Security Token Development

Security Token development is a new rage in the cryptocurrency industry. Fulfilling the requirements of the Howey test, the tokens derive their value from a tradeable external asset. It complies with all the federal security laws. The investors’ trust to put their money in various projects is improved.

Security tokens are Crypto tokens that pass the Howey Test. These tokens usually derive value from a tradable external asset. Security tokens are subject to federal securities and regulations and hence deemed as Securitized tokens. Security Token Offering is built to increase the investors' trust to invest in various projects.

We are the market leaders in Blockchain Technology. Our adept team has extensive experience in developing cryptocurrency, be it utility or security tokens that have helped numerous organizations achieve their goals. Based upon the distributed ledger technology, Blockchain App Factory has built cutting-edge state-of-the-art security token issuance platform.

Security tokens empower investors with financial rights such as,


Profit Sharing Rights


Buy-Back Rights

Security Token Offering Services

Security Token Offering was created to bring the institutional investors on board the cryptocurrency and blockchain era. Through the trustless network, blockchain will automate the legal and auditing requirements with the integration of smart contracts. Security tokens are financial securities that are SEC compliant. These tokens provide the investors with an array of financial rights that are written in smart contracts and the underlying tokens that are traded on the blockchain.

At Blockchain App Factory, we don't just build, but we pioneer in Security Token Platform Development. The tokens can be developed on your own blockchain that offers zero gas prices, enables faster transactions with no congestion of networks, and more. That's not all, Blockchain App Factory has access to a network of investors, who would fund your project through Security Token Offering (STOs).

Security Token Technology

The Ethereum Blockchain with ERC-20 does not suffice the requirements of the securities backed tokens. The major issues include gas prices, congestion in the networks and protocol issues. To overcome the issues, Blockchain App Factory develops customized scalable blockchain and smart contracts to fit the requirements either on Ethereum or Hyperledger or Stellar.

The following are the features :

Legally Compliant Tokens

The tokens issued are embedded with smart contract which has the regulations of the registered jurisdiction coded. These include legal frameworks of fundraising, investor qualification rules & transaction limits on transfer.

Global Investor Participation

Issuance companies face problems during secondary trading when different countries are involved. Our tokens can be traded across borders with the idea that the tokens issued are securities and must comply with securities laws. The token sales and secondary trading are developed with conditionality on the smart contract.


Blockchain ensures all the transactions including the conditional are visible to the financial regulators. The benefits of a transparent ecosystem will help the cryptocurrency market under the purview of the government regulation. The process of transfer agents are being automated the entrepreneurs can raise funds in a simpler and a cost effective way.


At Blockchain App Factory, we develop a technology which allows the issuance companies to reissue tokens to the investors if the investor loses their wallet keys subject to terms and conditions. The wallet must compatible to the legal requirements and investor must have the right to reclaim his lost tokens.

Types of STO(Security Token Offering) Development

Equity Token

Equity Token

An STO where each token is backed by the stock in your company so that the holders of your token have equal rights to your actual stockholders in terms of votings and dividend issuance.

Reserve Assets Token

Reserve Assets Token

Companies which trade in real-world commodities like Gold, Real Estate etc., can launch an STO through us where the tokens are backed by your reserve of the said assets.
Debt Token

Debt Token

If your company would rather not tokenize your stock or reserve assets, you can raise funds by issuing Security Tokens with the promise of payback to attract debt investors.

Steps for STO Development


Finding the securities which the issuance company to tokenize such as commercial estate. We at Blockchain App Factory carry out our due diligence for tokenization.


Our auditing, financial and legal consultants forms the core of our security token advisory team will advise on the jurisdiction checks with regards to the on the securities titles such as credit ratings and any other parameters specified by owner.


A Special Purpose Vehicle or Entity(SPV/SPE) is formed especially when tokenizing securities for only the purpose of trading security tokens.


The technology behind the Tokenized Securities is the strength of Blockchain App Factory. We believe ERC-20 is not an ideal solution for STO due to the gas prices, congestion of networks and changes in protocols. Blockchain App Factory will build customized blockchains with inbuilt smart contracts on top of the Ethereum or in Hyperledger or Stellar.


The valuation of these securities are scrutinized by an auditing firm , post-which a value per token is suggested and the issuance company such as yours can issue a token at that price.


Once the token is developed with regulations embedded into the smart contract, a dashboard will be provided for investor management for the issuer and fund management for the investors. The dashboards include KYC/AML, Accredited Investor verification and voting rights in-built for investors and project owners.


