

The users can buy and rent shopping centres in the game. As the investment in the mini shops of the shopping centre increases, the return of investment for the user also increases.


Polka Taxi

The users can buy and rent virtual taxis known as Polka taxis, as the investment in the Polka taxis increases, the profit percentage also increases, this system is similar to a real-life taxi rental system.


Polka vehicles

The users can purchase vehicles in the game like the AmaZix car, the Limo or the Polka Lambo and many more varieties of vehicles. The users can either sell the vehicles or rent them to earn a profit when their value increases, as the investment percentage of that particular vehicle increases.


Power Stations

In this virtual real-estate platform, the power station digital asset is classified into an electric station and a petrol station. The users invest in these stations and can obtain a high return of investment as the number of users investing increases.

Develop Your Own NFT Marketplace Like Polkacity

NFT based virtual real-estate games like Polkacity have the potential to take over the domain of NFTs in the near future. The primary reason why you should develop your own NFT marketplace like Polkacity is the integration of Polkadot’s cross-chain environment. Developing your marketplace with us has multiple advantages to gain profits digitally. All real-estate games are created by having real-life investment scenarios as a reference, it could be even similar to a famous board game called Monopoly, this board game deals with basic and common possible business transactions. The buzz around the real-estate game market is increasing and it would be a stellar opportunity to develop your own game by availing of our NFT services at Blockchain App Factory. The primary reason for the buzz is the integration of cross-chain functionality which allows connection between different blockchain networks and initiates transactions such as buying and selling of digital assets at ease and efficiently.

The Steller Benefits We Provide You At Blockchain App Factory


Conventional online games function on a centralized platform, whereas our developed NFT marketplace real-estate platforms function on independent blockchains that work as a backend framework for interconnected games. The digital assets presented in the game can be developed to be interoperable across multiple platforms.

Cross-Chain Functionality

We develop your virtual real-estate platform by concentrating on cross-chain functionality, in order to achieve that, we will integrate your platform with Polkadot protocol to enable cross-chain functionality across different and multiple blockchains.


Rarity and authenticity are the key factors we value at Blockchain App Factory. Thus, we limit the production of digital assets and make them more valuable. The scarcity of in-game assets is capable of accessing immutable records stored in the blockchain network.


When a traditional game shuts down immediately, all the saved data in the game gets deleted, whereas, in our platform, the data is saved in the blockchain network as they operate independently and in blockchain-based online games, the digital assets cannot be destroyed, tampered or replicated with because each NFTs in the platform produce issuance.


In a conventional online game, the purchases are single-time, and the investments do not have the functionality to get transferred as it remains locked in a single gaming environment. But in our virtual real-estate NFT platform, we grant users ownership of their in-game purchases. Through the functionality of blockchain technology, we allow users to save in-game purchases and sell them to users of the same platform or different platforms.

The Future Of Real-Estate Based NFT Marketplaces With Blockchain App Factory

We at Blockchain App Factory create one of the best NFT marketplaces in the globe. We specialize in building NFT based real-estate games similar to Polkacity. We provide outstanding NFT services to our customers. Our main speciality is that we provide high-level flexibility and desired customization to the game depending on the customer’s specific needs. We integrate top-notch graphics and VR/AR services into the game for an outstanding experience. Your NFT marketplace is created with amazing visualization from our product development team, and we deploy your completed product into the digital space at ease.

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