NFT - Non-Pareil Market of Crypto Space

Every day a new instance of NFT emerges into the market, and many of them manage to stick into the market to become an avant-garde. The NFTs are more inclined to make the crypto space a better and creative one. The NFT’s are evolving from a normal trade that makes profit to more exciting, more fun, and more creative. The existence of NFTs is helpful to an enormous crowd. Henceforth, the NFTs are making new forms and adapting themselves to various sets of requirements. Clearly, everything NFT holds an impressive impact in the market, and every NFT minted in the crypto space has the chance to become the most trendsetter. And the characteristics of NFT with the best blockchain networks make the NFT the most trustable and preferable investment in the crypto space.

Shared NFT Platform Development

Shard NFT - New circuit of Legendary NFT’s

NFT Shards increases the liquidity of the particular NFT, which is that NFTs are a good investment, they have better security, and they are more trustworthy than any other crypto brainchildren. But owning the NFT is the real big deal on the whole because eventually, the NFT that has the ability to make huge noise is obviously very highly valued, and only the very few can afford to own the NFT. The concept of Shard NFTs bends this biased scenario and creates an opportunity for everyone to invest in the NFT without any criteria in hand. The Shard NFTs trends as the most impressive and more supportive concept of the NFT space that completely wash out the limitations of NFT.

Shard NFTs - How it works ?

The concept of the Shard NFTs is splitting the NFT into several shared NFTs and which can also even be eligible to utilize as the Pre-IDO token. The complete functionality of the Shard NFT platform depends on converting an NFT that can only be owned by a single entity into a token that can be accessed by anyone and which can have more than one owner.

Sharding NFT

The NFT, which is tokenized under ERC-721 or a similar token standard, will be wrapped in an exclusive smart contract. Then the smart contract will be divided into a fungible token, which can also simply be noted as a Pre-IDO token. When an NFT is being shared and transformed into different pieces of a fungible token, the benefits are very high.

Liquidity enhancement

The Shard NFT is now a fungible token with a token standard like ERC-20, with the flow of the traffic to own these NFTs will be very high. For, e.g., if a high-valued NFT is being shared into Pre-IDO tokens, the range of transactions will eventually increase, and the liquidity will be enhanced. The Shard NFTs concept mainly focuses on liquidity mining.

NFT’s in IDO

Sharding NFT platform has the ability to convert the Non-Fungible Tokens into a fungible IDO token that can be put up for sale before they are launched into the decentralized exchanges. The NFTs can act as Pre-IDO, and the NFT Sharding platform allows users to swap the Pre-IDO with a Post-IDO eventually. NFT in IDO will also create a huge impact on crowdfunding platforms.

Shards NFT - A key to revoke

Though the NFTs are sharded into various pieces of NFT, what happens when the owner of the NFT plans to put the NFT back into pieces. Our Shards NFT platform also has an excellent solution to handle this situation too. Considering this, we developed our Shards NFT platform with the Buyout feature. The major motto of the Buyout feature is that after the NFT is sharded into different pieces and sold to different users, the user still has the chance to pack them with these features.

The Buyout option works in a way where the user can put an auction for buying the sharded NFTs back to revoke them into an original NFT. The owners of those Sharded NFT can take part in this auction, and they can sell them if the price suits or they do have the option to skip the auction. The owner of the actual NFT can put it to auction until all the sharded NFTs are bought.

Our shards NFT development comprises


Our Shards NFT platforms are built with the ability to stay operable. They do have the ability to work inclined with other platforms and blockchain networks to widen the scope of the market.

API integrations

The Shards NFT platform is equipped with all the necessary APIs to run the platform more smoothly, and they do have the ability to integrate the updated APIs in the future. It supports most of the Dapps for improved results.


The security in the Shards NFT platform is more complex, and the protocols of the platforms will have the ability to monitor and detect any kind of threats. The scripts used in the Shards NFT platforms will never allow any kind of access to the adversaries.

Periodical Update

We tend to provide continuous updates and security products to the patches even after deployment to keep our product dominating the crypto market. Routine updates will be developed and patched with the platform in a regular time schedule.

24/7 Support

Our Shards NFT platforms will receive both customer and technical support round the clock. Our technical support will always be available to aid in any technical issues, and our customer support team assists with all hurdle situations for the betterment.


Our Shards NFT development is completely built with the motto of “FOSS,” so the source code of our development is available in the public domain. They can be accessed at times without any need for revealing identification.

Blockchain App Factory - An Avant-Garde of NFT development

Blockchain App Factory is an NFT development company that tends to bring in a new revolution in the crypto space by developing solutions to the limitation of the NFT market. Shard's NFT platform is one such development. Our development and market analysis skills can be seen by witnessing our development history. Get the best Shards NFT platform from the best development firm in the entire crypto space.

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