The tokens are offered through a Security Token Offering (STO) for investors to purchase a legally compliant token under the framework of the legal requirements. As the smart contract ensures the automation of regulatory requirements, there are no requirements of third party intermediaries such as transfer agents.


Once the STO is completed, the token are to be listed on the Security Token Exchanges for investors to trade on the secondary market. These can also be traded through Over The Counter(OTC) where the accredited investors can trade directly with the token holders.

We Offer STO Token Development for These Asset Classes

Our expertise in STO token development lets you create security tokens for assets of various classes. Tokens representing different real-world assets from us can quickly lead you to immeasurable success.

Real Estate Create STO tokens for real estate properties to enhance accessibility to the most-wanted asset class for the wider world.

ArtTokenize art through STO development to brighten market prospects for creators and collectors, opening up new opportunities.

Exclusive ProductsConvert unique and vintage products into STO tokens to increase their value and generate much-needed revenue and market hype.

Illiquid AssetsLiquidate illiquid assets through security crypto tokens to present new and valuable investment opportunities for investors.

Mining RepositoryDevelop STO for precious assets like gold, minerals, and renewable energy to open futuristic trading choices to investors.

Venture Capital FundsForm tokens representing VC funds to create easier and widespread funding opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our Suite of Security Token Development Services

As a well-known provider of security token development services, we offer well-defined services to our clients, leading them to desired success as a business in the crypto space.

Security Token Offering Development:

Leverage our security token offering development team to create tokens that aid in elevating your business’s presence in the market.

STO Platform Development:

Build a featureful exchange for security tokens with our STO platform development experts to unveil possibilities to trade STO tokens.

STO Marketing:

Promote security token projects to the world with our STO marketing professionals using a plethora of strategies on multiple mediums.

Tokenized Asset Offering Development:

Create tokens backed by RWAs for fundraising purposes with our tokenized asset offering development team to lay your venture’s foundation.

Security Token Issuance Platform

Investor Management Dashboards
Investor Management Dashboards
  • The dashboard provided by us is an all in one platform for you to manage the KYC/AML records, Accredited Investors, Market Cap, Fund Raising and Investments.

  • You can engage with your investors through proactive disclosures and mail them for openings in further rounds of investments.

  • You can see audit trails, checklists, activities, standard reporting process in a secure way.

  • Investors can manage their portfolio in an effective way.

  • All the announcements(voting, holdings, new offerings etc) can be transmitted through the dashboard.

  • All the transactions of the security tokens can be categorized through the Capable Management

Investor Management Dashboards
Investor Management Dashboards
  • The dashboard provides transparency to the Securities Token Ecosystem.

  • Bylaws, Shareholder agreements, SAFT etc. are kept in one safe location allowing consistent view across platforms.

  • Tracking shareholder management with an ability to download and confirm messages, voting items and track responses.

  • Issuance companies can distribute and the investors can track the dividends.

  • Investors can also vote through the dashboard.

Security Token Packages

Legally Compliant Token Architecture $20,000 $50,000 $90,000
Custom Ethereum Token
Own Blockchain -
Hyperledger Burrow
Integrated Voting Rights Platform
Token Wallet as per Regulatory Protocol
Investor Managment Dashboard
Automated KYC/AML Integration
Automated Accredited Investor Verification
Stake Holder Registry
Integrated Dividend Issuance Platform
KYC/AML records Registry
Accredited Investors Registry
Market Capitalization Details
Funds Raised & Investment Details
Integrated Help Desk on Dashboard
Audit Reports & Checklists
Portfolio Management for Investors
Announcements within Dashboard
Uploading Legal Documents & Disclaimers
Investor Prospectus
Whitepaper (Owner's Manual)
Customized Website
Preliminary Checks
Development of Documents
Customized Website
Token Purchase Agreement
Development of the Token’s Legal Structure
Disclaimers for the website and marketing materials
Token Crowdsale Terms
Private Placement Agreement with Private Investors
Legal Opinion on the Sale of Tokens
SAFT Agreement
Token Purchase Agreement
Company Valuation Audit
Establishment of the holding company in Malta -
Establishment of the holding company in USA
Establishment of the Maltese trading company -
Establishment of the USA trading company
Registration of the Operation Company
Legal Agreements between Holding and Main Operational Company
Local Directors if Required
Registered Office
Tax Compliance
Application of Licenses
Liaise with MFSA & MDIA for Compliance -
Liaise with SEC for Compliance
Accounting & Book Keeping
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Voting Rights

A proprietary voting platform built on blockchain enhances security, transparency and scalability which is stored on a distributed ledger. An ecosystem of governance is created for your companies security token structure to meet your needs. This reduces the overhead in the voting process and makes the governance of your organization easier and increase trust among your investors.

