Social Tokens - A personalized digital currency

The crypto world is unlocking Blockchain’s potential tremendously in all its possibilities. The potential of blockchain serves the benefit of every user and organisation in the ecosystem. The success and benefits of blockchain technology attract organizations and individuals to take advantage of blockchain technology to build their business and to contribute to the development of blockchain. A contrastive blockchain mainnet Ethereum, sets the milestone in blockchain technology by introducing tokens and smart contracts.

These tokens created a revolution in the blockchain ecosystem. The significant technology offers tremendous opportunity for business developers, Investors, Individual workers and also supports the development of different industries. The advancement towards decentralized ecosystems attracted a wide range of investors and business developers to develop their business in decentralized ecosystems. The blockchain’s token features and smart contracts enable instant liquidity and fundraising opportunities with its different types of tokens. Social tokens are in trend after the emergence of NFTs. These tokens offer the users to issue their own digital currency representing their services.

What is the importance of Social Token?

Social tokens are the tokens developed under ERC-20 that enable the user to represent their services in digital format. The user can charge their service cost in the form of tokens they represent. These tokens can be exchanged in the liquidity pool. It’s been a tradition for creators to publish their work in mediums like YouTube or other platforms which takes 10-20% of revenue as service charge with restrictions. This social token allows the creators like musicians, artists and writers to issue their own token to the users. This facilitates the user to gain access to the exclusive contents to the users without any allocation for service charge and restrictions.

Functions of social tokens

Income share agreement
Control over community
Service distribution
Backed by assets and NFTs
Self Representation
Representation of their work and community
Acts as a digital currency
Access to the community

Types of social tokens

Personal token

Personal tokens are the token issued by individuals to represent their digital currency. This facilitates self employees and creators to acquire the benefits of digital currencies. An artist can make art for someone and earn an hourly charge in the form of their digital currency. This digital token circulation in the market earns popularity for your work and increases the value of your token too.

Community Token

Community tokens are created by an organization or a bunch of people to represent themselves as a whole community. These tokens can be issued for the resemblance of their organization for its contribution, also can be issued to third parties to participate in their organization. A user can purchase the social token from the community and participate in the community. Also, if a community serves someone, they receive their return in the form of their tokens. This will facilitate their popularity and token circulation.

Benefits of Social Token

  • Social token circulation gains popularity for you and your organization
  • Digital representation facilitates the opportunity among the industry
  • Social tokens of your own reduce intermediates
  • Eliminates third-party cut and transaction charges
  • Builds your digital currency value in circulation
  • Enables community participation
  • Strengthens your network and community
  • Facilitates the representation of assets
  • Offers security and transparency over transactions.
  • Offers governance over the community through contribution.
  • Private community offers its own benefits and feasibility.
Social Token Development

Markets harvesting their success in Social Token Platform Development

Alex Masmej - $ALEX

$ALEX token is “a blend between a small Income Sharing Agreement and a human IPO.” The income share agreement facilitates the distribution of 15% of his income for the token holders.

Carlos Gomes - $SWAGG

$SWAGG is a social token focused on the SWAGG community. Holders of $SWAGG get access to the entire ecosystem that facilitates a myriad of benefits.

Brian Flynn - $JAMM

$JAMM offers access to Brian Flynn’s newsletter “Jamm Session” To access the newsletter, you need 1,000 $JAMM tokens. A social token adds value to a newsletter because of the potential network effect. Newsletters utilizing social tokens are gaining effective incentives.

Coin Artist - $COIN

The $COIN holders get access to a community network called the E-Den. This community manages the control over the direction of $COIN. They offer crypto puzzles and other interesting services.

Whale Shark - $WHALE

WHALE is a social token backed by a large collection of NFTs, which are held in “The Vault.” The Vault contains NFTS estimated to be worth $1.4m in sum .$WHALE is not only backed by NFTs but also used for different functions within the community

A Social Token platform developed by Blockchain App factory

Blockchain App Factory, a community of crypto enthusiasts, serves the blockchain ecosystem with its myriad of development and marketing services. We are specialized in token development, offering token development platforms like ICOs, STOs, NFTs, etc. The expertise in blockchain technology and token development enables us to meticulously craft your Social token development platform for a stable revenue flow in the turbulence of the crypto ecosystem. Marketing solutions: Our profound marketing team supports its result-driven marketing strategy to develop your social token platform. Also, its skilled market research and groundwork enables us to create better reach and market visibility for your social token development platform.

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Social tokens are the special tokens to represent an individual or community.
Social token benefits Individual workers, private organizations, event managers and social groups
Social tokens development platform enables the individual workers and social communities to create their own tokens. This facilitates huge audience traction towards your social token development platform.
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