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Blockchain App Factory has been a top NFT marketplace development company for over 7+ years with a global presence. Our experience and expertise in the blockchain industry let us create marketplaces functioning across multiple networks (Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Harmony, and Astar). Our excellence in creating smart contracts and payment infrastructures allows NFT enterprises to advance to the next level.

The NFT marketplace solutions we develop offer extensive customization that clients can use to build futuristic applications. Scalability is also ensured, as we provide room for development in the future, ensuring the platform stays trendy. Our developer team makes the marketplace solution safe using multiple security protocols like MFA and encrypted data storage. Moreover, our professionals are available to support enterprises at all times to ensure issues are resolved promptly. For such excellent services, we charge costs based only on your business requirements. Watch our client testimonials to see our competencies in creating NFT marketplace business solutions.

Why is NFT Marketplace Development Important?

The NFT marketplace is a hub that gives life to NFTs. Behind every successful selling, minting, and trading of NFTs, there is a platform that supports these digital collectibles with such functionalities. That's the grandness of the marketplace in today's NFT realm. Though there are quite a few top-performing NFT marketplaces out there, we provide this NFT marketplace development service to make your brand emerge as one of those first-class platforms, definitely not with the regular features and functionalities, but something very special.

As an eminent NFT marketplace development company, we know the utmost importance of this business model, and we are eager and excited at the same time to assist those who stand with the same perception. If you are one among those, c’mon let’s get started!

Features of our NFT Marketplace

  • Cross-Chain Compatibility

    Our NFT marketplace development supports you with an interoperability feature that allows users to use their NFTs across multiple blockchain networks.

  • Multi-Chain Compatibility

    The platform can support multi-chain networks, such as Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Solana, etc.

  • Easy Listings

    Creators can easily list their NFTs in either auction sale or fixed price sale, depending on their interests.

  • Transaction History

    The marketplace will show a list of previous buyers, the date of the mint, and other transaction details in the history section.

  • Hot Collection

    This feature gives users an idea about the hottest-selling collection that seizes the attention of other NFT enthusiasts on the platform.

  • Properties

    The property section mostly denotes the traits, rarity, and other essential information of the NFT.

  • Add to Cart

    Our marketplace will support purchasing NFTs in bulk, and we do this with the help of the adding to cart option, just like the one in e-commerce platforms.

  • Share

    The share feature in the marketplace will allow anyone to share the listed NFT to diverse social media platforms.

  • Favorite

    This feature allows users to keep their favorite NFTs aside and saves their time in checking the price or other information frequently.

  • Payment Gateway

    The platform will provide a flexible payment system by accepting both fiat and cryptocurrency.

  • Attributes

    This section of the marketplace will provide a technical description of the NFTs, such as network name, standards, metadata, contract address, etc.

How can Building an NFT Marketplace be a Masterstroke for Your Business?

NFTs have evolved from being simple registries on blockchains as they are of various types based on use cases. The NFT boom has definitely shown the world the endless possibilities that these virtual tokens hold, which will be tapped in the years to come. Our experts offer excellent services on NFT marketplace development using various solutions on multiple blockchains. We can build your platforms from the ground up or using pre-made solutions, both of which will have all your business needs fulfilled without compromises at affordable costs.


The market size of NFTs is expected to reach more than US$ 232 billion by 2031!

Blockchain App Factory has experience in working with various applications based on blockchain technology, making us provide NFT marketplace development platforms that fulfill client needs and satisfy basic blockchain requirements.

List of Our NFT Marketplace Development Services

NFT Wallet Development

Built-in crypto wallets support multiple cryptocurrencies and stable coins on the NFT marketplace platform.

Smart Contract Audit

Smart contracts need to be written carefully so that only the intended action is executed.

Whitelabel NFT Solutions

Ready-made NFTs can be useful for new sellers who want to explore the crypto world. These Whitelabel solutions can be useful when they do not own NFTs.

NFT Marketplace Support

Assistance can be provided in case of any unexpected problems with the NFT marketplace platform.

NFT Marketplace Marketing

Promotions for your NFT marketplace platform can be done across various mediums.

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace

Customizable ready-to-launch marketplaces can be created quickly to fit your needs. It is to be noted that only minimal costs are incurred for the service.

Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace Development

Develop your dream NFT platform in your favorite blockchain. Below is the list of blockchain networks that we use to build your multi-chain NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace Development

How to Create an NFT Marketplace? Easy Steps

  • Project Ideation

  • Prototyping

  • UI/UX Development

  • Back-end & Smart Contracts Development

  • Testing

  • Deployment

  • Updates & Maintenance

Our Clients

NFT Marketplace Development

Our partnership with Polygon helps provide network support for client projects.