  • The voting rights platform ensures a peer to peer, trustless secret ballot immune to intermediary attack and exposes vote manipulation if any.
  • Through a off-chain layer, we ensure the scalability of the platform which can handle millions of votes per minute.
  • Transparency is inherent to blockchain and the stakeholder can verify every vote in the system through fully auditable codes.
  • There is no single point of weakness in the system with minimal risk of being compromised due to the decentralized nature of the system.

KYC/AML Automation

In the regulated STO, the basic requirements are KYC/AML verification reduces the risk through reputation scoring which helps issuance companies identify high-risk individuals . This helps you prove your investor's identity,risk-based authentication and preventing identity fraud. In addition, you can also reduce money laundering activities.

KYC/AML automation help in efficient onboarding of the investors in a quicker time frame.. In addition, you can stay ahead of the regulations through a flexible interface where you can respond to new developments with ease.

Benefits of Using Our Security Token Offering Development Services

As a client using our security token offering development services, you can experience an array of benefits that will carry your business in the long term. Not only that, your users will gain numerous game-changing advantages that will eventually elevate your venture.

Automated Equity Dividends
Share in Profits
Seamless Cash Flow
Governance Rights
Buyback Capabilities
Holdings in Other Funds
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Features of Our Security Token Offering Development Products

With our security token offering development products, you can expect a wide range of features that make them efficient and appealing to the wider community. Thanks to our advanced products, you can conduct a seamless STO campaign without hassles.

  • Automated Regulatory Compliance

  • Zero Intermediary Involvement

  • Programmable Asset Equity

  • Highly Secure Wallet

  • Customized Smart Contracts

  • Rise in Token Liquidity

  • Global Investment Opportunities

  • Heightened Market Efficiency

Security Token Issuance Platform

A customized end-to-end security token issuance platform for issuers & their specific target industry. Issuance companies can tokenize their Equity or Fund or any other securities such as bonds, debts etc. As an issuance company, you can provide Tokenization as a Service & the tokens generated has the following features:

  • Automated Compliance with Blockchain & Smart Contracts.

  • Globalized KYC/AML Verification

  • Multi-Ledger Security Token Development(EOS, Hyperledger or Stellar)

  • Automated Policy and Regulations with Smart Contracts

  • Non-Fungible Tokens for every Security Token Issuer

  • Automated reporting to Regulatory Authorities

  • Tokens issued have an interoperability layer for exchanges across the world

Security Token Offering's FAQ

STO stands for Security Token Offering. It is a fundraising method in which digital securities or tokens representing ownership in an asset or company are issued and sold to investors.
While both ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and STOs involve fundraising through token sales, STOs offer tokens that represent ownership in an underlying asset, such as equity or debt, making them subject to securities regulations. ICOs, on the other hand, often involve the sale of utility tokens without ownership rights.
Security tokens are digital tokens that represent ownership or a stake in a real-world asset, such as equity, debt, or real estate. They are subject to securities regulations and provide investors with certain rights, such as dividends or voting privileges.
The regulatory environment for STOs varies by jurisdiction. It's crucial to comply with securities regulations in the regions where the tokens are being offered. Working with legal experts is advisable to navigate the complex regulatory landscape.
Launching an STO involves several steps, including legal compliance, token creation, smart contract development, and marketing. It's essential to engage with experienced blockchain developers and legal professionals to ensure a compliant and successful STO.
STOs offer benefits such as increased investor protection, access to a global pool of investors, fractional ownership, and transparency through blockchain technology. They also provide a regulated and compliant means of fundraising.
Security tokens can be traded on secondary markets, providing liquidity to investors. These secondary markets can be traditional stock exchanges or blockchain-based platforms that facilitate the trading of security tokens.
Smart contracts play a crucial role in STOs by automating various processes, such as token issuance, distribution, and compliance. They ensure transparency and trust in the execution of predefined rules governing the token sale.
Implementing robust Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures is essential. Utilize identity verification services and follow regulatory guidelines to ensure compliance with relevant laws.
In theory, many types of assets can be tokenized through an STO, including real estate, company equity, art, and more. However, it's important to consider legal and regulatory aspects, as well as market demand for the tokenized asset.
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