Leverage the Potential of our Modular Smart Poles for an Efficient Living

Of late, there have been countless talks about formulating smart city initiatives packed with all the latest technological advancements and innovations. In that event, no one would never wish to miss out on smart poles that are future-proof, efficient, and solve the age-old problem of urban areas - proving the inevitable part of smart pole for smart city initiatives. A report from Navigant Research forecasts that annual smart pole deployments are predicted to surge from 600 in 2019 to 22,000 by 2028, increasing at a CAGR of around 50%.Introducing the all-inclusive Smart Pole that includes a wide range of digital technologies, AI, and IoT devices. Offering diverse smart functionalities, it is unarguably a future-proof solution to establish non-stop connectivity and promote livability. Built with a modular design, installing the smart pole system is speedy, cost-effective, and less cumbersome. Do not hold up any further. Choose the right smart pole technology to reap maximum benefits. We are just a call away from building future-ready smart poles that match all your requirements!

Cutting-edge features of our AI & IoT Enabled Smart Pole Solutions


The smart city pole comes with flexible arms that can hold surveillance cameras effortlessly. These cameras help detect people and vehicles passing the tower and monitor parking violations, red light violations, etc.

Digital signages

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Digital Dynamic Displays present the viewers with engaging adverts and informative content. The profiles of viewers are analyzed to provide them with relevant content.

5G Ready

The smart tower is 5G ready with the inclusion of a 5G small cell module to establish uninterrupted network connectivity. The high-end digital infrastructure established by our smart pole for 5G can drive investments.

Guidance Kiosk

The Kiosk system includes an interactive screen that gives viewers access to city maps, tourist locations, weather forecasts, emergency contact services, and a lot more. A much-needed guide for the tech-savvy world!

Smart street lights

Street lights are packed with proximity, ambient light, and weather sensors that can be configured as per your feasibility. Also, they can be coupled with solar panels to ensure efficient energy consumption.

Environmental sensors

Readily track the temperature, air quality index, CO, CO2, O3, PM 2.5, PM 10, NO2, Lux, UV, Noise levels, and several other parameters to assess the environmental conditions. An ideal option to keep a tab on the city’s environment.

Drone charging/ parking pads

The top of the tower includes a drone charging pad. It is employed for charging drones assigned for surveillance and city mapping with its wireless charging capability. It can also act as parking stations for drones. Top-notch, two-in-one smart pole design!

EV Charging point

Electric cars, scooters, rickshaws, and other electric vehicles can be charged for a price at the Electric Vehicle charging point installed at the base of the tower.

Solar panels

The most significant part of the smart pole is the four-way solar panels that generate electricity throughout their operations and utilize them to keep various functions of the smart tower up and running smoothly.

WiFi Hotspot

The internet access point of the smart pole lets people connect their devices to the WiFi network and access the internet limitlessly without any hassle. A genuinely essential feature for seamless internet connectivity!

USB charging points

The tower comes with a USB charging point where anyone can connect their devices and charge them without a hitch. Charging on the go!

Panic button/ alarm and telephone

The smart street pole has a panic button that viewers can activate when there is an emergency, and the concerned authorities will be prompted immediately. Also, viewers can make calls via the telephone feature.

Get Started On Your Smart Pole Project With Our All-inclusive Smart Poles For A Smarter And Well-connected Living!

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Benefits of Deploying our Smart Poles

Smart pole for smart cities

Smart poles packed with all vital digital capabilities assist you in laying the foundation for smart cities with the support of AI and IoT devices integrated within them. By their deployment, you can drastically cut down the towers installed to serve a single application by replacing them with a multi-functional smart pole, paving the way for a groundbreaking smart city infrastructure!

Strengthening city operations

The smart poles easily address several concerns that have existed in the management of urban areas. Our smart towers offer solutions, like city surveillance, smart parking, command control center, automatic traffic control system, intelligent transport system, and a lot more. It dramatically benefits local authorities to monitor and manage their respective city operations effortlessly and efficiently.

