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Components of our whitelabel exchange module

  • Admin Dashboard
    • The admin dashboard displays the users involved, every buy, sell, sent, and received transaction executed on the exchange.
    • The Dashboard allows the admin to view the exchange running, transaction histories with BTC, and every other cryptocurrency involved.
    • The buy or sell section comprises time-stamps, transaction ID, the amount transacted, and the description of the transaction.
    • The send or receive section comprises details of the users involved, time-stamp, transaction id, description, etc.
    • The admin can view every detail of the user from Name, User ID, Email ID, etc.
  • Investor Dashboard
    • The users can view their remaining balance, both in crypto and fiat money.
    • The users can view histories of their buy/sell transactions, send/receive transactions.
    • They can deposit or withdraw balance from the account.
    • The transaction history section will display transactions time-period wise, as in the past week, 3 months, 6 months, etc.
    • They can view the latest cryptocurrency trends and changes in crypto prices.
  • Order Book
    • The order book contains the details of the users such as Name, Email ID, amount requested, bank details, transaction status, etc.
    • It provides an overview of the available balance for various cryptocurrencies.
    • The withdrawal request panel will approve the request after verifying the displayed details such as bank details, amount requested, status, etc.
    • The bidding table will contain the Bid ID, Bid Amount, and quantity of BTC, etc.
    • There is a pending transaction section that displays the transactions that are pending for approval from the admin.
  • We extend our support for,
    • Maintenance of the exchange infrastructure
    • Constant analysis and upgradation
    • Exchange software production support
    • Security patches
    • Constant On-call support
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