Smart Home Solutions To Make Your Home And Your Life Smarter

The rise of technology and its advancement has paved the way for many novel solutions that make our lives easier. One such innovation that is making many people jaw-drop is smart home automation. The trend of transforming regular homes into smart homes by the integration of a range of AI and IoT based solutions is rising at an unprecedented rate. You can also jump on the bandwagon of smart home automation with our resilient smart home solutions.

We, at Blockchain App Factory, present a wide range of smart devices that help you manage your home effortlessly. Thus, building intelligent homes and promoting smart living with endless possibilities of connecting and controlling your appliances on the go. We design, develop, and integrate our smart home products on your home with the utmost precision. All at an affordable price!

Our Robust Products To Deploy In Your Smart Home

Single Node Switch

The single node switch gives you the ability to monitor a single heavy load electrical device, preferably a geyser or chimney that has the current rating of up to 15A. By installing the switch, you can not only monitor the energy consumption of the device but also control and schedule their operations as per your requirement.

  • WiFi-based control
  • High wattage support
  • Effortless scheduling
  • Retrofit system

2 Node Switch

The two node switch is a plug and play solution that fits conveniently behind your switchboard. It can be connected to a maximum of two switches (lights, fans, etc.) that you wish to monitor and control. You can control the appliances, i.e., on/ off, over the WiFi right from your smartphone. In a nutshell, you can carry your switchboard in your pocket.

  • WiFi-based control
  • Set scenes
  • Control from anywhere
  • Plug and play solution

4 Node Switch

The four node switch is a robust smart home solution that can be fitted behind the switchboard hassle-free with its pragmatic plug and play feature. Similar to the two node switch, the four node switch lets you control your appliances remotely over the WiFi straight from your smartphone. The only difference is, you can monitor and control four devices concurrently.

  • WiFi-based control
  • Automatic on/ off
  • Multiple users
  • Plug and play solution

IR Remote

Infrared Remote (IR Remote) is a smart device that lets you control your IR-based devices effortlessly. Take control over your devices, including TV, set-top box, AC, and a lot more right from your smartphone. Being a plug and play solution, our IR Remote solution requires no wiring and can be installed and set up in less than 7 minutes.

  • WiFi-based control
  • Compatible with IR-based devices
  • Voice control
  • Boosts energy efficiency

Motion Sensor

Our solution Motion sensor is the ideal solution when it comes to conserving the energy consumption of your devices. With a 360-degree detection range, our solution scans the entire room and switches on or off the lights and LEDs automatically based on the presence or absence of humans. A convenient way to control your appliances!

  • 120-degree view
  • Time delay 10”>7’
  • Sensitivity 3>12m
  • Effortless mounting

Energy Meter

Monitor and control the energy consumption of each of your appliances by readily integrating them with our IoT powered energy meter solutions. Upon successful installation, our devices collect the data on their energy consumption and share them in the user-friendly Energy Meter Dashboard that comes as a part of the energy meter solution. This way, you can effortlessly keep a tab on the devices that consume more energy, thereby optimizing them to utilize the electricity efficiently.

  • IoT based solution
  • Live data monitoring
  • Efficient Energy Management
  • Easy installation

Leading-edge Smart Home Software Solutions

Energy Meter Dashboard

The user-friendly web dashboard comes as a part of the energy meter solution. Here, the data on energy consumption of all appliances received from the IoT energy meters are displayed. Also, it generates other information like cost comparison, overall energy consumption, etc., for your reference. You can manage your appliances effectively, thereby maximizing their energy productivity.

Smart Application

We offer a user-friendly smart home application that is developed to let you control your devices from anywhere, anytime - making your life easier. You can monitor their status, schedule their operations, set scenes, and a lot more, all on the go right from our smart application. Available for both Android and iOS devices.

Smart Home Automation: Convenience And Control, All At Your Fingertips!

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Cutting-edge Features Of Our Smart Home Solutions

Switch On / Off

Switch on or off or control your appliances to perform any operation remotely, right from your smartphone. Location is never a constraint when it comes to managing your smart home.

Set Scenes

Set scenes for various occasions/ moods, thereby customize your smart home as you wish with the support of our smart home solutions.


Schedule operations of your appliances hassle-free. Set the time for switching on or off a device in prior with ease, right from your smartphone.

Track energy consumption

Track the electricity consumption of all your appliances in real-time by viewing their data in the user-friendly web dashboard. This way, you can manage the energy consumption of the appliances efficiently, leading to maximum energy productivity.

Voice control

Controlling your appliances with your voice command is now made attainable with our smart home automation solutions. Connect the appliances with virtual assistants and control them effortlessly.

Analytical reports

The data collected are analyzed to present you with detailed reports on a regular basis that give you insights into managing the energy consumption of your smart home better.

Benefits Of Smart Home Automation


By automating your smart home, you can conveniently control the appliances in your home right from your smartphone. Manage your home in one go!

Remote control

You can remotely operate the appliances in your home anytime, anywhere. A truly astounding feature of our smart home automation products.

Maximized energy efficiency

With our solutions onboard, you can make your space more energy-efficient. You can turn them off when unnecessary, saving power significantly. Also, you can monitor energy consumption and manage them efficiently.

Fault checks

You will be immediately notified when your appliances are not functioning properly or halt their operation, which you won’t be able to identify otherwise.

Preventive maintenance

Upon noticing slight changes in energy consumption or functioning, you can immediately opt for maintenance of your appliances, thereby preventing them from faults.

Home management insights

Our software solutions generate data-driven reports periodically to keep you posted on the overall performance of your smart home. Also, you can gain insights from the reports shared, helping you manage your home expertly.

What Makes Our Solutions Stand Apart?

Unified control

With our smart home kits on board, you can control all your home appliances remotely, right from the smart home application installed on your smartphone. On or off, control everything seamlessly!

Effortless customization

You can set scenes, control your appliances with smart motion-sensing technology, geofencing, and do a lot more with our smart home solutions.

Highly secure

Every data shared by our smart home solutions to your smartphone is encrypted with TLS/SSL internet security protocols, offering maximum protection against hacking attacks.

Reduced latency

Our solutions are backed by IoT technology, which enables seamless communication even in the least bandwidth condition. Also, the entire system consumes only less amount of data to collect and share real-time data.


Our solutions are readily upgradable with the emergence of new technologies. We provide you with upgrade services as well.

Wishing to upgrade your traditional home to a smart home?

Look no further. We provide the best AI and IoT based solutions that give life to your dream of building a smart home right away.

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Smart home automation refers to converting your conventional home into a smart home by the integration of a range of smart home solutions available in the market. By the installation of smart home solutions, your devices will be connected to the internet. By doing so, you can control these devices remotely, straight from your smartphone. Smart home automation using IoT solutions is often seen as an ideal way to manage your home appliances efficiently.
We offer a range of smart home solutions, including single node switch, 2 node switch, 4 node switch, IR remote control, motion sensor, and energy meter. We also provide smart home automation software solutions - energy meter dashboard and Android and iOS app solutions.
Our smart home products and software solutions are offered at different price points. You can connect with us, tell us your requirements, and get a free quotation for your overview.
By turning your conventional home into a smart home, you can manage all your appliances in a single place, maximize energy efficiency, improve appliances functionality, gain insights into better management, and a lot more. Wait no longer. Invest in our new smart home gadgets to reap maximum benefits.
Contact our support team via email - [email protected] or call - +91 63826 65366. You can also connect with us via the live chat feature on our website. We will ensure to provide you with the best possible solution!

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