Assessing environmental factors

The IoT powered environmental sensors installed within the smart pole help in assessing the environmental conditions with maximum accuracy. The data gathered can be utilized to identify the high pollution areas, thereby helping citizens to limit their exposure to polluted areas. Also, the data helps city planners to take effective action to control the emission rates significantly.

Instant emergency response

The smart pole includes a panic button, which can be used to alert the local authorities in case of emergencies. The various surveillance features of the tower help the respective authorities to monitor the conditions nearby and take appropriate action fleetly, thereby reducing the emergency response gap to a greater extent.

Monetization opportunities

Smart poles offer various possibilities for you to make substantial revenue. The interactive digital signages can be deployed to display ads to promote the products and services of third-party businesses based on the viewer’s profile. The 5G smart cell modules can be utilized to offer hassle-free network connectivity. Likewise, there is a range of revenue streams available in our smart poles.

Practical Applications of our Future-proof Smart Poles

Our breakthrough smart poles can be deployed in dense urban areas, corporate offices, educational institutions, and similar locations of high importance. By their installation, areas with the resource-challenged environment and coverage issues benefit notably. Also, the charging capabilities and WiFi hotspots let people stay connected to the digital world anytime, anywhere, without constraints.

Urban cities

Corporate offices

Educational institutions

Railway/ Metro stations


Crowded public places

Why Should our Smart Poles be your Ideal Pick?


Our smart poles encompass various digital functionalities backed by the AI and IoT technologies integrated into them. From monitoring city operations to attending to emergencies, our all-in-one smart tower is highly multipurpose.

Energy efficient

Solar panels deployed in the smart poles generate sufficient electricity needed to keep their various functionalities running seamlessly. Also, the smart street lights and other features utilize energy efficiently.

Modular design

The modular design of the smart pole ensures that the sensors and other accessories mounted on it can be replaced or upgraded anytime, eliminating the need to install a new tower.

Easy deployment

Smart poles are easy and quick to install in any location. Due to the convenience of deployment, several smart poles can be deployed at once, making it attainable to strengthen distortion-free network coverage and city surveillance in minimal time.


Our robust smart poles are highly customizable, allowing us to personalize their AI and IoT capabilities as per your requirements. Any existing feature can be removed or replaced with a new one without any hassle. Also, the color, height, and style of the tower can be designed as you say.


The smart poles are highly scalable, owing to their modular design. Thus, it offers room for future enhancements and can be promptly upgraded to match emerging technologies without any glitch.

Smart Pole: Your Smarter Choice to Build an Efficient Smart City

Comes with built-in solar panels, WiFi connectivity, IoT sensors, and other intelligent features for secure and sustainable living. The best smart poles for outdoor use. Buy our smart poles at an affordable price.

Hire Our Experts From Blockchain App Factory

Our team consists of experts who closely monitor the upcoming technological developments and keep themselves updated. Our expertise helps us in understanding the every-day urban problems, thus driving us to come up with robust solutions that can lead the market. We have knowledge working in several AI and IoT based projects and deliver innovative infrastructure solutions that boost digital connectivity and livability. The smart poles we develop are aesthetically pleasing and encompass all possible AI and IoT capabilities, offering seamless solutions.

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Definitely. Smart poles are future-proof solutions that offer various features and functionalities needed to stay digitally connected. From city surveillance to environmental assessment, the applications of smart poles are countless.
Yes. The smart pole developed by our smart pole manufacturing company has a modular design that lets you upgrade its features and capabilities anytime you want, thereby supporting future enhancements without any hassle.
Our innovative smart poles extend various AI and IoT functionalities, including city surveillance, interactive digital displays, WiFi hotspots, 5G network connectivity, smart street lighting, guidance kiosk system, USB charging points, Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points, emergency alert system, and a lot more.
We offer our AI and IoT powered smart poles at different price points based on their functionalities and customization needs. Connect with our support team readily to know the costs as we can provide you an exact cost estimate only after analyzing your requirements.
Feel free to contact us via email - [email protected] or call - +91 63826 65366. You can also connect with us through the live chat option on our website.

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