NFT Marketplace Development

Our experts offered development support for Shell’s digital solutions.

NFT Marketplace Development

We developed an NFT marketplace selling various digital assets for the firm.

NFT Marketplace Development

We built an app to automate supply chain solutions between various end users.

NFT Marketplace Development

We created a blockchain solution for a superapp with multiple functionalities.

NFT Marketplace Development

We created a blockchain-based system to govern the firm’s supply and logistics.

NFT Marketplace Development

Globant’s featureful music NFT marketplace “Enigma” was created by our experts.

NFT Marketplace Development

Our team built “Trufin”, an options trading platform based on blockchains.

Use Cases of Our NFT Marketplace Development

Metaverse Development

NFT for Ticketing

NFT for Physical Assets

NFT for Art

NFT for Generative Arts

NFT for Games

NFT for Sports

NFT for Fantasy sports

NFT for Real estate

NFT for Music

NFT for Video

NFT for Voting

NFT for Accessories

NFT for Brands

NFT for Medical Records

NFT for Patents

NFT for Domain Names

NFT for Infrastructure development

NFT for Phygital

NFT for Influencer

Utility-Based NFT

NFT for Brand

Watch Our NFT Marketplace Demo

NFT Platform Package

NFT development cost estimation with a wide range of futuristic upgrades.

Development Services Basic Advanced Multichain NFT Platform Premium Multichain NFT Platform
NFT Token Development (ERC721 & 1155)
Collectibles(Art, Music, Video)
Admin Portal
Ethereum/ BSC/ Polygon Any one Any Two Multi-chain - Support
Wallet Integration Metamask Trust wallet, fortmatic wallet, myether wallet- anyone Metamask and Wallet Connect
Decentralized Centralized or Decentralized
Bids open Auction & Instant Buy Different Types of Auction
Multi-language Only one Upto 5 languages
Marketing Services

Add ons- (Any Two)

  • Lazy Minting
  • Drop
    • Timed Auction
    • Reserved Features
    • First Come First Serve
  • Fiat Integration (Only one)
  • Own Token Development with Integration
  • Split Royalty
  • NFT Packs
  • Import NFT’s
Any Two
  • Physical product delivery API
  • NFT Staking

Why Choose Blockchain app factory

Our Strength:

We have been a Web3 industry leader for years with a huge team of more than 500, consisting of 100 experienced blockchain developers. They have launched more than 200 innovative Web3 business applications for our clients across the years for our global clients by fulfilling all their needs.

Proficient Blockchain Developers

Customizable Development Solutions

Application Integration Solutions

On-Time Delivery

Readily-available Tech Support for Resolutions

Multi-chain Compatibility


  • 1. An NFT marketplace is a decentralized platform acting as an online web store running on a blockchain platform like Ethereum, used for storing and selling products based on non-fungible tokens.
  • 2. Here, NFTs are offered at fixed prices or through bids in auctions. Every NFT marketplace requires crypto wallets connected to it to carry out transactions.
Yes, anyone can create their own NFT Marketplace.
  • 1. Blockchain App Factory will provide you with teams that excel at delivering a robust and highly secure NFT marketplace platform.
  • 2. Our perfection in creating multi-chain platforms will enable you to operate your NFT marketplace platform across other blockchains.
  • 1. To deploy your NFT marketplace, you should have a clear vision about the genre of your marketplace and your role as an administrator. Frame the whitepaper and a roadmap for your project.
  • 2. Secondly, choose the best service provider for your platform deployment like Blockchain App Factory that can build your NFT marketplace.
NFT marketplace development offers the following benefits:
  • 1. An NFT marketplace offers increased security for users, as it is built on decentralized blockchain networks.
  • 2. NFT marketplaces charge reduced fees for transactions, as no intermediaries are involved.
  • 3. An NFT marketplace can help to enhance liquidity for NFT assets, as it serves as a platform for sellers to cash on their NFTs easily.
  • 4. Since they are decentralized, NFT marketplaces offer greater transparency and independence for users to express their creativity and thoughts.
  • 1. The cost of building an NFT marketplace varies depending on the blockchain chosen, features of your NFT marketplace, and the mode of creation.
  • 2. Another half of the budget consists of hours put in by teams to accomplish the project, and marketing it to the target audience.

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